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Outdoor fixtures and results 2020

Victoria Bowling Club - Fixtures & Results - 2020
11AprSatPresident's DayOpening Day - MenH6R2.30
13AprMonLadies' Opening DayOpening Day - Ladies'H6R2.30
14AprTueClevedon PromOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
16AprThuClarence GoldsOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30cancelled
18AprSatWeston Bath(Men)H6R2.30
19AprSunMen / LadiesBattle of SexesH3/4R2.00
20AprMonKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.00
21AprTuePage Park LBC(Ladies)H3T2.00
21AprTueWinscombeOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
23AprThuMark MoorOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
24AprFriBridgwater LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
26AprSunFun Day(Mixed) - dress optionalH5R2.00
27AprMonAshcombe LBC(Ladies)A3R2.30
28AprTueClarence BluesOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
28AprTueBristol Arrow(Ladies)A3R2.00
29AprWedAvon & Som Police(Mixed)H4R2.30
30AprThuNailseaOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
30AprThuCity of WellsSouthey CupH12.00
1MayFriClevedon Prom LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
3MaySunU25 PairsSBA Juniors CompH6R10.00
5MayTuePortisheadOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
5MayTueFosseway LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.30
6MayWedWemore LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.30
7MayThuYattonOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
8MayFriWessex LBCWDLLA3T2.00
9MaySatIsle of Wedmore ASCL - Vic AH3R2.30
9MaySatPortishead RBL CSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
9MaySatIsle of Wedmore BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
11MayMonWinscombeOver/60's KO - VikingsH6T2.30
12MayTueMark Moor LBC(Ladies)H3T2.30
13MayWedKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
14MayThuCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.30
15MayFriAshcombe TemplarsOver 60's - VikingsH6T2.30
16MaySatPortishead RBL BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
16MaySatYeovil ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
16MaySatBurnham BSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
18MayMonWrington LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.30
20MayWedAshcombe TemplarsOver/60's KO - SaxonsH6T2.30
20MayWedPortishead LBCWDLLA3T2.30
21MayThuClarence GoldsOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
21MayThuCongresbury LBCWDLLH3T6.15
23MaySatWellington ASCL - Vic AH3T2.30
23MaySatClarence BSCL - Vic BA3T2.30
26MayTueWedmore LBCWDLLH3T2.30
26MayTueWedmoreOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
27MayWedAshcombe LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
27MayWedBristol Arrow(Men)A4R2.30
28MayThuVictoria LBC - WhitesMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
28MayThuBanwellOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
29MayFriCity of Wells(Mixed)A4R2.30
30MaySatBristol CSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
1JunMonWinscombeOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30Saxons
3JunWedClarence LBCWDLLA3T10.30
4JunThuFosseway LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
6JunSatU31'sSBA Ladies' PresidentH6R10.00
6JunSatSaxonsOver 60's - VikingsH5T2.30
7JunSunWorcester(Mixed)A6R2.00Coach from Club at 10am
8JunMonWest Backwell LBCWDLLA3T2.00
9JunTueFosseway LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
9JunTueAshcombe TemplarsOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
14JunSunIsle of WedmoreNSBA 4 DimensionsH4R2.30
15JunMonLadies' President's DaySBA Ladies' PresidentH6R10.00
16JunTueYatton LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
16JunTueAshcombe CrusadersOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
17JunWedSt AndrewsOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
17JunWedNailsea LBCMendip LeagueA3T2.00
18JunThuWinscombe LBC (Ladies)H3R2.30
20JunSatBurnham LBCWDLLH3T10.15
20JunSatBurnhamNSBA KO CupA5R2.30
21JunSunVic Mixed FoursVic Mixed FoursH4R10.00
21JunSunVic Mixed FoursVic Mixed FoursH4R4.00
23JunTuePortishead RBL LBC(Ladies)A3R6.00
24JunWedWedmore LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
24JunWedMark MoorOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
25JunThuCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
25JunThuNailsea LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.00
26JunFriBanwellOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
27JunSatYatton BSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
27JunSatBloomfield ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
27JunSatAshcombe BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
28JunSunGilfach Goch(Men)H5R2.00
29JunMonVic BluesMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
30JunTueSt AndrewsTURNBULL CUPA4R6.15
2JulThuNailsea LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.00
3JulFriWellington LBCFEAR CUPH3R2.30
3JulFriAshcombe TemplarsOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
4JulSatIsle of Wedmore CSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
4JulSatClevedon Prom ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
4JulSatMark MoorSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
5JulSunWorcester County Grd(Mixed)H6R2.30
6JulMonWedmore LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
8JulWedBurnhamOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
9JulThuAshcombe KnightsOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
11JulSatNailsea BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
11JulSatBristol BSCL - Vic AA3R2.30
13JulMonWrington LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
14JulTueWessex LBCWDLLH3T2.00
15JulWedBristol Arrow(Men)H5R2.30
16JulThuIsle of WedmoreOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
16JulThuCongresbury LBCWDLLA3T6.15
17JulFriBurnhamOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
18JulSatBath BSCL - Vic AH3R2.30
18JulSatCongresbury BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
18JulSatAshcombe CSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
20JulMonNailsea LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.00
20JulMonCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
23JulThuYattonOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
24JulFriLadies Fixed JackLadies Fixed JackH6R10.00
25JulSatNorth Petherton ASCL - Vic AH3R2.30
25JulSatWringtonSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
25JulSatClevedon Prom BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
26JulSunGB Britton(Mixed)H6R2.30
27JulMonWrington LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
28JulTuePortishead LBCWDLLH3T2.30
30JulThuPortisheadOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
1AugSatBurnham LBCWDLLA3T10.15
1AugSatClevedon Prom CSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
1AugSatCity of WellsSCL - Vic AA3R2.30
1AugSatSt Andrews BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
3AugMonWinscombe LBC (Ladies)A3R2.30
4AugTueClub triplesLadies Fixed Jack2.00
4AugTueClarence BluesOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
5AugWedWedmore LBCWDLLA3T2.30
6AugThuMinehead(Men)A6R2.30Coach fromClub 10 am
8AugSatKidlington Tourists(Mixed)H6R2.00
10AugMonKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.00
11AugTueSomerset ExecRT Moore Cup (Men)H6R2.00Team selected by President
11AugTuePage Park LBC(Ladies)A3T2.00
12AugWedLadiesTriples S/FH2R2.00
13AugThuPortishead RBLOver/60's - SaxonsA6T10.30
13AugThuClarence LBCWDLLH3T2.30
14AugFriNailseaOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
15AugSatBridgwater ASCL - Vic AH3R2.30
15AugSatAshcombe ASCL - Vic BH3R2.30
15AugSatChew Stoke BSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
16AugSunVines Park(Mixed)H6R2.00
17AugMonWest Backwell LBCWDLLH3T2.00
18AugTuePenarth(Men) (Coach -10am)A6R2.30Coach leaves club at 10am
19AugWedSt Andrews LBC(Ladies)A3T2.30
20AugThuPortishead RBLOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
20AugThuWrington LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.30
21AugFriAshcombe CrusadersOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
22AugSatWinscombe BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
22AugSatCongresbury ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
22AugSatPortishead BSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
23AugSunSt Andrews(Mixed)A5R2.00
25AugTueBurnham LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
26AugWedCevedon PromOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
26AugWedKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.00
27AugThuCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.00
31AugMonHigh FivesVictoria High FivesH6R9.00No Monday Umbrella
1SepTueFosseway LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.00
1SepTueAshcombe KnightsOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
2SepWedSt AndrewsOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
7SepMonLadies' PresidentSBA - Men's PresidentH6R1.30
9SepWedNotts Tourists(Men)H6R2.00
10SepThuLeicesrer City & Parks(Mixed)H6R2.30
14SepMonLadies v GentsDress to be decidedH6R2.30
15SepTueGloucester Park(Mixed)H6R2.00
16SepWedNorth Petherton LBC(Ladies)A3R2.00
18SepFriLadiesClosing Day - LadiesH6R2.30
19SepSatCaptains' DayClosing Day - MenH6R2.30
IN BOLDover 60 games

Internal League Tables 2019-2020

  Mid Week League Tables               
Men's Fours11th March
5Wagtails211011275282-7 20
6Eagles217311283332-49 17
7Avocets225314261368-107 13
8Kestrels215214260361-101 12
9Magpies202117186340-154 5
Men's Triples 27th FebruaryFINAL TABLE
5Alpha18729240241-1 16
6Golf18810196246-50 16
7Hotel18315165367-202 6
Ladies' Triples4th March
2Wrens11524131157-26 12
4Sparrows10316112140-28 7
Mixed Triples11th March
3Diamonds1046114132-18 8
4Amethysts1037115153-38 6
ResultsShotsShot Bonus BonusWinTotal

Indoor Fixtures and Results 2019_2020

September 2019           
23MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelAlpha11157.20 pmDeltaEcho00
24TueMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesEagles11157.20 pmIbisMagpiesNPplayed 16/12
25WedLadies' Triples12.30 pmLarksRobins18172.50 pmSparrowsWrens1617
Men's Fours5.10 pmThrushesWagtails21167.20 pmAvocetsKestrels1511
26ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoCharlie6127.20 pmFoxtrotGolf195
30MonMen's Triples5.10 pmEchoGolf6137.20 pmAlphaDelta00
October 2019
1TueMen's Fours5.10 pmEaglesGoldfinches5157.20 pmMagpiesThrushes228
2WedMixed Triples12.30 pmAmethystsOpals16142.50 pmDiamondsEmeralds168
Men's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsAvocets15197.20 pmKestrelsDoves1620
3ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelBravo4287.20 pmCharlieFoxtrot715
7MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaFoxtrot1297.20 pmHotelCharlie419
8TueMen's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesIbis11107.20 pmAvocetsDoves1016
9WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsWrens10102.50 pmLarksSparrows158
Men's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesWagtails8107.20 pmKestrelsThrushes927
10ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmDeltaGolfNPNP7.20 pmBravoEcho1710
11FriMixed Triples5 pm Neptune v Earth __7-14______ 6.20 pm Venus v Jupiter_8-22_______ 7.40 pm Pluto v Mars_10-20______
14MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieGolf5127.20 pmBravoFoxtrot820
15TueMen's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsEaglesPP7.20 pmThrushesAvocets3112
16WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsDiamonds10182.50 pmEmeraldsAmethysts175
Men's Fours5.10 pmDovesGoldfinches17117.20 pmIbisWagtails1619
17ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelDeltaNPNP7.20 pmAlphaEcho1016
18FriMixed Triples5 pm Saturn v Earth _15-14_______ 6.20 pm Neptune - v -Venus_8-15_______ 7.40 pm Jupiter - v - Pluto N/P_______
21MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelEcho8247.20 pmBravoGolf244
22TueMen's Fours5.10 pmIbisThrushes10177.20 pmEaglesAvocets1812
23WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsSparrowsNPNP2.50 pmLarksWrens1114
Men's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesMagpies1887.20 pmWagtailsKestrels1612
24ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaCharlie17187.20 pmDeltaFoxtrotNPNP
25FriMixed Triples5 pm Mars v Saturn _15-2____6. 20 pm Neptune v Jupiter__12-12__ 7.40 pm Earth v Venus__10-13_____
26Sat10.30 am Ladies Annual General Meeting
28MonMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoDeltaNPNP7.20 pmHotelFoxtrot1023
29TueMen's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesAvocets13167.20 pmKestrelsGoldfinches820
30WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsEmeralds9122.50 pmDiamondsAmethysts158
Men's Fours5.10 pmEaglesIbis15157.20 pmWagtailsDoves817
31ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaGolf1697.20 pmCharlieEcho1015
November 2019
1FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Pluto 11-3______ 6.20 pm Saturn v Venus_11-14_______ 7.40 pm Mars v Mars___NP____
3Sun2 pm North Petherton 3R (A) Friendly
4MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieDeltaNPNP7.20 pmEchoFoxtrot156
5TueMen's Fours5.10 pmThrushesDoves2177.20 pmEaglesMagpies169
6WedMixed Triples12.30 pmLarksRobins12142.50 pmSparrowsWrens117
Men's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesWagtails18167.20 pmIbisKestrels155
7Thu10 am North Petherton 2R (A) Ladies Friendly 24 23
Men's Triples5.10 pmHotelGolf10117.20 pmBravoAlpha1418
8FriMixed Triples
9SatMixed League2.30pmClarence 4 Rinks47-43 (14-2)
10SunMixed Friendly2.30pmNorth Petherton 3R5943
11MonMen's Triples5.10 pmFoxtrotGolf8177.20 pmBravoCharlie810
12TueMen's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsEagles8127.20 pmGoldfinchesThrushes1121
13WedMixed Triples12.30 pmAmethystsOpals10182.50 pmDiamondsEmeralds521
Men's Fours5.10 pmIbisAvocets10107.20 pmMagpiesDovesNP
14ThuLadies Friendly10 amNorth Petherton 1R (H)2 pmNorth Petherton 1R (H)
Men's Triples5.10 pmHotelAlpha11157.20 pmDeltaEchoNP
15FriMixed Triples5 pm Pluto v Neptune _13-7___6.20 pm Mars v Earth __18-16_ 7.40 pm Jupiter v Saturn__16-12_____
16SatMixed LeagueWoodspring 2.30pm 4 Rinks604712-Apr
18MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieFoxtrot2277.20 pmHotelBravo1513
19TueMen's Fours5.10 pmAvocetsGoldfinches3307.20 pmThrushesEagles1911
20WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsWrens1762.50 pmLarksSparrows176
Men's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsMagpies18147.20 pmDovesIbis721
21ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmKestrelsEagles17197.20 pmEchoGolfNPPlayed 24/2
22Fri7 pm Club Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening at Batch Country Hotel, Lympsham
25MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaBravo5197.20 pmHotelGolfNP
26TueMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesIbis6187.20 pmGoldfinchesMagpies197
27WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsDiamonds1392.50 pmEmeraldsAmethysts129
Men's Fours5.10 pmThrushesWagtails17137.20 pmAvocetsKestrels138
28Thu7.15 pm Club Annual General Meeting
29FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Jupiter 6-21___6.20 pm Venus v Mars 10-10_ 7.40 pm Saturn v Pluto 9-15_____
December 2019
2MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelDeltaNP7.20 pmAlphaEcho1315
3TueMen's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesThrushes8237.20 pmWagtailsAvocets1115
4WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsSparrows10152.50 pmLarksWrens415
Men's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsDoves14177.20 pmEaglesGoldfinches1417
5ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieGolf2287.20 pmBravoFoxtrotNPNow 9/1
6FriMixed Triples5 pm Jupiter v Mars 13-7 ___6.20 pm Neptune v Saturn 8-16 7.40 pm Pluto v Venus_13-9______
7SatCty Double Rink (ladies10:00 amClevedonLOST3945
9MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaCharlie11117.20 pmDeltaFoxtrotDNP
10TueMen's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesWagtails11127.20 pmAvocetsDoves1216
11WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsEmeralds15102.50 pmDiamondsAmethystsNP
Men's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesIbis1697.20 pmKestrelsThrushes1121
12ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoGolf1787.20 pmHotelEcho822
13FriMixed Triples5 pm Neptune v Earth 5-8 ___6.20 pm Venus v Jupiter 8-12 7.40 pm Pluto v Mars_15-5______
14SatMixed League2 pmSt Andrews1R (H)/2R (A) 26574 pmSt Andrews1R (H)1117Lost 37-74
16MonMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoEcho11137.20 pmIbisMagpies158
17TueMen's Fours5.10 pmThrushesAvocets1007.20 pmKestrelsEagles1414
18WedMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesGoldfinches17197.20 pmIbisWagtails1116
19ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelCharlie12307.20 pmAlphaFoxtrot1220
20FriMixed Triples5 pm Saturn v Earth 6.20pm Neptune v Venus 7.40pm Jupiter v PlutoNow 3/4/20
23MonMen's Fours5.10 pmThrushesEagles20117.20 pm
January 2020
2ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieDeltaNP7.20 pmEchoFoxtrot917
3FriMen's Fours5.10 pmEaglesAvocets20117.20 pmIbisMagpies296
6MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelFoxtrots6307.20 pmCharlieEcho1315
7TueMen's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsGoldfinches1110.57.20 pmEaglesIbis1223
8WedMixed Triples12.30 pmSparrowsWrens1617.252.50 pmRobinsLarks1215
Men's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsDoves1577.20 pmMagpiesAvocets2418
9ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaGolf10127.20 pmBravoFoxtrot249
10Fri5 pm Mars v Saturn 11-7_____ 6.20 pm Neptune v Jupiter_5-17_______ 7.40 pm Earth v Venus_9-9______
11SatRWT Cup (1st Leg)2 pmSt Andrews1T (H)/3T (A) CC
13MonMen's Triples5.10 pmEchoGolf12107.20 pmAlphaDeltaNP
14TueMen's Fours5.10 pmEaglesMagpies7.5187.20 pmGoldfinchesWagtails116
15WedMixed Triples12.30 pmLarksSparrows9152.50 pmRobinsWrens2112
Men's Fours5.10 pmThrushesDoves6217.20 pmIbisKestrels296
16ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelBravo6277.20 pmCharlieFoxtrot272
17Fri5 pm Earth v Pluto 11-5 ________ 6.20 pm Saturn v Venus 12-17_______7.40 pm Neptune v Mars_6-16______
18SatSCBA Mens Dble Rink10:00 amTaunton Deane2648
20MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaFoxtrot14187.20 pmHotelCharlie916
21TueMen's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesThrushes10157.20 pmIbisAlpha1810
22WedMixed Triples12.30 pmDiamondsAmethysts17212.50 pmOpalsEmeralds1217
Men's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsEagles15117.20 pmMagpiesDoves417
23ThuFriendly10:00 amPuriton2226
23ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmDeltaGolfNP7.20 pmBravoEcho1414
24Fri5 pm Pluto v Neptune 18-8________ 6.20 pm Mars v Earth 7-12________ 7.40 pm Jupiter v Saturn 9-8_______
27MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieGolf1357.20 pmBravoFoxtrot1414
28TueMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesIbis7227.20 pmThrushesEagles2613
29WedMixed Triples12.30 pmAmethystsEmeralds12132.50 pmOpalsDiamonds1115
Men's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsMagpies1767.20 pmAvocetsGoldfinches1015
30ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelDeltaNP7.20 pmAlphaEcho1212
31Fri5 pm Earth v Jupiter 7-10 ________ 6.20 pm Venus v Mars_1-18_______ 7.40 pm Saturn v Pluto 8-22_______
February 2020
3MonMens Triples5.10pmHotelEcho9217.20pmBravoGolf206
4TueMens Fours5.10 pmIbisMagpies1987.20 pmDovesEagles617
5WedLadies Triples12.30 pmLarksWrens2662.50 pm RobinsSparrows1812
5WedMens Fours5.10 pmAvocetsKestrels10197.20 pm ThrushesWagtails197.5
6ThuLadies Friendly10 amNorth Petherton 2/3R (A)3027
6ThuMen Triples5.10 pmAlphaCharlie2277.20 pm
7Fri5.30 pm Jupiter v Mars 9-22 6.20 pm Neptune v Saturn 12-13 7.40 pm Pluto v Venus 30-5Pluto v Venus 15-715-Jul
8SatMixed League2 pmSt Andrews1R (H)/2R (A) CC4 pmSt Andrews1R (H)CC
10MonMens Triples5.10 pmBravoDeltaNP7.20 pmAlphaGolf1311
11TueMens Fours5.10 pmMagpiesThrushes12227.20 pmWagtailsAvocets1914
12WedMixed Triples12.30 pmEmeraldsDiamonds1842.50 pmOpalsAmethysts1712
12WedMens Fours5.10 pmEaglesGoldfinches8187.20 pmKestrelsDoves1522
13ThuMens Triples5.10 pmHotelFoxtrot7207.20 pmCharlieEcho610
14FriMixed Triples5.30 pm Neptune v Earth 10-11 6.20 pm Venus v Jupiter 7-12 7.40 pm Pluto v Mars 2-17
17MonMens Triples5.10 pmHotelGolf8207.20 pmEchoFoxtrot1020
18TueMens Fours5.10 p AvocetsDoves13157.20 pmKestrelsThrushes723
19WedLadies Triples12.30 pmLarksRobinsNPNP2.50 pmSparrowsWrens1111
19WedMens Fours5.10 pmMagpiesWagtails0107.20 pmGoldfinchesIbis1116
20ThuMens Triples5.10 pmHotelGolf8237.20 pmAlphaBravo137
21FriMixed Triples5.30 pm Saturn v Earth _8-13___6.20 pm Neptune v Venus 7-14 7.40 pm Jupiter v Pluto_11-10______
24MonMens Triples5.10 pmBravoCharlie0107.20 p.mEchoGolf295
25TueMens Fours5.10 pmKestrelsEagles16167.20 pmIbisWagtails1310
26WedMixed Triples12.30 pmEmeraldsAmethysts21112.50 pmOpalsDiamonds116
26WedMens Fours5.10 pmThrushesAvocets16167.20 pmDovesGoldfinches195
27ThuMens Triples5.10 pmHotelAlpha15147.20 pmFoxtrotGolf617
28FriMixed Triples5.30 pmMars v Saturn 16-16.40pmNeptune v Jupiter 10-147.50pm Earth v Venus 20-4
March 2020
2MonMens Triples5.10 pmKO11 v 81007.20 pmKO12 v 71013
3TueMens Fours5.10 pmWagtailsKestrels1997.20 pmEaglesAvocets2017
4WedLadies Triples12.30 pmRobinsWrens14162.50 pmLarksSparrows192
4WedMens Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesMagpies2877.20 pmIbisThrushes2214
5ThuMens Triples5.10 pmKO13 v 612157.20 pmKO14 v 5149
5ThuMixed Friendly10.00amPuriton16-8/15-53113
6FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Pluto 11-15___ 6.20 pm Saturn v Venus_ 6-17_____ 7.40 pm Neptune v Mars_10-15____
9MonMens Triples5.10 pmKO2 (d)4 v 52077.20 pmKO2 (b)3 v 6197
10TueMens Fours5.10 pmEaglesIbis13217.20 pmWagtailsDoves1421
11WedMixed Triples12.30 pmDiamondsAmethysts9112.50 pmOpalsEmeralds109
11WedMens Fours5.10 pmKestrelsGoldfinches17157.20 pmMagpiesAvocets1313
12ThuLadies Friendly2pmWedmore29471 rink each
12ThuMens Triples5.10 pmKO2 ?2 v 712117.20 pm KO2 ((a)1 v 8100
13FriMixed Triples5 pm Pluto v Neptune _16-5___6.20 pm Mars v Earth 17-10 __7.40 pm Jupiter v Saturn_11-13___
15SunMixed Friendly2pmNorth Petherton 3 rinks
16MonMens Triples 5.10 pmS/Fa v d7.20 pmS/Fb v c
17TueMens Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesWagtails7.20 pmEaglesMagpies
18WedLadies Triples12.30 pmRobbinsSparrows2.50 pm LarksWrens
18WedMens Fours5.10 pmThrushesDoves7.20 pmIbisKestrels
20FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Jupiter ______ 6.20 pm Venus v Mars_ _______ 7.40 pm Saturn v Pluto____
23MonMens Fours5.10 pmKO Q/F (a)1 v 87.20 pmKO Q/F (c)2 v 7
24TueMens Fours5.10 pmKO Q/F (b)3 v 67.20 pm KO Q/F (d)4 v 5
25WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsAmethysts2.50 pmEmeraldsDiamonds
26ThuMens Fours5.10 pmKO S/Fa v d7.20 pmKO S/Fb v c
27FriMixed Triples5 pm Jupiter v Mars ______ 6.20 pm Neptune v Saturn ________ 7.40 pm Plutin v Venus___
30MonMens Triples KO Final7.00 pm
31TueMens PairsFinal7.00 pm
1WedLadies PairsFinal2.30 pm
2ThuLadies SinglesFinal2.30 pm
2ThuMens FoursKO Final7.00 pm
7TueMixed PairsFinal2.30 pm
8WedMens SinglesFinal7pm

Finals Photos 2019

Club Finals 2019

Saturday & Sunday 7th & 8th September – CLUB FINALS
Men                                                                         Ladies
Championship Singles
Winner – D. Fairhurst 21                          S. Cooper 21
Runner up – S. Davies 18                          F. Waters 18
Handicap Singles
Winner – C. Heal (H’Cap – 6) 27                 S. Cooper (H’Cap – 7) 28
Runner up – L. Kelly (H’Cap – 0) 8                M. Kelly (H’Cap – 2)   22
Seniors Singles
Winner – M. Manning      21
Runner up – H. Gibbs      19
Non-Winners Singles
Winner – D. Carpenter 21                       M. Kelly    21
Runner up – D. Hubbard 5                       N. Whyte 17
Two Wood Singles

Winner – C. Gazzard      21                      F. Waters 13
Runner up – P. Sloman 16                       M. Hillman 9
Junior Singles
Winner – Jemma            12
Runner up – Darcey        10
Two Wood Pairs
Winner – D. Carpenter & P.Wyatt 23          G.Poolman & F.Waters 26
Runner up – G.Robbins & D.Fairhurst 9         N.Whyte & S.Newman    9
Mixed Pairs

Winner S.Cooper & M.Cooper 30
Runner up A.Holland & D.Fairhurst 12
4 Wood Pairs
Winners – P.Wyatt & J. Newman 25         R. Bailey & S. Cooper      21
Runner up – H. Gibbs & K. Holland 14          G.Poolman & M.Hillman 20
Winners – D.Carpenter                                       R. Bailey
                   B. Johnson                                         N. Whyte
                   C. Heal                 20                          A. Holland          17
Runner up-    P. Sloman                                     F.Payne
                        D. Beard                                       A. Culpeck
                        P. Wyatt           5                           K. Wilson            16 (Extra End)
Mixed Fours
Winner – M. Kelly, R. Bailey, J. Langridge, J. Newman           24
Runner up – N. Robbins, B. Nicholls, H. Frye, H. Gibbs        10

Weston & District Men’s Over 60’s Triples League

As at 18th September 2019           
VICTORIA SAXONS1613035363715781372206216
CLARENCE BLUES161006492451639157069180
PORTISHEAD RBL16808485431519147742165
ST. ANDREWS1570844541148314776149
CLEVEDON PROM167184415115191683(164)149
ISLE OF WEDMORE1651104854315621611(49)145Relegated
ASHCOMBE CRUSADERS1660103445813331446(113)120Relegated
MARK MOOR167094444815091608(99)148
VICTORIA VIKINGS166094734614281508(80)1145
CLARENCE GOLDS1660103455715081676(168)121
ASHCOMBE KNIGHTS1650114005614441625(181)120
ASHCOMBE TEMPLARS1640122846413841796(412)92
N.B. Match between Vikings and Nailsea called off due to heavy on Monday 9th Sept.
Cannot be rearranged within the league season.
KNOCK OUT CUP 2019         
Prelim (to be played by 31st May)1st Round (by June 30th)QUARTER FINALS SEMI FINALSFINAL
(by July 31st)(by August 31st)9th Sept
BANWELL 123>>>
In the event of a tie, then Rink 3 will play the extra end.


Saturday 21st September – Captain – v – President
Captain                                                             President
J. Swift                                                               P. Crapnell
A. Hollier                                                          R. Stallard
P. Wyatt                                                            M. Milliner
H. Gibbs                             11                          G. Rain                               13

L. Kelly                                                              C. Benney
G. Townsend                                                   R. Fenwick
B. Johnson                                                       G. Frost
C. Heal                               26                          M. Manning                       06

J. Callister                                                         T. Gilbert
D.Carpenter                                                     D. Hubbard
R. Bromet                                                          J. Langridge
M. Cooper                       14                            G. Hodge                           23

J. Codrington                                                   C. Cleeves
M. Payne                                                          D. Roberts
D. Jones                                                            D. Williams
P. Owen                         22                              K. Holland                         21

N. Robbins                                                       H. Whyte
Carmine                                                           W. Nicholls
D. Wheatley                  28  101                      M. Campbell                   13  76

Thursday 19th September – Bowlers on Tour
N. Whyte, E. Harraway, M. Campbell, H. Gibbs                    17-20
D. Gibbs, M. Slavin, H. Whyte, D. Fairhurst                           15-23
S. Crapnell, M. Kelly, M. Chudley, D. Jones                           20-25
M. Payne, R. Bailey, C. Stevens, B, Johnson                          15-14
Carmine, L. Kelly, H. Frye, K. Wilson                                      25-18
F. Payne, H. Chesters, E. Sage, R. Bromet                            24-19 114-119

Wednesday 18th September – Winscombe
L. Kelly, D. Williams, J. Smart, P. Owen                                  18-20
A. Hollier, E.Sage, M. Campbell, J. Newman                         23-18
H. Whyte, M. Milliner, A. Shattock, K. Holland                     19-21
N. Robbins, P. Wyatt, G. Frost, G. Hodge                             24-14
B. Nicholls, R. Bromet, J. Langridge, M,. Manning              20-20 104-93

Friday 13th September – Saxons – v – BoS
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                   13-18
B. Nicholls, A. Shattock, K. Holland                                    22-14
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                                  23-21
D. Carpenter, D. Jones, C. Heal                                          17-11
H. Whyte, M. Campbell, J. Newman                                  15-18
Carmine, D. Williams, M. Manning                                   14-16 104-98 (14-6)

Thursday 12th September – Purley Bury Bowls Club
M. Slavin, J. Swift, A. Culpeck, D. Jones                          13-23
L. Kelly, B. Williams, M. Chudley, H. Gibbs                   25-15
V. Worthington, M. Kelly, M. Milliner, P. Wyatt            31-10
D. Gibbs, P. Carrington, Carmine, C. Stevens              21-13
T. Sharpe, B. Nicholls, E. Sage, M. Hillman                  31-11
A. Hollier, C.Chudley, C. Sage, S. Sokol                        13-24 135-95

Wednesday 11th September – Notts Tourists
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, A. Shattock, D. Jones                            14-31
G.Robbins, E. Sage, R. Bromet, M. Manning                        16-18
M. Willetts, T. Gilbert, M.Campbell, G. Hodge                     12-22
N. Robbins, B. Nicholls, M. Milliner, D.Wheatley                29-12
J. Codrington, J. Mingo-West, D. Williams, J. Smart            17-22
P. Carrington, D. Hubbard, Carmine, R. Rockett                17-22 105-128

Tuesday 10th September – Saxons – v – St. Andrews
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                           20-19
D. Carpenter, D. Williams, C. Heal                              12-14
N.Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                           19-16
H. Whyte, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                   16-14
H. Gibbs, A. Shattock, K. Holland                                17-10
Carmine, R.Rockett, M. Manning                                26-14 110-87 (18-2)

Saturday & Sunday 7th & 8th September – CLUB FINALS

Friday 6th September – Vikings – v – Templars
J. Swift, E.sage, B. Nicholls                                        08-20
A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, B. Johnson                      13-30
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost                         11-16
J. Codrington, C. Chudley, G. Hodge                       08-38
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, J. Langridge                       17-12
L. Kelly, C. Cleeves, D. Jones                                    19-10 76-126 (4-16)

Thursday 5th September Saxons – v – Winscombe
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                          33-15
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                          21-08
B. Nicholls, D. Williams, C. Heal                                 18-13
H. Whyte, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                  18-14
H. Gibbs, A. Shattock, K. Holland                               23-13
Carmine, R. Rockett, M. Manning                              12-17 125-80 (18-2)

Thursday 5th September – Banwell
P. Carrington, M. Kelly, A. Culpeck, S. Sokol            17-16
M. Payne, L. Kelly, C. Sage, K. Wilson                       25-19
F. Payne, A. Hollier, S. Milliner, H Frye                     14-20
J. Swift, D. Gibbs, E. Sage, C. Stevens                       09-27 65-80

Tuesday 3rd September Vikings – v – Ashcombe Knights
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost                       18-14
L. Kelly, D. Hubbard, D. Jones                                19-10
J. Codrington, C. Chudley, G. Hodge                     12-27
B. Nicholls, T. Gilbert, B. Johnson                          31-12
A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart                         16-13
J. Swift, D. Roberts, E. Sage                                    16-23 112-99 (16-4)

Sunday 1st September – Northampton Express Tourists
S. Crapnell, B. Williams, B. Nicholls, F. Waters              05-26
Carmine, E. Harraway, D. Fairhurst, J. Newman           22-19
F. Payne, H. Chesters, R. Bromet, A. Jackson                18-12
M. Payne, K. Fairhurst, J. Jackson, P. Owen                   09-27
P. Crapnell, R. Bailey, C. Stevens, M. Campbell            19-16
M. Slavin, J. Owen, C. Cleeves, R. Rockett                     18-16 91-116

Saturday 31st August “A” – v – Congresbury “A”
P. Sloman, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher, P. Owen                                       13-18
M. Campbell, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, C. Heal                          19-18
D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, J. Newman, S. Davies                              17-29 49-65 (2-10)

Saturday 31st August “B” – Clevedon Prom “B”
L. Kelly, H. Whyte, J. Smart, M. Manning                                       12-17
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, D. Jones, H, Gibbs                                 19-21
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Williams, K. Holland                           10-22 41-60 (0-12)

Saturday 31st August “C” – v – Wrington
C. Trevitt*, M. Payne, B. Nicholls, G. Frost                                      24-15
P.Carrington, D. Carpenter, C. Cleeves, P. Lunn                            19-26
A. Hollier, R. Jacobs, Carmine, T. Gatehouse                                  22-20  65-61  (10-2)

* Did not turn up

Friday 30th August – Pembrokeshire Tourists
D. Gibbs, P.Carrington, C. Sage, D. Jones                                  16-18
C. Stevens, E. Sage, H. Whyte, M. Hillman                                15-21
N. Whyte, H. Frye, D. Beard, H. Gibbs                                       34-20
L. Kelly, S. Crapnell, M. Milliner, K. Wilson                               24-16
D. Carpenter, B. Williams, S. Sokol, B. Johnson                      24-21
M. Kelly, C. Chudley, A. Culpeck, M. Manning                         16-30 129-125

Thursday 29th August – Minehead
D. Williams, J. Smart, G. Rain, D. Fairhurst                           20-20
J. Swift, J. Mingo-West, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                    34-12
A. Holliers, B. Nicolls, R. Bromet, M. Manning                    19-21
Carmine, D. Hubbard, A. Shattock, G. Hodge                     22-21
L. Kelly, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage, J. Newman                         18-18
G. Robbins, M. Willetts, C. Chudley, R. Rockett                  13-22 126-114

Wednesday 28th August – Saxons – v – Clevedon Prom
A. Hollier, P. Coumis, C. Heal                                        17-18
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                            16-27
H. Whyte, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                    13-14
B. Nicholls, A. Shattock, P. Owen                                 09-15
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                           06-18
Carmine, D. Williams, M. Manning                             20-16 81-108 (2-18)

Tuesday 27th August – Vikings – v – Banwell
L. Kelly, C. Cleeves, D. Jones                                            15-13
P. Carrington, T. Gilbert, B. Johnson                              22-15
J. Codrington, C. Chudley, G. Hodge                              10-21
A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart                                  20-22
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost                               10-20
D. Williams, B. Nicholls, E. Sage                                     20-13 97-104 (6-14)

Thursday 22nd August – Saxons – v – Portishead
L. Kelly, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                  12-24
Carmine, R. Rockett, M. Manning                                 06-21
P. Coumis, D. Williams, C. Heal                                     16-16
B. Nicholls, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                             33-06
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                             31-13
H. Gibbs, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                      16-18 114-98 (13-7)

Tuesday 20th August – Penarth
D. Hubbard, H. Gibbs, M. Milliner, J. Newman                           24-16
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, E. Sage, D. Fairhurst                                    22-11
A. Hollier, W. Nicholls, R. Rockett, P. Owen                                 34-11
Carmine, J. Mingo-West, D. Williams, M. Cooper                       11-23
N. Robbins, M. Willetts, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                       28-14
J. Swift, T. Gatehouse, J. Smart, M. Manning                              19-25 136-100

Sunday 18th August – Vine Park Tourists
G. Poolman, P. Carrington, S. Milliner, D. Fairhurst                    13-19
M. Kelly, P. Crapnell, C. Sage, R. Rockett                                       24-10
S. Crapnell, F. Payne, W. Nicholls, M. Milliner                               16-19
C. Trevitt, H. Chesters, E. Sage, C. Stevens                                    25-08
M. Payne,R. Bailey, L. Kelly, A. Culpeck                                          16-26
A. Hollier, K. Fairhurst, B. Williams, R. Bromet                             15-21 109-103

Saturday 17th August – “A” – v – Bridgwater
M. Milliner, A. Shattock, J. Newman, S. Davies                              16-15
P. Sloman, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher, C. Heal                                           17-19
R. Bromet, M. Campbell, D. Wheatley, P. Owen                           14-26 47-60 (2-10)

Saturday 17th August – “B” – v – Clarence “A”
N. Robbins, B. Nicholls, Carmine, J. Smart                                   23-21
L. Kelly, P. Lunn, G. Hodge, M. Manning                                       27-12
D. Hubbard, H. Whyte, D. Sealey, D. Williams                             13-21   63-54 (10-2)

Saturday 17th August – “C” – v – Banwell “B”
P. Carrington, C. Cleeves, J. Langridge, G. Frost                          17-24
M. Payne, J. Swift, J. Mingo-West                                                    09-34
A. Hollier, R. Stallard, T. Gatehouse                                              08-23 34-81 (0-12)

Friday 16th August – Vikings – v – Nailsea
J. Codrington, B. Saward, G. Hodge
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost
A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart
P. Carrington, W. Nicholls, B. Johnson
P. Lunn, C.Chudley, D. Jones
J. Swift, C. Cleeves, T. Gilbert

Friday 16th August – Saxons – v – BoS
L. Kelly, D. Williams, C. Heal
M. Campbell, A, Shattock, K. Holland
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, P. Owen
H. Whyte, P. Wyatt, J. Newman
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley
Carmine, R. Rockett, M. Manning

Wednesday 14th August – North Petherton
J. Swift, Carmine, R. Rockett, D. Jones
A. Hollier. J. Mingo-West, E. Sage, J. Newman
L. Kelly, C. Cleeves, M. Milliner, J. Smart
N. Robbins, W. Nicholls, M. Campbell, D. Williams

Tuesday 13th August – President – v – SCBA President
Carmine, W, Nicholls, D. Williams, C. Heal                                 27-19
N.Robbins, T. Gatehouse, B. Johnson, M. Cooper                    24-20
A. Hollier, B. Saward, J. Langridge, J.Newman                           09-24
T. Gilbert, D. Roberts, R. Bromet, G. Frost                                 16-15
L. Kelly, G. Robbins, A. Shattock, D. Jones                                  19-20
H. Whyte, D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Manning                       09-25 104-123

Sunday 11th August – Kiddlington Tourist
G. Poolman, A.Culpeck, M. Milliner, A. Jackson                          15-18
F. Payne, P. Carrington, H. Frye, R. Rockett                                 17-22
Charlie Benney, D. Gibbs, F. Waters, M. Campbell                    22-18
P. Crapnell, J. Jackson, W. Nicholls, H. Gibbs                               09-21
Daniel Bromley, S. Crapnell, R.Bromet, K. Wilson                      11-26
M. Payne, S. Milliner, C. Chudley, C. Stevens                               12-29 86-134

Thursday 8th August – Minehead
G. Robbins, M. Milliner, D. Williams, J. Newman                           28-11
L. Kelly, M. Campbell, A. Shattock, D. Jones                                   32-08
M. Payne, B. Nicholls, E. Sage, K. Holland                                      06-36
D. Beard, D. Hubbard, J. Smart, D. Fairhurst                                 25-14
A. Hollier, R. Bromet, R. Rockett, M. Manning                               20-16
Carmine, T. Gatehouse, P. Wyatt, G. Hodge                                  20-12 131-97

Wednesday 7th August – RBL (4D)
Singles – C. Heal                                                                                 13-21
Pairs – H. Gibbs/S. Davies                                                                 18-17
Triples – M. Miliner, R. Bromet, D.Wheatley                                  14-24
Fours – P. Sloman, M. Campbell, J. Newman D. Fairhurst           15-19 1-3

Tuesday 6th August – Saxons – v – Clarence Blues
P. Coumis, D. Williams, C. Heal                                                      17-18
Carmine, R. Rockett, M. Manning                                                  17-08
H. Whyte, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                                      06-23
M. Campbell, A. Shattock, K. Holland                                           26-12
M. Milliner, D. Sealey, P. Owen                                                      15-20
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                             17-10 98-91 (14-6)

Sunday 4th August – Isle of Wedmore (NSBA Cup)
H. Whyte, R. Bromet, D. Jones, S. Davies                                        13-37
Carmine, M. Campbell, J. Newman, W. Harrison                           30-21
N. Robbins, M. Milliner, M. Manning, C. Gazzard                          08-22
L. Kelly, D. Hubbard, D. Wheatley, P. Owen                                   25-20
P. Sloman, R. Rockett, P. Fisher, D. Fairhurst                                 17-18 93-118

 Saturday 3rd August – “A” – v – City of Wells                    
D. Beard, B. Pocock (G. Hodge), J. Newman, S. Davies                13-33
H. Gibbs, D. Wheatley, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard                           30-11
P. Sloman, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher, P. Owen                                         15-22 58-66 (2-10)
B. Pocock became unwell and G. Hodge susbtituted

Saturday 3rd August – “B” – v – RBL “B”
D.Carpenter, D. Sealey, A. Shattock, D.Jones                             11-25
N.Robbins, H. Whyte, M. Campbell, K. Holland                         21-16
R. Bromet, M. Milliner, D.Williams, M. Manning                        21-15 53-56 (4-8)

Thursday 1st August – Vikings – v – Portishead
J. Codrington, D. Roberts, G. Hodge                            18-13
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost                              18-15
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                         16-16
P. Carrington, W. Nicholls, B. Johnson                         09-19
A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart                                24-14
J.Swift, G.Rain, E. Sage                                                   17-08 102-85 (17-3)

Sunday 28th July – GB Britton
Dawn Callister, K. Fairhurst, L. Kelly, M. Campbell                                   16-41
Darcy, F. Payne, C. Cleeves, D. Fairhurst                                                    18-14
M. Slavin, E. Harraway, B. Nicholls, M. Milliner                                         20-23
M. Payne, H. Chesters, S, Milliner, R. Cleeves                                            09-22
M. Kelly, Joe Callister, D. Roberts, C. Stevens                                            17-27
C. Benney, J. Swift, B. Williams, T. Gatehouse                                           12-23 92-150

Note – 4 juniors played in this game

Sunday 28th July – Clevedon (Double Rink)
D. Beard, S. Davis, C. Heal, W. Harrison                    14-19
P. Sloman, J. Newman, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper        21-20 35-39

Saturday 27th July – “A” – v – North Petherton
P. Sloman, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher, C. Heal                                         21-21
P. Coumis, D.Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                         15-20
D. Beard, B. Pocock, P. Owen, S. Davis                                        26-19 62-60 (9-3)

Saturday 27th July – “B” – v- West Backwell
D. Carpenter, A. Shattock, J. Newman, D. Jones                        19-20
R. Bromet, M. Milliner, D. Williams, M. Manning                      14-22
N. Robbins, D. Sealey, H. Gibbs, D. Fairhurst                            13-29 46-71 (0-12)

Saturday 27th July – “C” – v – Clevedon “B”
L. Kelly, Carmine, E. Sage, G. Frost                                             17-17
A. Hollier, B. Nicholls, R. Rockett, J. Langridge                         15-22
R. Stallard, H. Whyte, G. Hodge, M. Campbell                          16-24 48-63 (1-11)

Thursday 25th July – Ashcombe Crusaders- Saxons
B. Pocock, P. Wyatt, J. Newman
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper
P. Coumis, D. Williams, C. Heal
H. Whyte, A. Shattock, K. Holland
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley
Carmine, R. Rockett. M. Manning                         (20-0)

Wednesday 24th July – Yatton – Vikings
L. Kelly, W. Nicholls, D. Jones                                           12-21
P. Carrington, D. Roberts, J. Smart                                 12-24
G. Robbins, T. Gilbert, G. Frost                                        12-23
C. Cleeves, J. Mingo-West, J. Langridge                          10-21
J. Swift, M. Campbell, G. Hodge                                       20-14
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, B. Johnson                               19-15 85-118 (4-16)

Tuesday 23rd July – Taunton (Turnbull Cup)
P. Coumis, A. Shattock, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                     15-16
D. Beard, M. Campbell, H. Gibbs, P. Owen                               08-28
P. Sloman, B. Pocock, D. Fairhurst, C. Heal                              12-14
R. Bromet, P. Wyatt, J. Newman, S. Davies                               13-17 48-75

Monday 22nd July – Saxons – v – Clevedon Prom
L. Kelly, R. Rockett, P. Owen                                                         24-13
H. Whyte, M. Manning, K. Holland                                              26-05
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                           27-08
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, J. Newman                                                 15-21
P. Coumis, D. Williams, C. Heal                                                   26-14
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                                          16-14 134-75   (18-2)

Sunday 21st July – Worcester Brotherhood
L. Kelly, K. Fairhurst, C. Sage, D. Fairhurst                                 18-22
S. Milliner, E. Sage, J. Newman                                                    25-14
P. Carrington, A. Culpeck, M. Milliner                                         12-21
T. Gatehouse, C. Stevens, K. Wilson                                           16-21
D. Gibbs, D. Callister, B. Williams, M. Campbell                       20-20
V. Worthington, J. Callister, S. Newman, H. Gibbs                   10-30 101-128

Saturday 20th July – “A” – v – Weston Bath
P. Coumis, D. Jones, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                           24-19
P. Sloman, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher, C. Heal                                       25-09
D. Beard, B. Pocock, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison                          14-18 63-46 (10-2)

Saturday 20th July – “B” – v – Chew Stoke “A”
R. Bromet, M. Milliner, D. Williams, M. Manning                      31-17
D. Carpenter, J. Smart, A. Shattock, K. Holland                         14-27
N. Robbins, B. Nicholls, D. Sealey, D. Fairhurst                        19-20 64-64 (5-7)

Saturday 20th July – “C” – v – Congresbury “C”
L. Kelly, P. Crapnell, C. Cleeves, G. Frost                                   20-13
A. Hollier, K. Fairhurst, E. Sage, J. Langridge                            10-26
C. Trevitt, R. Stallard, T. Gatehouse, T. Gilbert                         12-30 42-69 (2-10)

Friday 19th July – Saxons – v – BoS

Tuesday 17th July – Bristol Arrow
R. Bromet, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart, G. Hodge                             25-19
H. Whyte, P. Sloman, M. Campbell, D. Fairhurst                        36-20
A. Hollier, B. Nicholls, D. Williams, D. Jones                                19-15
G. Robbins, D. Roberts, E. Sage, J. Newman                               18-12
C. Cleeves, J. Swift, M. Milliner, M. Manning                               33-11 131-77

Sunday 14th July – Yeovil “C” (National 2 Fours)
P. Sloman, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                       27-12
D. Beard, P. Owen, C. Heal, W. Harrison                                    13-14 40-26

Saturday 13th July – “A” v – Nailsea “A”
P. Sloman, H. Gibbs, J. Newman, S. Davies                                 24-17
D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, P. Owen, W. Harrison                            26-13
P. Coumis, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                        30-19 80-49 (12-0)

Saturday 13th July – “B” – v – Ashcombe “A”
N. Robbins, B. Nicholls, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                               28-06
R. Bromet, M. Milliner, D. Williams, M. Manning                     16-11
D. Carpenter, J. Smart, A. Shattock, K. Holland                        26-14 70-31 (12-0)

Saturday 13th July – “C” – v – Chew Stoke “B”
D. Hubbard, P. Crapnell, C. Cleeves, G. Frost                          18-17
A. Hollier, R. Stallard, M. Campbell, J. Langridge                     22-14
L. Kelly, C. Trevitt, J. Mingo-West, T. Gatehouse                      11-22  51-53 (4-8)

Friday 12th July – Wedmore (NSBA 4D)
Singles – C. Gazzard                                                                       21-11
Pairs – D. Fairhurst/S. Davies                                                       20-21
Triples – B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                            19-14
Fours – D. Beard, J. Newman, C. Heal, W. Harrison                 37-05 3-1

Thursday 11th July – Clevedon (NSBA Cup)
P. Coumis, A. Shattock, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                    23-11
N. Robbins, M. Milliner, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard                   16-27
R. Bromet, R. Rockett, H. Gibbs, S. Davis                                 27-09
B. Pocock, M. Campbell, J. Newman, W. Harrison                 25-23
P. Sloman, P. Fisher, K. Holland, C. Heal                                 20-22 111-92

Thursday 11th July – Vikings – v – Ashcombe Knights
R. Jacobs, T. Gilbert, G. Frost                                                      28-15
A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart                                             26-14
G. Robbins, B. Nicholls, B. Johnson                                          23-22
P. Carrington, M. Manning, J. Langridge                                 12-17
J. Codrington, D. Roberts, G. Hodge                                        18-08
Conceeded rink                                                                          00-10 107-86 (16-4))

Wednesday 10th July – Saxons – v – BoS
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                                         19-06
B. Pocock, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                                 18-11
R. Rockett, D. Sealey, K. Holland                                               07-38
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                        27-08
Carmine, A. Shattock, M. Manning                                           07-25
L. Kelly, D. Williams, C. Heal                                                      16-19 94-107 (6-14). Bromet, P. Wyatt,

Tuesday 9th July – North Petherton (Turnbull Cup)

R. Bromet, P. Wyatt. Newman, S. Davies                                  20-18
B. Pocock, H. Gibbs, D. Fairhurst, C. Heal                                 28-16
P. Coumis, D. Wheatley, P. Owen, M. Cooper                         24-20
M. Campbell, A. Shattock, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison                20-22 92-76

Sunday 7th July – Worcester County Ground
C. Cleeves, H. Chesters, J. Jackson, J. Newman                         21-20
J. Calister, M. Sherman, H. Frye, A. Jackson                               33-11
B. Nicholls, E. Harraway, R. Bromet, K. Wilson                        15-23
L. Kelly, D. Callister, R. Rockett, S. Newman                             11-15

A. Hollier, M. Willetts, Carmine, C. Stevens                              19-17
P. Carrington, A. Culpeck, T. Gatehouse, G. Hodge                13-27 112-113

Saturday 6th July – “A” – v – Willmott Park
P. Coumis, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                     30-16
D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Owen, W. Harrison                           18-20
P. Sloman, R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, S. Davies                          22-19 70-55 (10-2)

Saturday 6th July – “B” – v – BoS “A”
N. Robbins, D. Sealey, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                               20-21
L. Kelly, H. Whyte, D. Williams, M. Manning                           19-22
D. Hubbard, D. Carpenter, A. Shattock, K. Holland               18-24 57-67 (0-12)

Saturday 6th July – “C” – v – Mark Moor
C. Trevitt, A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, J. Langridge                    21-20
R. Stallard, P. Crapnell, E. Sage, G. Hodge                              09-28
J. Codrington, C. Cleeves, B. Nicholls, G. Frost                      08-28 38-76 (0-12)

Friday 5th July – Vikings – v – Templars
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, G. Hodge                                                 21-16
D. Carpenter, J. Mingo-West, E. Sage                                     18-06
A. Hollier, M. Cooper, G. Frost                                               26-16
J. Codrington, N. Robbins, T. Gilbert                                     19-15
P. Carrington, W. Nicholls, B. Saward                                  17-15
C. Cleeves, T. Gatehouse, J. Langridge                                 22-12 123-80 (20-0)

Wednesday 3rd July – Saxons – Crusaders
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                     16-10
H. Whyte, P. Wyatt, C. Heal                                                    08-22
D. Hubbard, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                    12-23
R. Rockett, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                     13-12
M. Milliner, D. Williams, M. Manning                                    28-11
P. Coumis, D. Sealey.P. Owen                                                 18-15 95-93 (16-4)

Tuesday 2nd July – BoS (Turnbull Cup)
D. Beard, A. Shattock, P. Owen, W. Harrison             19-17
P. Cpoumis, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper     34-15
H. Whyte, H. Gibbs, D. Fairhurst, C. Heal                   31-13
R. Bromet, P. Wyatt, J. Newman, S. Davis                   26-14 110-59

Sunday 30th June – Gilfach Goch
P. Carrington, M. Payne, M. Campbell, G. Hodge                   23-17
P. Sloman, C. Trevitt, K. Holland, H. Gibbs                               19-13
A. Hollier, B. Nicholls, J. Langridge, J. Smart                            25-10
L. Kelly, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage, M. Manning                            20-28 87-68

Sunday 30th June – Norwest (National Double Rink)
D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Owen, W. Harrison                          34-15
M. Milliner, D. Fairhurst, S. Davis, C. Heal                               13-18 51-33

Saturday 29th June – “A” – v – Bloomfield
D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Owen, W. Harrison                 19-19
P. Coumis. H. Gibbs, S. Davis, C. Heal                            14-20
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper           11-26 44-65 (1-11)

Saturday 29th June – “C” – v – Ashcombe “B”
C. Coumis, J. Mingo-West. J. Langridge, D. Williams     16-22
A. Hollier, D. Carpenter, T. Gatehouse, J. Smart           14-22
L. Kelly, W. Nicholls, G. Hodge, G. Frost                         20-20 50-64 (1-11)

Friday 28th June – Hertfordshire Tourists
L. Kelly, W. Nicholls, B. Pocock, J. Newman                   18-26
D. Carpenter. C. Chudley, A. Shattock, D. Jones           22-23
A. Hollier, N. Robbina, R. Bromet, P. Owen                  15-28
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, B. Johnson, D. Fairhurst    17-16
P.Carrington, M. Willetts, M. Milliner, M. Campbell    14-19
D. Beard, J. Mingo-West, J. Langridge, P. Wyatt           22-22 108-134

Wednesday 26th June – Vikings – v – Mark Moor
G. Robbins, W. Nicholls, G. Frost                               19-09
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                      14-15
J. Codrington, T. Gilbert, G. Hodge                            08-19
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, J. Langridge                       17-16
J. Mingo-West, B. Johnson, G. Richards                    25-12
P. Carrington, R. Jacobs, J. Smart                              13-20 96-91 (14-6)

Tuesday 25th June – Clarence (Saxons O60s KO Cup)
H. Whyte, A. Shattock, M. Manning                           11-23
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                          20-14
R. Rockett, M. Campbell, K. Holland                          22-12
H. Gibbs, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                   19-12
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, P. Owen                                    12-23
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, D. Williams                        12-14 96-98

Saturday 22nd June – “B” – v – Bristol “B”
N. Robbins, D. Sealey, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                         15-15
D. Jones, M. Milliner, A. Shattock, K. Holland                   13-24
P. Sloman,H. Whyte, H. Gibbs, M Manning                       07-22 35-61 (1-11)

Friday 21st June – Saxons – v – RBL
R. Bromet, D. Jones, C. Heal                                                21-13
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                                  11-17
B. Pocock, D. Williams, J. Newman                                    20-10
R. Rockett, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                  18-18
N. Robbins, H. Whyte, D. Wheatley                                   17-24
Carmine, A. Shattock, M. Manning                                    12-12 99-94 (14-6)

Wednesday 19th June – Saxons – v – St Andrews
L. Kelly, M. Manning, C. Heal                                              17-17
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                                  14-12
R. Rockett, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                  19-13
N.Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                  10-00
B. Pocock, D.Sealey, P. Owen                                              18-14
Carmine, D. Williams, J. Newman                                       17-17 95-73  (18-2)

Sunday 16th June – Bath “B” (National Double Rink)
P. Coumis, D. Fairhurst, M. Cooper, C. Heal                      19-10
M. Milliner, J. Newman, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison              21-10 40-20

Friday 14th June – Burnham on Sea (NSBA KO Cup)
B. Pocock, M. Campbell, J. Newman, W. Harrison                21-22
P. Sloman, A. Shattock P. Fisher, C. Heal                               15-24
P. Coumis, D. Jones, D.Wheatley, M. Cooper                        24-13
D. Beard, K. Holland, H. Gibbs, S. Davis                                 24-17
H. Whyte, M. Milliner, M. Manning, C. Gazzard                    20-11 104-87

Thursday 13th June – British Legion Tourists
G. Poolman, A. Culpeck, W. Nicholls, J. Newman                 16-18
N. Whyte, A. Hollier, J. Mingo-West, R. Rockett                    11-21
J. Codrington, P. Carrington, C. Chudley, G. Richards         11-18
L. Kelly, R. Bailey, H. Whyte, M. Milliner                                18-17
M. Slavin, G. Robbins, Carmine, S. Sokol                              16-17 72-91

Sunday 9th June – Worcester
M. Slavin, M. Milliner, H. Frye, S. Davis                                  21-17
D. Gibbs, W. Nicholls, F. Waters, D. Fairhurst                       11-27
F. Payne, R. Bailey, G. Richards, J. Newman                         14-19
M. Payne, S. Milliner, B. Pocock, K. Wilson                           15-17
D. Beard, H. Chesters, P. Wyatt, C. Stevens                         16-26 77-106

Friday 7th June – Llansawel Tourists
G. Robbins, H. Frye. C. Sage, D. Jones
M. Slavin, M. Willetts, B. Williams, H. Gibbs
D. Gibbs, E. Harraway, E. Sage, G. Richards
S. Milliner, V. Worthington, H. Whyte, B. Johnson
D. Beard, N. Whyte, M. Campbell, S. Sokol
D. Carpenter, R. Bailey, M. Milliner, M. Hillman

Thursday 6th June – Clarence
W. Nicholls, D. Roberts, G. Richards, J. Newman                  12-25
Carmine, N. Robbins, M. Milliner, D. Fairhurst                     34-06
L. Kelly, J. Langridge, H. Whyte, D. Jones                                19-20
A. Hollier, E. Sage, T. Gatehouse, K. Holland                         15-21
M. Willetts, J. Mingo-West, R. Bromet, D. Williams               17-19 97-91

Wednesday 5th June – Saxons – v – Wedmore
D. Hubbard, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                                  26-10
N.Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                  17-18
Carmine, P. Wyatt, J. Newman                                           08-19
D. Carpenter, M. Campbell, K. Holland                            21-10
P. Coumis, D. Sealey, C. Heal                                             09-18
H. Whyte, D. Jones, M. Manning                                       13-12 94-87 (14-6)

Monday 3rd June – Richmond & Barnes BA
M. Kelly, M. Chudley, J. Mingo-West, H. Gibbs                    23-09
V. Worthington, W. Nicholls, C. Sage, D. Fairhurst             18-15
L. Kelly, B. Williams, C. Chudley, D. Jones                            24-16
D. Gibbs, S. Sokol, R. Bromet, J. Newman                           18-19
A. Hollier, S. Newman, M. Milliner, M. Hillman                  16-20
F. Payne, H. Frye, E. Sage, K. Wilson                                    36-09 135-88

Sunday 2nd June – Bath (Double Rink)
P. Sloman, D. Fairhurst, S. Davis, C. Heal                          17-20
R. Bromet, P. Fisher, J. Newman, W. Harrison                  19-12 36-32

Saturday 1st June – RBL (Top Club)
2W Singles – S. Davis                                                          20-16
4W Singles – C. Gazzard                                                     09-22
Pairs – D. Fairhurst/C. Heal                                                15-16
Triples – B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                  04-26
Fours – D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Owen, W. Harrison    23-17   (lost 2-3)

Friday 31st May – City of Wells
D. Beard, S. Milliner, A. Culpeck, R. Rockett                22-17
G. Poolman, P. Carrington, C. Sage, J. Newman         26-14
P. Sloman, D. Gibbs, E. Sage, M. Milliner                     13-22 61-53

Thursday 30th May – Vikings – v – Banwell
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                      10-14
A. Waygood, J. Mingo-West, B. Johnson                   15-15
G. Robbins, J. Langridge, G. Frost                              04-23
B. Nicholls, D. Roberts, G. Hodge                             15-18
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, G. Richards                       11-23
P. Carrington, E. Sage, G. Rain                                  18-17 73-110 (3-17)

Wednesday 29th May – Bristol Arrow
L. Kelly, W. Nicholl, D. Williams, D. Jones                     14-23
A. Waygood, A. Hollier, E. Sage, J. Smart                      24-12
M. Willetts, M. Campbell, R. Bromet, G. Richards       18-13
G. Robins, M. Milliner, D. Sealey, B. Pocock                 18-17 76-65

Tuesday 28th May – Saxons – v – Wedmore
P. Coumis, B. Pocock, P. Owen                                                            11-17
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                                     29-10
M. Milliner, J. Smart, C. Heal                                                                09-20
N. Robbins, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                                 23-06
D. Hubbard, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                                                15-16
H. Whyte, M. Manning, D. Williams                                                   14-14 101-83 (13-7))

Sunday 26th May – Barnwood
S. Crapnell, L. Kelly, N. Whyte, R. Rockett                                        15-19
G. Poolman, M. Campbell, W. Nicholls, M. Mannning                   24-12
H. Chesters, P. Crapnell, T. Gatehouse, C. Stevens                        11-18
M. Kelly, A. Hollier, C. Chudley, F. Waters                                        20-15
Carmine, R. Bailey, R. Bromet, H. Whyte                                         22-12 92-76

Saturday 25th May – “A” – v – Banwell “A”

D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Owen, W. Harrison                          30-14

P. Coumis, M. Campbell, S. Davis, C. Heal                               23-17

B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                     23-08    76-39  (12-0)

Saturday 25th May – “B” – v – Yatton “A”

N. Robbins, D. Sealey, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                                28-12

C. Cleeves, M. Milliner, A. Shattock, K. Holland                      24-16

H. Whyte, R. Bromet, H. Gibbs, M. Manning                           21-23    73-51   (10-2)

Saturday 25th May – “C” – v- Clarence “B”

D. Hubbard, J. Mingo-West, J. Langridge, D. Williams           20-16

A. Hollier, C. Coumis, T. Gatehouse, J. Smart                          18-23

L. Kelly, W. Nicholls, E. Sage, G. Frost                                       20-20     58-59   (3-9)

Friday 24th May – Ashcombe (NSBA 4D)

4W Singles    –      C. Gazzard                                                                 21-15

4W Pairs       –       C. Heal & S. Davis                                               22-20

Triples           –       B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                    18-10

Fours             –       D. Beard, M. Campbell, D. Fairhust, W. Harrison     18-22   3-1

Thursday 23rd May – Vikings – v – Clarence Gold

L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                           22-16

P. Carrington, G. Robbins, G. Frost                18-15

J. Mingo-West, E. Sage, G. Rain                      16-25

C. Cleeves, T. Gatehouse, J. Smart                 15-12

J. Codrington, T. Gilbert, J. Langridge            23-23

A. Hollier, R. Jacobs, G. Richards                    07-29    101-120 (7-13)

Wednesday 22nd May – Saxons – BoS (KO Cup)

R. Rockett, A.Shattock, M, Cooper              14-16

P. Coumis, R. Bromet, C. Heal                      47-07

B. Pocock, M. Milliner, P. Owen                  29-08

N. Robbins, H. Whyte, D. Wheatley            13-11

D. Hubbard, M. Campbell, H. Gibbs            20-06       

C. Cleeves, D. Williams, M. Manning          19-14   142-62

Tuesday 21st May – Prattens (Top Club)

Good win achieved on a very challenging green.

2 wood singles        – P, Fisher                                                         03-18

4 wood singles        – C. Gazzard                                                     21-10

Pairs                         –  D. Fairhurst/S. Davies                                 19-23

Triples                     –   P. Coumis, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper         19-14

Fours                        –  H. Whyte, B. Pocock, D. Jones, P. Owen  21-17  (3-2)

Monday 20th May – Cinderford Tourists

J. Owen, L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                           25-08

G. Poolman, A. Culpeck, H. Whyte, G. Richards           16-13

E. Harraway, N. Whyte, E. Sage, P. Owen                     28-05

G. Robbins, R. Bailey, R. Rockett, C. Stevens                14-22

M. Slavin, W. Nicholls, D. Roberts, M. Hillman            23-04

A. Hollier, N. Robbins, S. Newman, C. Sage                  18-19    124-71

Sunday 19th May – Clevedon Prom (NSBA KO Cup) Re-arranged from 2018.

This is the fourth consecutive year the Vic has won this competition.

M. Campbell, R. Rockett, P. Owen, W. Harrison               13-17

H. Whyte, M. Manning, P. Fisher, C. Heal                          12-17

P. Coumis, D. Jones, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper                   27-11

D. Beard, D. Williams, H. Gibbs, S. Davis                            21-17

M. Milliner, R. Bromet, J. Newman, C. Gazzard                16-17   89-79

Saturday 18th May – “A” – v – Ilminster “B”

After leading at 15 ends (43-29) the wheels well and truly came off. Only 6 shots scored overall in the last 6 ends.

D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Owen, W. Harrison                 13-19

P. Coumis, D. Fairhurst, C. Heal, S. Davis                        21-19

M. Campbell, D. Wheatley, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper      15-18   49-56  (2-10)

Saturday 18th May – “B” – v – St. Andrews

B. Pocock, D. Sealey, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                         18-18

P. Sloman, M. Milliner, A. Shattock, D. Jones                 20-17

H. Whyte, R. Bromet, H. Gibbs, M. Manning                  12-22     50-57   (3-9)

Saturday 18th May – C” – v – Portishead “A”

D. Hubbard, Carmine, L. Kelly, J. Langridge                     14-24

D. Carpenter, C. Coumis, T. Gatehouse, J. Smart            16-17

N. Robbins, W, Nicholls, E. Sage, G. Frost                        17-19    47-60   (0-12)

Thursday 16th May – Bridgwater

J. Codrington, Carmine, E. Sage, J. Newman                24-14

N. Robbins, J. Mingo-West, M. Campbell, D. Jones     12-18

A. Hollier, W. Nicholls, R. Bromet, J. Smart                   27-16

M. Willetts, T. Gatehouse, C.Chudley, A. Shattock      14-19

D. Hubbard, A. Waygood, M. Milliner, D. Williams      14-18     91-85

Tuesday 14th May – Vikings – v – Yatton

L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                           18-15

W. Nicholls, D. Roberts, J. Smart                                    21-16

G. Robbins, A. Waygood, G. Frost                                  14-18

A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, G. Richards                             05-25

J. Mingo-West, R. Bromet,E. Sage                                  11-19

J. Codrington, R. Jacobs, J. Langridge                             10-21    79-114  (4-16)

Sunday 12th May – GB Britton
M. Kelly, R. Bailey, D. Fairhurst                                           12-21
B. Williams, H. Chesters, A. Jackson                                   26-21
P. Crapnell W. Nicholls, J, Newman                                    12-12
S. Milliner, T. Gatehouse, C. Stevens                                 11-15
J. Jackson, M. Milliner, B. Pocock                                        11-14
L. Kelly, S., Newman, E. Sage, C. Sage                               23-13 95-103

Saturday 11th May – “A” – v – Isle of Wedmore “A”

B. Pocock, J. Newman, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison               15-18

D. Fairhurst, P. Owen, C. Heal, S. Davis                              16-25

P. Coumis, M. Campbell, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper           15-21   46-64  (0-12)

Saturday 11th May – “B” – v – Winscombe “A”

P. Sloman, D. Sealey, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                           17-20

Carmine, R. Rockett, M. Milliner, D. Jones                        17-19   

R. Bromet, H. Whyte, D. Williams, H. Gibbs                      12-28    46-67  (0-12)

Saturday 11th May – “C” – v – Isle of Wedmore “B”

D. Carpenter, C. Coumis, E. Sage, M. Manning                 21-14

N. Robbins, C. Cleeves, J. Mingo-West, G. Rain               22-22

L. Kelly, P. Crapnell, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost                     13-24     56-60  (3-9)

Friday 10th May – Congresbury (National Double Rink)

D. Fairhurst, P. Fisher, C. Heal, S. Davis                              23-12

B. Pocock, J. Newman, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison               21-12    44-24

Tuesday 7th May – Vikings – v – Portishead

Despite having to concede 1 rink (2pts and 10 shots) the game was decided on the last end of the triple skipped by Graham. Unfortuneately a 5 was dropped on the last end. Good news was the two consecutive 7s scored by the triple of Les Kelly, Cliff Chudley and Derek Jones who went from 14 – 5 down to 19-14 up and eventually ran out winners by 7 shots. There were also good wins by George Frost and John Smart.

L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                23-16

A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, G. Richards                  17-19

G. Robins, A. Waygood, G. Frost                          16-12

J. Mingo-West, E. Sage, G. Rain                            11-20

J. Codrington, W. Nicholls, J. Smart                     20-14

Conceeded rink                                                        00-10    87-91  (6-14)

Sunday 5th May – St Andrews (Mixed)

L. Kelly, S. Crapnell, M. Milliner, P. Owen                       17-10

M. Kelly, P. Crapnell, R. Cleeves, G. Hodge                     20-12

F. Payne, V. Worthington, R. Rockett, M. Campbell      10-23

C. Cleeves, J. Owen, H. Frye, H. Gibbs                              12-12

M. Payne, D. Gibbs, R. Bromet, C. Stevens                      10-22     69-79

Saturday 4th May – Wyndham Tourist

B. Pocock, A. Shattock, P. Fisher, C. Gazzard           14-18

P. Sloman. C. Coumis, J. Newman, M. Cooper        15-17

H. Whyte, P.Coumis, D. Fairhurst, D. Wheatley      22-11

D. Beard, D. Carpenter, D. Jones, P. Owen              22-24    73-70

Thursday 2nd May – Vikings – v – Nailsea

Alec Waygood, J. Mingo-West, P. Lunn          12-20

W. Nicholls, D. Roberts, G. Frost                      13-28

A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse. J. Smart                     14-19

L. Kelly. C. Chudley, D. Jones                             12-17

J. Langridge, E. Sage, G. Hodge                         15-22

Conceeded rink                                                    00-10     66-116   (0-20)

Wednesday 1st May – Avon & Somerset Police

N. Whyte, R. Bailey, E. Sage, J. Newman                       15-18

D. Carpenter, M. Slavin, R. Cleeves, D. Fairhurst         19-14        

Carmine, S. Sokol, H. Whyte, R. Rockett                        25-17

C. Cleeves, H. Chesters, G. Hodge, K. Wilson                26-14      85-63

Tuesday 30th April – Saxons –v- Clarence Blues

D. Hubbard, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                             18-11

M. Millner, R. Rockett, C. Heal                                       27-12

Carmine, D. Williams, J. Newman                                  21-13

N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                             13-14

B. Pocock, K. Holland, P. Owen                                      17-19

P. Coumis, M. Manning, M. Campbell                          12-20        108-89   (14-6)

Saturday 27th April – Burnham-on-Sea

D. Beard, C. Coumis, J. Smart, D. Jones                         12-22

P. Sloman, Carmine, M. Milliner, M. Cooper                18-15

P. Coumis, J. Mingo-West, R. Bromet, C. Gazzard       10-21

P. Crapnell, H. Whyte, K. Holland, J. Newman             19-25

A. Hollier, N. Robbins, G. Frost, P. Fisher                      15-21

L. Kelly, D. Carpenter, H. Gibbs, M. Campbell              22-20     96-124

Thursday 25th April – Vikings – v – Mark Moor

C. Cleeves, J. Langridge, B. Johnson                 15-16

A. Hollier, C. Heal, G. Hodge                              15-19

W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                   15-17

L. Kelly, D. Williams, D. Jones                            20-11

J. Mingo-West, J. Smart, G. Frost                      12-14

S. Pratt, C. Chudley, P. Lunn                               07-21    84-98   (2-18)

Wednesday 24th April – Penarth

L. Kelly, M. Milliner, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper

D. Hubbard, T. Gatehouse, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard

G. Robbins, J. Smart, M. Manning, W. Harrison

C. Cleeves, E. Sage, P. Wyatt, P. Owen

B. Pocock, R. Bromet, D. Williams, J. Newman

Carmine, W. Nicholls, A. Shattock, D. Jones


4 rink indoor arranged which VBC won 81-49 (not part of match stats)

Tuesday 23rd April – Saxons – v – Winscombe

M. Milliner, M. Campbell, C. Heal                         23-09

D. Hubbard, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                    10-21

Carmine, D. Jones, J. Newman                               12-21

N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Wheatley                     20-24

B. Pocock, K. Holland, P. Owen                              16-20

P. Coumis, J. Smart, M. Manning                           15-14    96-10

Sunday 21st April – Battle 0f Sexes

Men                                                     Ladies

M. Payne                                             N. Whyte

Archie                                                  H. Chesters

M. Manning                                        Margaret

M. Cooper                        16              C. Stevens            10

W. Nicholls                                          D. Gibbs

H. Whyte                                             R. Bailey

M. Campbell                                       B. Williams

R. Bromet                         22              S. Cooper              05

D. Hubbard                                         F. Payne

M. Milliner                                          ANO

J. Langridge                                        H. Frye

H. Gibbs                             15             K. Wilson              13

                                            53                                            28                             

Saturday 20th April – Weston Bath

C. Cleeves, M. Milliner, D. Jones, M. Cooper                20-13

C. Coumis, W. Nicholls, P. Wyatt, J. Newman               14-21

P. Coumis, J. Mingo-West, R. Bromet, C. Gazzard        25-13

N. Robbins, G. Hodge, J. Smart, D. Wheatley                12-17

D. Beard, E. Sage, K. Holland, P. Owen                           21-17

P. Sloman, T. Gatehouse, B. Pocock, H. Gibbs               09-24    101-105

Thursday 18th April – Vikings – Clarence Golds

N. Robbins, J. Langridge, G. Hodge                   16-11

Carmine, E. Sage, D. Jones                                 23-17

C. Cleeves, D. Williams, G. Frost                       29-11

A. Waygood, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart              26-07

A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, G. Richards               25-13

L. Kelly, R. Rockett, A. Shattock                        21-11     140-70     (20-0)

Saturday 13th April – President – v – Captain

President                                                 Captain

Carmine                                                   R. Stallard

J. Mingo-West                                        P. Sloman

D. Williams                                              H. Gibbs

G. Hodge                     05                        C. Heal                   31

C. Cleeves                                                W. Nicholls

J. Kerr                                                       J. Codrington

R. Rockett                                                J. Smart

M. Cooper                  32                        D. Wheatley           04

C. Coumis                                                L. Kelly

T. Gatehouse                                          D. Carpenter

P. Coumis                                                A. Shattock

M. Manning              16                         B. Pocock                12

P. Crapnell                                              M. Payne

G. Frost                                                    E. Sage  

P. Fisher                    12                          J. Newman             19

D. Roberts                                               D. Hubbard

G. Rain                                                     G. Richards

K. Holland                 06                          D. Jones                  18

Alan Hollier                                             A. Waygood

J. Langridge                                             M. Milliner

P. Lunn                     15                           P. Owen                  1786  101