August and September 2014 Reports

Friday 1st August 2014 – Over 60’s – Portishead RBL

Due to bad weather game was abandoned after 4 ends and will be rearranged.


Saturday 2nd August – SCBA – “A” team – St. Andrews “A”

Only a 2 shot victory but 10 points gained to keep up the promotion hopes.

N. Stocker, A. Bray, C. Gazzard and M. Cooper                               19-15

B. Pocock, D. Fairhurst, K. Harvey and W. Harrison                        20-18

P. Wyatt, J. Newman, P. Leadbeater and M. Stocker                       19-23        58-56

Saturday 2nd August – SCBA – “B” team – West Backwell

Another close game which swung back and forth but came out on top to help the fight against relagation. 8 valuable points gained

H. Whyte, P. Fisher, D. Sealy and M. Campbell                                  19-20

D. Beard, R. Fenwick, J. Howell and B. Stock                                         13-23

P. Lunn, H. Gibbs, N. Sell and M. Manning                                             29-15   61-58


Saturday 2nd August – SCBA – “C” team – Clevedon Prom “B”

This was a tight promotion battle with the winners almost certain of promotion. However “The Prom” proved the stronger and were successful by 9 shots. The 2 points gained by Peter Newport’s rink could prove valuable.

R. Sparks, J. Langridge, D. Williams and D. Jones                                 14-21

R. Hollier, W. Nicholls, J. Mingo-West and G. Frost                            22-20

T. Gilbert, M, Willets, T. Gatehouse and P. Newport                        13-17    49-58

Tuesday 5th August – Friendly – Clarence

An enjoyable match against our nearest neighbours which was completed just before the rain came. Evening was made complete by a good supper supplied by the ladies.

M. Willetts, H. Gibbs, A. Barnes and D. Hurst                                     20-12

P. Wyatt, E. Saward, D. Sealey and D. Jones                                       22-20

L. Kelly, B. Pocock, N. Sell and G. Hodge                                              13-15

Carmine, M. Milliner, G. Rain and R. Rockett                                      19-19

T. Gatehouse, W. Nicholls, J. Mingo-West and M. Stocker               17-13     91-79

Wednesday 6th August – Over 60’s – Ashcombe Knights

Hopes were high for a victory after defeating the Knights away but this was to prove as hopes only as the result went in favour of the visitors.

R. Hollier, C. Chudley and D. Jones                                                        9-28

T. Gilbert, M. Milliner and P. Newport                                                20-13

J. Griffiths, W. Nicholls and G. Richards                                                7-23

L. Kelly, J. Mingo-West and G. Hodge                                                  20-12

S. Thynne, M. Willetts and J. Smart                                                      11-15

R. Jacobs, J. Turton and G. Frost                                                            14-15       81-106


Thursday 7th August – Friendly – Minehead

We were blessed with warm sunshine for our annual visit to West Somerset and after many had enjoyed a liquid lunch it obviously had the desired effect as the Vic comfortably won the match with 5 rinks winning and the rink skipped by “Henry” Stocker only managing to draw.

Carmine, M. Milliner, G. Frost and M. Stocker                                    19-19

W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse, M. Sell and G. Hodge                                27-10

J. Griffiths, D. Williams, G. Richards and M. Taylor                               28-19

L. Kelly, K. Holland, J. Newman and D. Jones                                       25-17

P. Wyatt, C. Chudley, A. Shattock and D. Fairhurst                             28-18

N. Stocker, J. Smart, M. Manning and P. Leadbeater                             27-17      154-100


Returning from Minehead match (1)

The youngsters cannot last the pace!

Thought it had gone quite

Peace and quiet at last!

Saturday 9th August – SCBA – “A” team – Frome Park

Although only winning on 1 rink it was sufficient to take 8 valuable points to remain in contention for promotion.

N. Stocker, A. Bray, M. Taylor and M. Cooper                13-18

L. Stocker, B. Pocock, D. Fairhurst and W. Harrison      32-14

P. Wyatt, J. Newman, P. Leadbeater and M. Stocker    20-25    65-57


Saturday 9th August – SCBA – “D” team – Clarence “B”

Not a good day at the office with the visitors proving too strong.

R. Sparkes, J. Turton, T. Gilbert and G. Rain                                           12-29

Carmine, L. Kelly, W. Nicholls and D. Avery                                              8-28

R. Hollier, J. Longridge, M. Milliner and J. Griffiths                                19-21      39-78


Monday 11th August – Over 60’s – Saxons – v – St. Andrews

On a green that was challenging and mixed weather the hosts came out on top. 4 points were gained by the triples of Keith Holland, Terry Gatehouse and Mike Manning  and also Richard Austin, Roger Rockett and Tony Barnes.

B. Pocock, D. Williams and M. Stocker            15-20

K. Holland, T. Gatehouse and M. Manning     21-18

M. Campbell, J. Newman and D. Hurst            13-15

H. Whyte, T. Bray and M. Taylor                       10-34

P. Lunn, D. Sealey and B. Stock                         13-16

R. Austin, R. Rockett and T. Barnes                  18-13       90-116


Tuesday 12th August – Friendly – Somerset Executive (R. T Moore Cup)

With the weather blustery and the rain trying to disturb this annual fixture the game was played in the usual friendly spirit. It is fair to say after nearly an inch of rain overnight the green was a little heavy but this did not stop “The Executive” from recording another victory.

T. Gilbert, G. Jones, B. Saward and S. Evans                   16-28

L. Kelly, A. Shattock, D. Wiliams and G. Frost                 18-17

H. Whyte, P. Newport, M. Campbell and D. Jones         15-18

W. Nicholls, C. Chudley, G. Hodge and M. Manning      13-27

M. Milliner, D. Hurst, J. Newman and M. Stocker          26-18

M. Willetts, T. Gatehouse, A. Bray and M. Taylor          10-24      98-132

Thursday 14th August – Over 60’s – Vikings – Yatton

Despite heavy overnight rain the game was played in warm sunshine. However the host were too hot for The Vikings and took 18 points against the two gained by the triple of Graham Hodge.

D. Roberts, P. Newport and A. Shattock                            10-22

S. Thynne, W. Nicholls and G. Richards                              11-26

Carmine, R. Hollier and D. Jones                                          11-12

T. Gilbert, M. Milliner and J. Smart                                      15-22

R. Jacobs, G. Jones and G. Frost                                            12-14

A. Waygood, J. Mingo-West and G. Hodge                         18-8         77-104  (2-18)

Friday 15th August – Over 60’s – Saxons – Clevedon

Good result to end a run of defeats. No losing rinks but 2 drawing.

M. Campbell, J. Newman and D. Hurst                       27-20

B. Pocock, D. Williams and M. Stocker                       21-12

P. Lunn, M. Milliner and B. Stock                                 15-15

R. Austin, A. Bray and M. Taylor                                  19-19

J. Langridge, R. Rocket and A. Barnes                         20-13

W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse and M. Manning              16-14          118-93 (18-2)

Saturday 16th August – SCBA – “A” team – North Petherton

A good win which keeps promotion possibilities on a high

P. Wyatt, J. Newman, P. Leadbeater and M. Stocker        16-5

L. Stocker, B. Pocock, A. Bray and W. Harrison                   23-13

N. Stocker, M. Campbell, C.Gazzard and M. Cooper          24-14        63-42 (12-0

Saturday 16th August – SCBA – “B” team – Ashcombe “A”

A good win against the bottom of the table which moves away from relegation zone.

P. Lunn, J. Langridge, J. Howell and D. Hurst                       22-28

H. Whyte, P. Fisher, M. Manning and M. Taylor                  17-14

J. Mingo-West, K. Holland, N. Sell and B. Stock                    22-15        61-57  (10-2)

Saturday 16th August – SCBA – “C” team – Ashcombe “B”

Disappointing result on a very heavy green which did not suit the touch bowlers. All to play for in the final game of the season on the 20th.

S. Thynne, G. Richards, D. Williams and D. Jones                 20-22

M. Willetts, T. Gatehouse, A. Barnes and D. Sealey             12-25

R. Hollier, M. Milliner, G. Frost and G. Hodge                       15-32        47-79  (0-12)

Saturday 16th August – SCBA – “D” team – Clevedon Prom “B”

A good team effort taking 2 points of the unbeaten team in the league.

G. Jones, J. Turton, W. Nicholls and P. Newport                    21-20

L. Kelly, Carmine, T. Gilbert and J. Smart                                 19-20

R. Sparks, A. Waygood, J. Griffiths and S. Evans                      9-37   49-77   (2-10)

Tuesday 19th August – Friendly – Penarth

The double was completed over our friends from Penarth with only 1 rink losing out of the 7.

G. Jones, M. Milliner, J. Newman and M. Stocker                      23-9

J. Griffiths, J. Mingo-West, P. Newport and P. Leadbeater       20-17

R. Rockett, A. Barnes and M. Taylor                                              23-16

W. Nicholls, G. Richards and A. Bray                                             23-9

E. Sage, J. Smart, D. Sealey and M. Manning                               24-9

P. Wyatt, C. Chudley, A. Shattock and D. Jones                           13-28

S. Thynne, B. Pocock and D. Hurst                                                 20-12        146-100

Thursday 21st August – O60s’ –Vikings – RBL

4 points were gained over a strong RBL side.

T. Gilbert, M. Milliner and J. Smart                                                16-22

L. Kelly, P. Newport and A. Shattock                                              23-14

R. Jacobs, J. Turton and G. Frost                                                     20-12

S. Thynne, J. Mingo-West and G. Hodge                                       14-27

R. Hollier, C. Chudley and D. Jones                                                11-13

E. Roberts, W. Nicholls and G. Richards                                          8-31        92-119 (4-16)

Saturday 23rd August – Friendly – Weston Bath

On a sometimes showery afternoon the team showing 12 changes from the home fixture succumbed to the hosts who won on 3 of the 5 rinks.

B. Pocock, C. Chudley, A, Barnes and D. Jones                              16-30

J. Griffiths, Carmine, N. Sell and C. Gazzard                                   20-09

L. Kelly, J. Mingo-West, D. Sealey and M. Taylor                           14-20

W. Nicholls, M. Willetts, G. Frost and D. Hurst                              16-14

R. Sparkes, A. Waygood, T. Gatehouse and J. Newman               14-30        80-103

Tuesday 26th August – O60’s – Saxons – Isle of Wedmore

After a very wet morning the game was played sometimes under very heavy laden skies but also sunny spells. The sky reflected the result as the host took the spoils .

B. Pocock, D. Williams and M Stocker                                                20-11

D. Jones, G. Frost and E. Sage                                                              17-22

T. Webb, R. Rockett and A. Barnes                                                       6-36

H. Whyte, A. Bray and M. Taylor                                                         22-12

R. Austen, J. Newman and D. Hurst                                                    15-14

ANO, ANO and B. Stock                                                                         16-18       96-113  (6-14)

Thursday 28th August – Friendly – Minehead

On a pleasant afternoon Minehead took revenge for the defeat on their green a couple of weeks earlier

M. Willetts, M. Milliner, K. Holland and M. Stocker                          16-24

W. Nicholls, A. Waygood, N. Sell and G. Hodge                                  16-24

Carmine, J. Mingo-West, D. Williams and M.Taylor                          18-19

L. Kelly, G. Richards, J. Newman and D. Jones                                     22-16

P. Wyatt, C. Chudley, A. Barnes and A. Shattock                                12-19

B. Pocock, J. Griffiths, J. Smart and P. Leadbeater                              23-17      107-119

Friday 29th August – O60’s – Vikings – BoS

In this rearranged match the Vikings gained revenge for a heavy loss earlier in the season. The visitors by gaining 4 points did enough to gain promotion to Division 1.

R. Jacobs, S. Thynne and G. Frost                                                           17-13

Carmine, J. Griffiths and G. Richards                                                       6-18

R. Hollier, C. Chudley and D. Jones                                                         18-14

T. Gilbert, M. Milliner and J. Smart                                                         25-13

A. Waygood, J. Mingo-West and G. Hodge                                           17-20

L. Kelly, P. Newport and A. Shattock                                                      17-11       90-89  (16-4)

Saturday 30th August – SCBA – “A” – Clevedon Prom. “A”

The 3 points gained were sufficient to gain promotion to Premier 1 as runners-up to Banwell. Well done all.

B. Pocock, D. Fairhurst, A. Bray and W. Harrison                                    23-16

L. Stocker, K. Harvey, C. Gazzard and M. Cooper                                    18-21

D. Beard, J. Newman, P. Leadbeater and M. Stocker                             18-18       59-55   (9-3)

Saturday 30th August – SCBA – “B” – Burnham-n-Sea “A”

Although the match was not won sufficient points were gained to ensure that they would remain in North 1 next season.

P. Lunn, P. Fisher, M. Manning and M. Taylor                                          19-18

R. Austin, K. Holland, N. Sell and B. Stock                                                  16-27

M. Campbell, H. Gibbs, J. Howell and D, Hurst                                          24-18       59-63   (4-8)

Saturday 30th August – SCBA – “C” – Chew Stoke “B”

In a tense game where the “C” required at least 4 points the rink lead by George Frost ensured that 8 points were obtained and promotion to the North 2.

J. Mingo-West, G. Richards, D. William and D. Jones                                14-16

R. Hollier, M. Milliner, A. Shattock and G. Frost                                         26-11

M. Willetts, T. Gatehouse, A. Barnes and D. Sealey                                   16-20       56-47   (8-4)

Saturday 30th August – SCBA – “D” – Congresbury “B”

Although there were no winning rinks 1 point was gained by the rink led by Peter Newport that drew.A thank you to all members who turned out for the “D” team over the season and with a little bit of luck could have had a better record.

L. Kelly, Carmine, J. Langridge and J. Griffiths                                             11-32

G. Jones, B, Saward, W. Nicholls and P. Newport                                       18-18

A. Webb, A. Waygood, D. Avery and S. Evans                                              15-17       44-67   (1-11)

Wednesday 3rd September – O60’s – Saxons – Clarence Blues

The Blues completed the double and deprived the Saxons of some very needed points.

R. Rockett, A. Barnes and K. Harvey                                                               18-9

B. Pocock, D. Williams and M. Stocker                                                           18-11

H. Whyte, A. Bray and M. Taylor                                                                     12-27

T. Gatehouse, K. Holland and M. Manning                                                    21-23

R. Austin, J. Newman and D. Hurst                                                                  16-21

G. Hodge, R. Fenwick and B. Stock                                                                   10-16      95-107  (4-16)

Wednesday 3rd September – O60’s – Vikings – RBL

This was the re-arranged match from 1st August which was not completed due to adverse weather. Some say it may have been better not to have played it all.

R. Jacobs, J. Turton and G. Frost                                                                        11-21

S. Thynne, M. Milliner and J. Smart                                                                   19-10

R. Hollier, D. Jones and C. Chudley                                                                       9-27

W. Nicholls, J. Griffiths and J. Kerr                                                                      12-18

T. Gilbert, A. Waygood and P.Newport                                                              17-22

L. Kelly, M. Willetts and J. Mingo-West                                                                6-23      74-121  (2-18)


Sunday 14th September – Friendly – Notts Tourists (Federation Rules)

On a lovely Autumn day Notts surprisingly lost on four of the seven rinks and overall.

W. Nicholls, B. Pocock and J. Newman                                                                 15-27

P. Wyatt, M. Milliner and M. Stocker                                                                    34-12

S. Thynne, G. Rain and A. Guest                                                                             32-21

J. Griffiths, A. Guest and M. Campbell                                                                  11-40

M. Willetts, D. Williams and D. Hurst                                                                    18-19

R. Rockett, C. Chudley and M. Manning                                                                27-15

D. Beard, N. Stocker and A. Bray                                                                             38-12     175-146

Wednesday 17th September – Friendly – Notts Tourists (Bowls England rules)

Again on a very humid day the game was played in a friendly but competitive manner with the visitors gaining revenge for their defeat earlier in the week,

B. Pocock, M. Willetts, A. Barnes and M. Manning                                              13-26

R. Fenwick, C. Chudley, K. Harvey and A. Bray                                                         20-17

T. Gilbert, M. Milliner, D. Williams and M. Stocker                                                 29-10

S. Thynne, W. Nicholls, M. Campbell and D. Hurst                                                  19-19

P. Wyatt, R. Rockett, J. Newman and D. Fairhurst                                                   20-24

J. Mingo-West, J. Griffiths, K. Holland and D. Jones                                                 16-30       117-126