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Report on Ladies matches 2016

Tuesday September 13th – Middlesex County Tourists
K Wilson. H Frye. C Stevens. S Newman.                                      13-15
H Chesters. C Willetts. E Newport. M Hillman.                             23-21
B Williams. R Bailey. S Sokol. R CLeeves.                                      12-24
N Whyte. C Chudley. C Sage. M Chudley.                                    28-04     76-64

Wednesday September 7th – v – Portishead RBL (friendly)

H Cesters.  H Frye. R CLeeves. M Chudley.                             16-08
B Williams. C Willetts. B Mangan. S Cooper.                          27-10
N Whyte. R Bailey. C Stevens. S Newman.                             13-17
C Sage. S Pocock. S Sokol. E Newport.                                  15-14     71-49

Thursday 1st September – Congresbury (Mendip League)
C Sage. C Stevens. M Chudley.                                    16-14
G Poolman. E Newport. M Hillman.                             25-12
S Milliner. S. Pocock, R CLeeves.                                 09-23     50-49     (8-2)

Friday 19th August – St. Andrews (Southey Cup)

Singles. M Hillman                                                         21-19
Pairs. S Harrison, M. Chudley                                         21-28
Triples. K Wilson. B Mangan. S Cooper                         11-19
Rinks. H Frye. S Sokol. R CLeeves. S Newman               11-28     1-3

Thursday 18th August – Clarence (WDTL)

A good win against our local rivals, This included a “hot shot” attained on the last end by the triple skipped by captain Margaret Hillman

Lead. N Whyte. B Mangan. A Holland.                                12-25
Lead. C Stevens. R CLeeves. M Chudley.                             17-14
Lead. S Milliner. S Harrison. M Hillman.                              40-08     69-47     (8-2)

Monday 15th August – Wrington (Mendip League)

Lead. H Frye. K Wilson. S Cooper.                                        19-15
Lead. B Williams. M Hillman. M Chudley.                             20-21
Lead. C Sage. E Newport. S Newman.                                  25-06     64-42     (8-2)

Wednesday 10th August – Wedmore (WDTL)
Lead. H Frye. S Sokol. A Holland.                                         15-11
Lead. B Williams. K Wilson. R CLeeves.                                19-13
Lead. G Poolman. C Willetts. M Hillman.                             18-12     52-36    (10-0)

Saturday. 6th August – Burnham-on-Sea (WDTL)
H Frye. F Waters. S Pocock.                                                  26-13
B Williams. C Stevens. S Cooper.                                          09-18
R Bailey. S Sokol. R CLeeves.                                                15-13     50-44     (8-2)
Win for Victoria.  50-44. 8 point

Friday August 5th – North Petherton    (Fear Plate)
Lead. N Whyte. K Wilson. S Pocock. S Cooper.             13-22
Lead. H Frye. C Willetts.  C Stevens. R CLeeves.           16-21
Lead. B Williams. S Milliner. S Sokol. A Holland.          18-15     47-58

Tuesday 2nd August – Portishead (WDTL)
Lead. K Wilson. R CLeeves. S Cooper.                                   15-20
Lead. N Whyte. E Newport. S Newman.                                08-27
Lead. B Williams. C Stevens. A Holland.                                18-18     41-65     (1-9)
Loss for Victoria 41-65. I point

Saturday 30th July – Bridgwater (Southey Cup)

Singles. S Cooper.                                                                 21-06
Pairs. F Waters. M Chudley.                                                  24-17
Triples. K Williams. B Mangan. A Holland.                            31-10
Rinks. H Frye. C Stevens. R CLeeves. S Newman.                  18-18  (Win 3.5-0.5)

Thursday 28th July – v-  Congresbury (WDTL)

Lead. S Milliner. S Sokol. A Holland.                        11-22
Lead. H Frye. C Sage. R CLeeves.                             10-15
Lead. B Williams. C Stevens. S Harrison.                  19-20     40-57     (0-10)

Monday 25th July – Nailsea LBC (Mendip League)
Lead. K Williams. F Waters. M Chudley.                  14-21
Lead. S Sokol. R CLeeves. A Holland.                      15-19
Lead. N Whyte. E Newport. S Newman.                 19-10     48-50     (2-8)

Monday July 18th – Wrington (Mendip League)
Lead. S Milliner. A Holland. M Chudley.                  19-11
Lead. G Poolman. S Newman. M Hillman.               08-22
Lead. B Williams. E Newport. R CLeeves.                 15-11     42-44

Wednesday 13th July. Southey Cup

Singles.   S Cooper.                                                   21-09
Doubles. F Waters. M. Chudley                                 18-17
Triples.   K Wilson. R CLeeves. A Holland.                 18-15
Rinks.   H Frye. E Newport. S Newman. M Hillman.  11-16     68-57

Tuesday July 12th. Wessex (WDTL)

Lead. S Sokol. R CLeeves. M Chudley.           13-15
Lead. C Stevens. A Holland. M Hillman.        16-14
Lead. F Waters. B Mangan. S Cooper.           24-16     53-45

Monday 11th July.  Wedmore (Mendip League)

Lead. K Wilson. S Newman. M Hillman.       12-14
Lead. H Frye. F Waters. M Chudley.             24-10
Lead. N Whyte. C Stevens. A Holland.         12-18     48-42

Friday 8th July. City of Wells LBC (Fear Cup)

Lead. H Frye. C Stevens. A Holland. M Chudley.      29-16
Lead. K Wilson. F Waters. R Cleeves. S Cooper.       14-17
Lead. C Sage. B Mangan. S Newman. M Hillman.    10-30     53-63

Thursday July 7th – Nailsea (Mendip League)

Lead. H Frye. S Sokol. S Cooper.                              30-09
Lead. S Milliner. C Stevens. M Hillman.                    17-14
Lead. C Sage. E Newport. S Newman.                      26-07     73-30

Monday July 4th Winscombe (Friendly)

Lead. S Milliner. B Williams. A Holland. M Chudley.  21-18
Lead. S Sokol. C Willetts. S Cooper. R Cleeves.          26-10
Lead. S Pocock. B Mangan. M Hillman. E Newport.   17-21     64-49

Friday 1st July Yatton (Friendly)

Lead N Whyte. C Willetts. S Pocock. M Hillman.      16.13
Lead. B Williams. M Slavin. B Mangan. S Cooper.    16-19
Lead. H Chesters. H Frye. C Stevens. S Newman.     14-12     46-44

Thursday June 30th – Congresbury LBC (Mendip triples league)
G Poolman. A Holland. S Cooper.                                     16-21
H Frye. E Newport. M Hillman.                                          12-17
K Wilson. S Harrison. M Chudley.                                     16-14     44-52

Thursday 23rd June – Winscombe – Friendly
N Whyte. R Bailey. B Mangan. M Chudley.                16-11
S Milliner. M Slavin. C Sage. E Newport.                    14-20
B Williams. H Chesters. S Newman. S Harrison.       13-13    43-44
 Saturday 18th June – Bath (Allcock Trophy)

H. Frye, S. Cooper, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                        00-00

S. Newman, M. Hillman, A. Yates, W. Harrison                 00-00     29-42

Thursday 16th June – London Tourists
N Whyte. C Sage. A Holland. Skip M Chudley.                        27-16
H Chesters. S Milliner. S Newman. Skip M Hillman.                31-09    58-25

Monday 13th June – v- Backwell (WTDL)

C Stevens. E Newport. M Hillman.             20-16
H Frye. A Holland. M Chudley.                  09-17
R Cleeves. S Sokol. S Cooper.                    26-17    55-50     (8 points)

Saturday 11th June – Clevedon (National Ladies Top Club)

Singles.  S Cooper.                                                         21-11
Pairs. S Newman M Chudley.                                         14-24
Triples. K Wilson. F Waters. S Harrison.                         15-20
Rinks. S Milliner. H Frye. C Stevens. M Hillman.             15-17     65-72    (1-3)


Thursday 9th June – Fosseway (Mendip League)

S Milliner. R Cleeves. S Cooper.          16-17
N Whyte. S Newman. M Hillman.       13-26
G Poolman. C Sage. M Chudley.         14-26  43-69

Wednesday 8th June – Clarence (WDTL)
Lead.   H Frye. S Sokol.  A Holland.           12-13
Lead R Bailey. R Cleeves. S Newman.        10-19
Lead  S Milliner. S Pocock. E Newport.      14-18    36-50   (0 points)
Lovely day very friendly company.  

Monday 6th June West Backwell (WDTL)

Lead. G Poolman. E Newport. A Holland.            24-11
Lead C Stevens. S Pocock. M Hillman.                 22-12
Lead. C Sage. R Cleeves. M Chudley.                     4-36     50-59     (4 points)

Sunday 5th June – Mark Moor – Southey Trophy

A good win away at Mark Moor

Singles:-  S Cooper                                                             21-3

Pairs :- S Newman & M Chudley                                      23-11

Triples:- K Wilson, S Harrison & A Holland                    18-10

Fours:- H Frye, C Sage, E Newport & M Hillman           17-16     79-40     (4-0)

Wednesday 1st June – Weston Bath (Top Club)

A very good win played in a good spirit such that there is a possibility of arranging an away friendly.

Singles – S. Cooper                                                                   21-08

Pairs – S. Newman & M. Chudley                                           22-13

Triples – K. Wilson, S. Harrison & A. Holland                        29-08

Fours – H. Frye, R. Cleeves, E. Newport & M. Hillman         29-09     101-38 (4-0)

Tuesday 31st May – Wedmore (WDTL)

Lead. C Stevens. A Holland. S Cooper.   19-6
Lead. S Milliner. B Mangan. M Hillman. 13-15
Lead. K Wilson. S Newman. M Chudley. 25-12    57-33     (8 points)


Saturday 28th May – Wessex (WDTL)

F. Waters, S. Newman, S. Cooper                                           27-07

H. Frye, E. Newport, M. Chudley                                             21-18

K. Wilson, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                                             19-13     67-38     (10 points)

Friday 27th May – Ashcombe (Friendly)

G. Poolman, R. Bailey, S. Sokol, M. Hillman                          12-24

N. Whyte, C. Sage, B. Mangan, S. Newman                           16-20

H. Chesters, S. Pocock, C. Stevens, S. Harrison                    16-22     44-66


Thursday 26th May – Portishead (WDTL)

K. Wilson, S. Harrison, M. Chudley                                         20-17

C. Sage, B. Mangan, S. Cooper                                                13-14

R. Cleeves, A. Holland, M. Hillman                                          24-07     57-38     (8 points)

Tuesday 24th May Mark Moor – Friendly

R. Bailey, B. Mangan, A. Holland                                            22-05

S. Milliner, S. Pocock, S. Newman                                          23-15

N. Whyte, S. Sokol, E. Newport                                               10-21     55-41

Monday 23rd May – Burnham-on-Sea (Weston & District Triples League)

K. Wilson, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper                                              19-17

S. Milliner, S. Newman, M. Hillman                                         07-20

H. Frye, M. Chudley, A. Holland                                               09-17     35-54   (2 points)

Thursday 19th May – Congresbury (Weston & District Triples League)

S. Milliner, S. Pocock, M. Hillman                                            12-11

K. Wilson, E. Newport, S. Cooper                                            20-08

H. Frye, R. Cleeves, S. Harrison                                               09-14     41-33     (8 points)

Wednesday 18th May – Clevedon Prom (friendly)

N. Whyte, H. Frye, B. Mangan, S. Pocock                               21-04

H. Chesters, C. Stevens, S. Harrison, E. Newport                  13-11

B. Williams, S. Sokol, S. Newman, M. Hillman                       09-11     43-26

Wednesday 11th May – Isle of Wedmore Ladies (Mendip League)

K. Wilson, S. Harrison, S. Cooper                                            21-19

G. Poolman, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                                        15-14

R. Bailey, C. Sage, M. Hillman                                                  11-24     47-57     (4-6)

Tuesday 10th May – Fosseway Ladies Bowling Club (Mendip League)

C. Stevens, R. Cleeves, M. Hillman                                         13-19

S. Milliner, E. Newport, S. Cooper                                          13-17

H. Frye, A. Holland, S. Newman                                              23-13     49-49     (4-6)

Thursday 28th April – Ashcombe (friendly)

H. Frye, G. Poolman, C. Stevens, M. Hillman                        14-10

N. Whyte, C. Sage, A. Holland, S. Newman                           21-12

B. Williams, S. Sokol, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper                          14-20     49-42 (16 ends played)


Thursday 21st April – v – Congresbury (Friendly)

B. Williams, B, Mangan, C. Sage, M. Hillman                        27-9

S. Milliner, S. Pocock, S. Harrison, E. Newport                     12-12

H. Frye, G. Poolman, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                         14-17     53-38

Match Reports & Results w/e 2nd June 2013

In the Somerset County League Victoria  A  lost narrowly at home to Bath B  dropping  22 shots over the last four ends of the game. The “B” team however, still continue to win as they travelled up Milton road to play against Ashcombe ”A” winning on 2 of the rinks with Malcolm Campbell, Mike Fletcher, John Howell and skip Derek Hurst recording a fine  10 shot win.The “C” team only managed to get 2 points from their home game against Clevedon Prom “C”  with Richard Austin, Eric Sage, Terry Gatehouse and George Frost achieving the 2 points with a 13 shot victory.

Victoria “A” 62 (1) – 66 (11) Bath “B”
N. Stocker, N. Sell, D. Williams, M. Cooper 19 – 20
D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison 19 – 22
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, K. Harvey, M. Stocker 24 – 24

Victoria “B” 58 (10) -44 (2) Ashcombe “A”
T. Uccellini, G. Rain, M. Manning, B. Stock 18 – 12
M. Campbell, M. fletcher, J. Howell, D. Hurst 23 – 13
H. Whyte, P. fisher, A. Bray, M. Taylor 17 – 19

Victoria “C” 56 (2) – 65 (10) Clevedon Prom “C”
J. Codrington, W. Hamlet, K. Holland, D. jones 11 – 30
R. Hollier, M. Milliner, A. Barnes, S. Evans 19 – 22
R. Austin, E. Sage, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost 26 – 13


Weston & District Over 60s League

Victoria Saxons suffered their first defeat losing to St Andrews by the narrow margin of 4 shots but still returned home with 5 points courtesy of 2 winning rinks skipped by Stuart Evans and MikeStocker and a drawn rink skipped by Brian Stock .On the same day, the Vikings travelled to Mark Moor, but could not do any better than the Saxons and lost by 6 shots with two rinks losing on the last end by virtue of measures. Winning rinks were skipped by John Griffiths and Eric Sage.

Victoria Saxons 100 (5pts) – 104 (13) St. Andrews

M. Campbell, K. Curtis, D. Hurst 17 – 19
R. Rockett, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 20 – 24
M. Fletcher, K. Holland, M. Taylor 12 – 20
J. Newman, M. Manning, B. Stock 18 – 18
D. Sealey, D. Williams, S. Evans 16 – 14
P. Lunn, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 17 – 9


Victoria Vikings 88 (4pts) – 94 (12) Mark Moor – Away

J. Turton, J. Mingo-West, E. Sage 17 – 14
  1. Linham, T. Farmer, J. Downing
15 – 16
R. Jacobs, P. Newport, G. Frost 12 – 14
S. Thynne, G. Thorne, D. Jones 11 – 22
R. Hollier, R. Sparkes, J. Griffiths 15 – 9
R. Austin, C. York, A. Shattock 18 – 19 


Top Club

Victoria 0 – 5 Bristol – Away

Victoria were never in this game as they lost all 5 disciplines to a strong Bristol team on another cold and wet evening.

4 Wood Singles – M. Cooper 4 – 21
2 Wood singles – C. Gazzard 7 – 18
Triples – D. Fairhurst, M. Campbell, M. Stocker 9 – 24
Fours – H. Gibbs, N. Sell, K. Harvey, B. Stock 13 – 23
Pairs – P. Wyatt, D. Williams 10 – 24


Victoria played host to a mixed touring team from Newport Pagnell  and in an evenly matched game Victoria run out winners by 9 shots with the rink of Chris Sage, Rod Sleep, Roger Rockett and John Newman achieving an emphatic rink win of 17 shots. Although Victoria won 3 of the 4 rinks in a friendly against Bristol Arrow the winning margin was just 2 shots with George Frost skipping his rink of  John Newman, Rod Sleep and Eric Sage to a 10 shot victory.


Victoria 97 – 90 Newport Pagnell tourists – Mixed

T. Ellis, M. Milliner, S. Newman, A. Bray 15 – 15
R. Bailey, C. Stevens, P. Newport, M. Taylor 13 – 20
R. Austin, G. Poolman, C. Chudley, M. Hillman 19 – 16
D. Owen, E. Newport, E. Sage, G. Rain 19 – 25
C. Sage, R. Sleep, R. Rockett, J. Newman 31 – 14


Victoria 70 – 68 Bristol Arrow

L. Kelly, J. Griffiths, J. Mingo-West, M. Taylor 10 – 25
R. Austin, G. Rain, G. Richards, M. Manning 18 – 17
W. Nicholls, M. Milliner, H. Whyte, M. Fletcher 20 – 14
J. Newman, R. Sleep, E. Sage, G. Frost 22 – 12 



Match Reports & Results w/e 9th June 2013

It was a Turnbull Cup disaster for Victoria when with the game against Chew Stoke seemingly won they dropped 16 shots over the last 6 ends to lose by a margin of 5 shots. Club Captain Mike Manning was hugely disappointed that despite winning 3 rinks Victoria’s participation in the Turnbull Cup has come to an early finish. 


Victoria 71 – 76 Chew Stoke – Away
D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, M. Campbell, C. Gazzard 19 – 14
J. Newman, R. Fenwick, M. Taylor, B. Stock 13 – 29
N. Stocker, P. Fisher, A. Bray, M. Cooper 20 – 16
P. Wyatt, N. Sell, K. Harvey, M. Stocker 19 – 17


Victoria travelled to Clevedon to play the 4 Dimension Competition and were successful  winning the pairs and rink and drawing the triples. David Fairhurst and Mike Cooper excelled in the pairs winning by 8 shots. In the National 2 Rink against Weston ( Bath) Victoria won by 12 shots with both Mike Cooper and Mike Stocker skipping their rinks to comfortable victories.

North Somerset B.A. 4 Dimension – Away

Victoria 2.5 – 1.5 Clevedon
Singles: C. Gazzard 14 – 21
Pairs: D. Fairhurst, M. Cooper 24 – 12
Triples: P. Wyatt, K. Harvey, M. Stocker 20 – 20
Fours: H. Gibbs, A. Bray, D. Williams, W. Harrison 22 – 17

National 2 Rink

Victoria “B” 40 – 28 Weston (Bath)
D. Beard, M. Manning, D. Hurst, M. Stocker 20 – 16
N. Stocker, P. Fisher, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper 20 – 12


In the County League Victoria “D” travelled to play Bristol “C” and were well beaten by 21 shots

County League

Victoria “D” 46 (0) – 67 (12) Bristol “C” – (Away)
L. Kelly, G. jones, G. Hodge, J. Kerr 15 – 19
T. Gilbert, A. Waygood, R. Sparkes, J. Griffiths 15 – 27
R. Jacobs, W. Nicholls, P. Newport, J. Mingo-West 16 – 21


Victoria Saxons entertained Burnham in the Weston & District Over 60’s League and proved too strong for the visitors winning 3 rinks and drawing 1 to pick up a valuable 15 points. Victoria Vikings travelled to Clevedon and although well defeated picked up 4 points courtesy of 2 rink wins the best being Brian Johnson, Pete Newport and skip Graham Rain.

Weston & District Triples League

Victoria Saxons 111(15) – 101 (5) Burnham
M. Campbell, K. Curtis, D. Hurst 21 – 21
R. Fenwick, A. Bray, M. Taylor 15 – 18
H. Whyte, A. Barnes, M. Manning 20 – 13
T. Gatehouse, K. Holland, D. Sealey 24 – 17
J. Smart, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 13 – 19
R. Jacobs, J. Newman, B. Stock 18 – 13

Victoria Vikings 73 (4) – 113 (16) Clevedon – Away
B. Johnson, P. Newport, G. Rain 16 – 11
W. Nicholls, C. York, A. Shattock 9 – 19
R. Hollier, R. Sparkes, J. Griffiths 17 – 15
T. Gilbert, J. Mingo-West, E. Sage 12 – 22
R. Austin, C. Chudley, G. Frost 14 – 19
S. Thynne, G. Richards, D. jones 5 – 27


In a friendly match at home to North Petherton Victoria struggled in the sun to find any energy and lost on all 4 rinks. Victoria hosted Pontyclun Tourists in a mixed friendly but the tourists were unable to field any ladies and ran away with the game. Top rink for Victoria was led by Fiona Waters with Mike Milliner, John Mingoe-West and skip Derek Jones.  Victoria played both Burnham and Worcester when the sun shone and on a fast green neither visitors could cope with the conditions and Victoria were at their best. Derek Hurst skipped his rink of John Mingoe-West, Harrison Whyte and Dave Sealey to a fine 14 shot victory against Burnham. To cap an eventful week Victoria for the first time won on all 6 rinks against Worcester in a mixed friendly with Graham Rain again skipping his rink of Nathan Stocker, Maryisa Angove and Sue Newman to an emphatic 11 shot win.


Victoria 56 – 93 North Petherton
W. nicholls, C. Chudley, J. Newman, K. Harvey 18 – 21
M. Willetts, L. Kelly, M. Campbell, A. Bray 10 – 25
J. Griffiths, N. Sell, K. Holland, M. Taylor 16 – 22
L. Stocker, M. Milliner, A. Barnes, M. Stocker 12 – 27

Victoria 71 – 110 Pontyclun – mixed

In this match Victoria played a mixed team against team of men.

W. Nicholls, S. Sokol, J. Griffiths, P. Newport 8 – 27
C. Webb, T. Gilbert, G. Richards, G. Rain 18 – 21
J. Mills, J. Turton, C. Chudley, M. Hillman 12 – 27
F. Waters, M. Milliner, J. Mingo-West, D. Jones 18 – 13
S. Milliner, B. Johnson, R. Bailey, E. Sage 15 – 22

Victoria 132 – 96 Burnham
D. Beard, J. Griffiths, A. Uccellini, A. Bray 17 – 19
R. Austin, P. Fisher, M. Fletcher, S. Evans 20 – 20
N. Stocker, T. Gatehouse, D. Fairhurst, M. Stocker 16 – 14
P. Wyatt, M. Willetts, K. Holland, D. Jones 23 – 13
J. Mingo-West, H. Whyte, D. Sealey, D. Hurst 30 – 16
W. Nicholls, C. Chudley, G. Frost, C. Gazzard 26 – 14

Victoria 151 – 105 Worcester – Mixed
T. Ellis, R. Bailey, D. Fairhurst, M. Stocker 24 – 17
N. Stocker, M. Angove, S. Newman, G. Rain 26 – 15
D. Owen, J. Turton, M. Chudley, M. Taylor 27 – 19
R. Austin, C. Stevens, E. Sage, D. Hurst 23 – 21
C. Sage, J. Mills, M. Milliner, J. Newman 27 – 18
P. Wyatt, F. Waters, C. Chudley, M. Manning 24 – 15

Match Reports & Results w/e 16th June 2013

Portishead proved to be a happy hunting ground for both Victoria’s Over 60’s teams with the Saxons beating Portishead RBL by 26 shots securing 15 points and the Vikings winning at Portishead by an even more impressive 35 shots and gaining 16 points. The Saxons drew 1 rink and won 3 rinks with Keith Holland skipping his rink of John Mingo-West and Terry Gatehouse to a fine win by 12 shots. The Vikings recorded an excellent win and spoilt Portishead’s home record winning on 4 rinks with a fine performance by all the team bowlers with Gwynne Jones, Graham Thorne and Derek Jones recording an emphatic rink win of 17 shots

Weston & District Over 60s Triples League

Victoria Saxons 107 (15) – 81 (5) Portishead RBL – Away
J. M-West, T. Gatehouse, K. Holland 28 – 16
H. Whyte, M. Fletcher, D. Sealey 23 – 8
R. Fenwick, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 15 – 16
R. Hollier, J. Newman, M. Manning 11 – 16
G. Richards, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 14 – 9-
P. Newport, A. Bray, M. Taylor 16 – 16

Victoria Vikings 105 (16) – 70 (4) Portishead
R. Hollier, G. Richards, J. Griffiths 19 – 14
J. Turton, J. Mingo-West, E. Sage 11 – 14
L. Kelly, C. York, A. Shattock 19 – 11
R. Jacobs, M. Willetts, G. Frost 10 – 18
G. Jones, G. Thorne, D. Jones 24 – 7
I. Linham, T. Farmer, J. Downing 22 – 6

Match Reports & Results w/e 23rd June 2013

Victoria’s Over 60’s teams each won away to continue their recent fine form. The Saxons travelled to Clevedon Promenade and came away with 16 points, losing on just 2 rinks. Mike Cooper made a winning debut for the Saxons skipping his rink to a narrow win. Top rink was Pete Lunn, Tony Uccellini and skip Mike Stocker who recorded an excellent 16 shot win. The Vikings continued their winning ways as they travelled up Milton Road to play Ashcombe Templars and went 1 rink win better than the Saxons and returned home with 18 points, John Downing skipped his rink of Ian Linham and Pete Newport to a a fine win by 16 shots.

Weston & District Over 60s triples

Victoria 112 (16) – 106 (4) Clevedon Promenade – Away
M. Campbell, A. Bray, M. Taylor 19 – 13
T. Gatehouse, K. Holland, M. Cooper 21 – 19
H. Whyte, M. Fletcher, D. Sealey 14 – 26
J. Newman, M. Manning, B. Stock 13 – 22
P. Lunn, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 27 – 11
R. Rockett, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 18 – 15

Victoria Vikings 121 (18) – 83 (2) Ashcombe Templars – Away
S. Thynne, G. Thorne, D. Jones 24 – 18
R. Hollier, J. Griffiths, G. Hodge 22 – 11
R. Jacobs, C. Chudley, G. Frost 16 – 21
G. Richards, C. York, A. Shattock 21 – 10
J. Turton, J. Mingo-West, D. Avery 13 – 12
I. Linham, P. Newport, J. Downing 25 – 11


In the National Double Rink Competition Victoria made the long journey to Shepton Mallet and although Victoria and Purnell each won a rink Victoria were defeated and disappointed to lose by 9 shots.

National Double rink

Victoria 35 – 44 Purnell – Away
A long way to go and come away with a defeat.
P. Lunn, M. Manning, W. Harrison, M. Stocker 14 – 29
P. Wyatt, P. Leadbeater, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper 21 – 15


Victoria won both of their friendly matches making home advantage count against Bridgwater and Winscombe. In the game against Bridgwater the scores were close up to 15 ends but Victoria proved the stronger to win by 27 shots with Mike Milliner, Malcolm Campbell, Nick Sell and skip Dave Sealey top rink winning by 15 shots.  An emphatic victory by the rink skipped by Derek Jones helped Victoria to a win by the margin of 10 shots in the game against Winscombe although the visitors won 3 of the 5 rinks.

Friendly Games

Victoria 100 – 73 Bridgwater
J. Mingo-West, J. Smart, G. Frost, K. Holland 27 – 13
D. Beard, R. Rockett, M. Fletcher, D. Jones 20 – 27
R. Sleep, A. Shattock, J. Newman, M. Taylor 23 – 18
M. Milliner, M. Campbell, N. Sell, D. Sealey 30 – 15

Victoria 119 – 109 Winscombe
M. Willetts, A. Waygood, H. Gibbs, A. Bray 15 – 26
G. Richards, A. Uccellini, D. Fairhurst, D. Jones 40 – 7
T. Gilbert, T. Gatehouse, M. Manning, D. Hurst 23 – 31
P. Wyatt, R. Sparkes, K. Holland, C. Gazzard 17 – 24
D. Beard, S. Thynne, D. Sealey, M. Cooper 24 – 21

Match Reports & Results w/e 30th June 2013

Special Report on Victoria Members at Westons Open Bowls Tournament

Victoria Bowling Club members at the Weston super Mare Open Bowling Tournament in Clarence Park enjoyed one of their best years results with 1 Winners Trophy , 2 Runners Up Trophies, 2 Semi Finalists and a Quarter Finalist. In the Sunday Triples, Team Stocker,  Mike with sons Nathan and Lee won the Trophy making Mike a very proud dad, particularly as Nathan had only returned to bowling this year after a 12 year absence and Lee has been bowling for just 8 weeks,  Mike’s 14 year old grandson Sam is already receiving coaching at Victoria so the plan is for a Team Stocker to enter the Gala Fours in 2014.  Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper won their Pairs semi final on the last end by 1 shot but despite a great comeback in the final from 21-14 down theiropponents won the match with the final wood. Victoria’s Lee Stocker and Dave Fairhurst  were part of the rink that had a great run to the final of the Gala Fours but this year had to settle for a well deserved Runners Up Trophy. Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper teamed up with Pete Wyatt and enjoyed a good run in the Triples until losing in the Semi Finals in what was a close match until their opponents took charge in the closing ends. Mike Stocker joined his son Nathan in the Pairs winning well in the rounds until their defeat in the Semi Final. Nathan Stocker with his girlfriend partner Tiffany Ellis who had only just taken up the game in the last few weeks reached the Quarter Finals of the Mixed Pairs. Beric Saward, Victoria President was delighted that 9 of Victoria’s entrants to the competition returned with awards and the other members enjoyed their participation and their own successes.