Indoor Fixtures and Results 2019_2020

23/09/19MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelAlpha11157.20 pmDeltaEcho00
24/09/19TueMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesEagles11157.20 pmIbisMagpiesNPplayed 16/12
25/09/19WedLadies' Triples12.30 pmLarksRobins18172.50 pmSparrowsWrens1617
Men's Fours5.10 pmThrushesWagtails21167.20 pmAvocetsKestrels1511
26/09/19ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoCharlie6127.20 pmFoxtrotGolf195
30/09/19MonMen's Triples5.10 pmEchoGolf6137.20 pmAlphaDelta00
01/09/19TueMen's Fours5.10 pmEaglesGoldfinches5157.20 pmMagpiesThrushes228
02/09/19WedMixed Triples12.30 pmAmethystsOpals16142.50 pmDiamondsEmeralds168
Men's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsAvocets15197.20 pmKestrelsDoves1620
03/09/19ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelBravo4287.20 pmCharlieFoxtrot715
4 Oct 2019Fri
5 Oct 2019Sat
6 Oct 2019Sun
7 Oct 2019MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaFoxtrot1297.20 pmHotelCharlie419
8 Oct 2019TueMen's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesIbis11107.20 pmAvocetsDoves1016
9 Oct 2019WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsWrens10102.50 pmLarksSparrows158
Men's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesWagtails8107.20 pmKestrelsThrushes927
10 Oct 2019ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmDeltaGolfNPNP7.20 pmBravoEcho1710
11 Oct 2019FriMixed Triples5 pm Neptune v Earth __7-14______ 6.20 pm Venus v Jupiter_8-22_______ 7.40 pm Pluto v Mars_10-20______
12 Oct 2019Sat
13 Oct 2019Sun
14 Oct 2019MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieGolf5127.20 pmBravoFoxtrot820
15 Oct 2019TueMen's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsEaglesPP7.20 pmThrushesAvocets3112
16 Oct 2019WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsDiamonds10182.50 pmEmeraldsAmethysts175
Men's Fours5.10 pmDovesGoldfinches17117.20 pmIbisWagtails1619
17 Oct 2019ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelDeltaNPNP7.20 pmAlphaEcho1016
18 Oct 2019FriMixed Triples5 pm Saturn v Earth _15-14_______ 6.20 pm Neptune - v -Venus_8-15_______ 7.40 pm Jupiter - v - Pluto N/P_______
19 Oct 2019Sat
20 Oct 2019Sun
21 Oct 2019MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelEcho8247.20 pmBravoGolf244
22 Oct 2019TueMen's Fours5.10 pmIbisThrushes10177.20 pmEaglesAvocets1812
23 Oct 2019WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsSparrowsNPNP2.50 pmLarksWrens1114
Men's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesMagpies1887.20 pmWagtailsKestrels1612
24 Oct 2019ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaCharlie17187.20 pmDeltaFoxtrotNPNP
25 Oct 2019FriMixed Triples5 pm Mars v Saturn _15-2____6. 20 pm Neptune v Jupiter__12-12__ 7.40 pm Earth v Venus__10-13_____
26 Oct 2019Sat10.30 am Ladies Annual General Meeting
27 Oct 2019Sun
28 Oct 2019MonMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoDeltaNPNP7.20 pmHotelFoxtrot1023
29 Oct 2019TueMen's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesAvocets13167.20 pmKestrelsGoldfinches820
30 Oct 2019WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsEmeralds9122.50 pmDiamondsAmethysts158
Men's Fours5.10 pmEaglesIbis15157.20 pmWagtailsDoves817
31 Oct 2019ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaGolf1697.20 pmCharlieEcho1015
November 2019
1FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Pluto 11-3______ 6.20 pm Saturn v Venus_11-14_______ 7.40 pm Mars v Mars___NP____
3Sun2 pm North Petherton 3R (A) Friendly
4MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieDeltaNPNP7.20 pmEchoFoxtrot156
5TueMen's Fours5.10 pmThrushesDoves2177.20 pmEaglesMagpies169
6WedMixed Triples12.30 pmLarksRobins12142.50 pmSparrowsWrens117
Men's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesWagtails18167.20 pmIbisKestrels155
7Thu10 am North Petherton 2R (A) Ladies Friendly 24 23
Men's Triples5.10 pmHotelGolf10117.20 pmBravoAlpha1418
8FriMixed Triples
9SatMixed League2.30pmClarence 4 Rinks47-43 (14-2)
10SunMixed Friendly2.30pmNorth Petherton 3R5943
11MonMen's Triples5.10 pmFoxtrotGolf8177.20 pmBravoCharlie810
12TueMen's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsEagles8127.20 pmGoldfinchesThrushes1121
13WedMixed Triples12.30 pmAmethystsOpals10182.50 pmDiamondsEmeralds521
Men's Fours5.10 pmIbisAvocets10107.20 pmMagpiesDovesNP
14ThuLadies Friendly10 amNorth Petherton 1R (H)2 pmNorth Petherton 1R (H)
Men's Triples5.10 pmHotelAlpha11157.20 pmDeltaEchoNP
15FriMixed Triples5 pm Pluto v Neptune _13-7___6.20 pm Mars v Earth __18-16_ 7.40 pm Jupiter v Saturn__16-12_____
16SatMixed LeagueWoodspring 2.30pm 4 Rinks604712-Apr
18MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieFoxtrot2277.20 pmHotelBravo1513
19TueMen's Fours5.10 pmAvocetsGoldfinches3307.20 pmThrushesEagles1911
20WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsWrens1762.50 pmLarksSparrows176
Men's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsMagpies18147.20 pmDovesIbis721
21ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmKestrelsEagles17197.20 pmEchoGolfNPPlayed 24/2
22Fri7 pm Club Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening at Batch Country Hotel, Lympsham
25MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaBravo5197.20 pmHotelGolfNP
26TueMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesIbis6187.20 pmGoldfinchesMagpies197
27WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsDiamonds1392.50 pmEmeraldsAmethysts129
Men's Fours5.10 pmThrushesWagtails17137.20 pmAvocetsKestrels138
28Thu7.15 pm Club Annual General Meeting
29FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Jupiter 6-21___6.20 pm Venus v Mars 10-10_ 7.40 pm Saturn v Pluto 9-15_____
December 2019
2MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelDeltaNP7.20 pmAlphaEcho1315
3TueMen's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesThrushes8237.20 pmWagtailsAvocets1115
4WedMixed Triples12.30 pmRobinsSparrows10152.50 pmLarksWrens415
Men's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsDoves14177.20 pmEaglesGoldfinches1417
5ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieGolf2287.20 pmBravoFoxtrotNPNow 9/1
6FriMixed Triples5 pm Jupiter v Mars 13-7 ___6.20 pm Neptune v Saturn 8-16 7.40 pm Pluto v Venus_13-9______
7SatCty Double Rink (ladies10:00 amClevedonLOST3945
9MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaCharlie11117.20 pmDeltaFoxtrotDNP
10TueMen's Fours5.10 pmMagpiesWagtails11127.20 pmAvocetsDoves1216
11WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsEmeralds15102.50 pmDiamondsAmethystsNP
Men's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesIbis1697.20 pmKestrelsThrushes1121
12ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoGolf1787.20 pmHotelEcho822
13FriMixed Triples5 pm Neptune v Earth 5-8 ___6.20 pm Venus v Jupiter 8-12 7.40 pm Pluto v Mars_15-5______
14SatMixed League2 pmSt Andrews1R (H)/2R (A) 26574 pmSt Andrews1R (H)1117Lost 37-74
16MonMen's Triples5.10 pmBravoEcho11137.20 pmIbisMagpies158
17TueMen's Fours5.10 pmThrushesAvocets1007.20 pmKestrelsEagles1414
18WedMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesGoldfinches17197.20 pmIbisWagtails1116
19ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelCharlie12307.20 pmAlphaFoxtrot1220
20FriMixed Triples5 pm Saturn v Earth 6.20pm Neptune v Venus 7.40pm Jupiter v PlutoNow 3/4/20
23MonMen's Fours5.10 pmThrushesEagles20117.20 pm
January 2020
2ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieDeltaNP7.20 pmEchoFoxtrot917
3FriMen's Fours5.10 pmEaglesAvocets20117.20 pmIbisMagpies296
6MonMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelFoxtrots6307.20 pmCharlieEcho1315
7TueMen's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsGoldfinches1110.57.20 pmEaglesIbis1223
8WedMixed Triples12.30 pmSparrowsWrens1617.252.50 pmRobinsLarks1215
Men's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsDoves1577.20 pmMagpiesAvocets2418
9ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaGolf10127.20 pmBravoFoxtrot249
10Fri5 pm Mars v Saturn 11-7_____ 6.20 pm Neptune v Jupiter_5-17_______ 7.40 pm Earth v Venus_9-9______
11SatRWT Cup (1st Leg)2 pmSt Andrews1T (H)/3T (A) CC
13MonMen's Triples5.10 pmEchoGolf12107.20 pmAlphaDeltaNP
14TueMen's Fours5.10 pmEaglesMagpies7.5187.20 pmGoldfinchesWagtails116
15WedMixed Triples12.30 pmLarksSparrows9152.50 pmRobinsWrens2112
Men's Fours5.10 pmThrushesDoves6217.20 pmIbisKestrels296
16ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelBravo6277.20 pmCharlieFoxtrot272
17Fri5 pm Earth v Pluto 11-5 ________ 6.20 pm Saturn v Venus 12-17_______7.40 pm Neptune v Mars_6-16______
18SatSCBA Mens Dble Rink10:00 amTaunton Deane2648
20MonMen's Triples5.10 pmAlphaFoxtrot14187.20 pmHotelCharlie916
21TueMen's Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesThrushes10157.20 pmIbisAlpha1810
22WedMixed Triples12.30 pmDiamondsAmethysts17212.50 pmOpalsEmeralds1217
Men's Fours5.10 pmWagtailsEagles15117.20 pmMagpiesDoves417
23ThuFriendly10:00 amPuriton2226
23ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmDeltaGolfNP7.20 pmBravoEcho1414
24Fri5 pm Pluto v Neptune 18-8________ 6.20 pm Mars v Earth 7-12________ 7.40 pm Jupiter v Saturn 9-8_______
27MonMen's Triples5.10 pmCharlieGolf1357.20 pmBravoFoxtrot1414
28TueMen's Fours5.10 pmDovesIbis7227.20 pmThrushesEagles2613
29WedMixed Triples12.30 pmAmethystsEmeralds12132.50 pmOpalsDiamonds1115
Men's Fours5.10 pmKestrelsMagpies1767.20 pmAvocetsGoldfinches1015
30ThuMen's Triples5.10 pmHotelDeltaNP7.20 pmAlphaEcho1212
31Fri5 pm Earth v Jupiter 7-10 ________ 6.20 pm Venus v Mars_1-18_______ 7.40 pm Saturn v Pluto 8-22_______
February 2020
3MonMens Triples5.10pmHotelEcho9217.20pmBravoGolf206
4TueMens Fours5.10 pmIbisMagpies1987.20 pmDovesEagles617
5WedLadies Triples12.30 pmLarksWrens2662.50 pm RobinsSparrows1812
5WedMens Fours5.10 pmAvocetsKestrels10197.20 pm ThrushesWagtails197.5
6ThuLadies Friendly10 amNorth Petherton 2/3R (A)3027
6ThuMen Triples5.10 pmAlphaCharlie2277.20 pm
7Fri5.30 pm Jupiter v Mars 9-22 6.20 pm Neptune v Saturn 12-13 7.40 pm Pluto v Venus 30-5Pluto v Venus 15-715-Jul
8SatMixed League2 pmSt Andrews1R (H)/2R (A) CC4 pmSt Andrews1R (H)CC
10MonMens Triples5.10 pmBravoDeltaNP7.20 pmAlphaGolf1311
11TueMens Fours5.10 pmMagpiesThrushes12227.20 pmWagtailsAvocets1914
12WedMixed Triples12.30 pmEmeraldsDiamonds1842.50 pmOpalsAmethysts1712
12WedMens Fours5.10 pmEaglesGoldfinches8187.20 pmKestrelsDoves1522
13ThuMens Triples5.10 pmHotelFoxtrot7207.20 pmCharlieEcho610
14FriMixed Triples5.30 pm Neptune v Earth 10-11 6.20 pm Venus v Jupiter 7-12 7.40 pm Pluto v Mars 2-17
17MonMens Triples5.10 pmHotelGolf8207.20 pmEchoFoxtrot1020
18TueMens Fours5.10 p AvocetsDoves13157.20 pmKestrelsThrushes723
19WedLadies Triples12.30 pmLarksRobinsNPNP2.50 pmSparrowsWrens1111
19WedMens Fours5.10 pmMagpiesWagtails0107.20 pmGoldfinchesIbis1116
20ThuMens Triples5.10 pmHotelGolf8237.20 pmAlphaBravo137
21FriMixed Triples5.30 pm Saturn v Earth _8-13___6.20 pm Neptune v Venus 7-14 7.40 pm Jupiter v Pluto_11-10______
24MonMens Triples5.10 pmBravoCharlie0107.20 p.mEchoGolf295
25TueMens Fours5.10 pmKestrelsEagles16167.20 pmIbisWagtails1310
26WedMixed Triples12.30 pmEmeraldsAmethysts21112.50 pmOpalsDiamonds116
26WedMens Fours5.10 pmThrushesAvocets16167.20 pmDovesGoldfinches195
27ThuMens Triples5.10 pmHotelAlpha15147.20 pmFoxtrotGolf617
28FriMixed Triples5.30 pmMars v Saturn 16-16.40pmNeptune v Jupiter 10-147.50pm Earth v Venus 20-4
March 2020
2MonMens Triples5.10 pmKO11 v 81007.20 pmKO12 v 71013
3TueMens Fours5.10 pmWagtailsKestrels1997.20 pmEaglesAvocets2017
4WedLadies Triples12.30 pmRobinsWrens14162.50 pmLarksSparrows192
4WedMens Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesMagpies2877.20 pmIbisThrushes2214
5ThuMens Triples5.10 pmKO13 v 612157.20 pmKO14 v 5149
5ThuMixed Friendly10.00amPuriton16-8/15-53113
6FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Pluto 11-15___ 6.20 pm Saturn v Venus_ 6-17_____ 7.40 pm Neptune v Mars_10-15____
9MonMens Triples5.10 pmKO2 (d)4 v 52077.20 pmKO2 (b)3 v 6197
10TueMens Fours5.10 pmEaglesIbis13217.20 pmWagtailsDoves1421
11WedMixed Triples12.30 pmDiamondsAmethysts9112.50 pmOpalsEmeralds109
11WedMens Fours5.10 pmKestrelsGoldfinches17157.20 pmMagpiesAvocets1313
12ThuLadies Friendly2pmWedmore29471 rink each
12ThuMens Triples5.10 pmKO2 ?2 v 712117.20 pm KO2 ((a)1 v 8100
13FriMixed Triples5 pm Pluto v Neptune _16-5___6.20 pm Mars v Earth 17-10 __7.40 pm Jupiter v Saturn_11-13___
15SunMixed Friendly2pmNorth Petherton 3 rinks
16MonMens Triples 5.10 pmS/Fa v d7.20 pmS/Fb v c
17TueMens Fours5.10 pmGoldfinchesWagtails7.20 pmEaglesMagpies
18WedLadies Triples12.30 pmRobbinsSparrows2.50 pm LarksWrens
18WedMens Fours5.10 pmThrushesDoves7.20 pmIbisKestrels
20FriMixed Triples5 pm Earth v Jupiter ______ 6.20 pm Venus v Mars_ _______ 7.40 pm Saturn v Pluto____
23MonMens Fours5.10 pmKO Q/F (a)1 v 87.20 pmKO Q/F (c)2 v 7
24TueMens Fours5.10 pmKO Q/F (b)3 v 67.20 pm KO Q/F (d)4 v 5
25WedMixed Triples12.30 pmOpalsAmethysts2.50 pmEmeraldsDiamonds
26ThuMens Fours5.10 pmKO S/Fa v d7.20 pmKO S/Fb v c
27FriMixed Triples5 pm Jupiter v Mars ______ 6.20 pm Neptune v Saturn ________ 7.40 pm Plutin v Venus___
30MonMens Triples KO Final7.00 pm
31TueMens PairsFinal7.00 pm
1WedLadies PairsFinal2.30 pm
2ThuLadies SinglesFinal2.30 pm
2ThuMens FoursKO Final7.00 pm
7TueMixed PairsFinal2.30 pm
8WedMens SinglesFinal7pm