Ladies match reports 2017

Friday 2nd June 2017 – Congresbury LBC (Top Club) at Congresbury
Singles. S Cooper.                                                                 21-20 (1 point)
Pairs. K Wilson, M Chudley.                                                11-23
Triples. H Frye, R CLeeves, A Holland.                              24-14 (1 point)
Fours. F Waters, S Newman, S Harrison, M Hillman.     19-22
Score. A close loss for Victoria ladies by 75-79 shots after a 2 all tie in disciplines.
Lovely afternoon, lovely weather.  Great company. A big Thank you to Congresbury ladies for the gorgeous tea after the game especially the ice cream cornettos’.
Where else would you rather be?
Thursday 27th April 2017 – Ashcombe Ladies (Friendly)
Weather was rather cold but a very good friendly game enjoyed by all.

M Kelly, C Stevens,  A Holland,  M Chudley.                    18-17
K Wilson,  G Poolman,  S Harrison,  S Cooper,               16-16
B Williams,  C Willetts,  R CLeeves,  M Hillman,              11-17     45-50

Tuesday 2nd May – Bristol Arrow – Friendly

G Poolman, C Stevens, C Sage, S Newman.                   19-17
N Whyte, H Frye, S Pocock, M Hillman.                           08-24
B Williams, S Sokol, B Mangan, R CLeeves.                    08-18     35-59
Tuesday May 9th – Fosseway (Blues MTL)

S Milliner, B Williams,  S Cooper.                                   18-14

F Payne,  B Mangan,  R CLeeves.                                   05-29

N Whyte,  H Frye,  M Chudley.                                      23-08     46-51  (4 points)

Wednesday 10th May – Wedmore (Blues MTL)
H Frye,  R CLeeves. (one player short)                       17-29
S Milliner, B Williams, B Mangan.                               13-13
G Poolman,  M Hillman,  E Newport.                         11-21     41-63     (1 point)

Lovely friendly game with good weather. Rose and Hannah put up a good fight with a very difficult game and one player short.  6 bowls to 9 each end with an overall 54 extra bowls for the opponents is not easy.  A good challenge and lots of concentration.

Friday 12th May – Wessex (WDTL)

C Sage, S Harrison, S Newman.          18-18
H Frye, R CLeeves, M Chudley.           15-09
B Williams, B Mangan, M Hillman.     11-20     44-47   (3-7)

Weather was kind, lovely company, enjoyable afternoon

Thursday 18th May – Congresbury (MTL)
R Bailey, C Willetts, M Hillman.                   11-12
H Chesters, C Stevens, S Newman.            19-11
K Wilson, S. Sokol, S Harrison.                    11-15     41-38  (6-4)
Well done to Sue Newman’s team who picked up 6 shots on the 15th end.
Saturday 20th May – Burnham (WDTL)
 F Waters, R CLeeves, A Holland.               25-10
B Williams, S Sokol, S Cooper.                  30-08
S Milliner, S Newman, M Chudley.           13-33     68-51     (8-2)
Well done  Victoria Ladies. A very good win
Tuesday 23rd May – Mark Moor
R Bailey, S Newman, S Cooper.                     26-11
S Pocock, B Mangan, C Stevens.                   18-14
H Chesters, K Wilson, R CLeeves.                 21-13     65-38
Wednesday 24th May – Congresbury (WDTL)

E. Newport, S Newman, S Cooper.                17-11
H Frye, C Stevens, M Hillman.                        16-20
G Poolman, S Harrison, M  Chudley.             12-21     45-52     (2-8)

Thursday 25th May – Portishead (WDTL)
C Sage, S Sokol, M. Chudley                     .   16-21
N Whyte, R CLeeves, S Harrison.                 10-25
C Willetts, S Pocock, A Holland.                   14-18     40-64   (0-10
Tuesday 30th May – Wedmore (WDTL)


H Frye, C Stevens, S Cooper.                      19-15
R Bailey, S Newman, M Chudley.               23-10
S Milliner, E Newport, M Hillman.             17-14     59-39     (10-0)

Thursday June 1st – Victoria Whites – v – Blues (MTL)

B Williams, B Mangan, S Cooper.             21
G Poolman, H Frye,  M Chudley.                20
M Kelly, S Milliner,  A Holland.                    11

E Harraway, K Wilson, M Hillman.               9

M Slavin, S Sokol, S Newman.                   15
N Whyte, S Pocock, C. Stevens                 15
Scores.                      Whites 39.   Blues 52
Points.                        Whites 2.     Blues. 8

Friday June 2nd June – Congresbury (National Top Club)

Singles. S Cooper.                                                                   21-20
Pairs. K Wilson, M Chudley.                                                   11-23
Triples. H Frye, R CLeeves, A Holland.                                 24-14
Fours. F Waters, S Newman, S Harrison, M Hillman.        19-22
Scores.                      A close loss for Victoria ladies.           75-79
Lovely afternoon, lovely weather.  Great company. A big Thank you to Congresbury ladies for the gorgeous tea after the game especially the ice cream cornettos’.
Where else would you rather be?

Monday 5th June – West Backwell (WDTL)
H Frye, R Cleeves, S Cooper.            35-02
K Wilson, Annie, M Chudley.            22-12
C Sage, C Stevens, M Hillman.         22-07     79-21     (10-0)
A good win for Victoria ladies.  We all got drenched in the constant rain but that did not stop us from having a good afternoon.  Us ladies are tough.

Wednesday 7th June – Clarence (WDTL)
C Willetts, R Cleeves, A Holland.     08-28
B Williams, S Pocock, M Hillman.    15-18
H Chesters, S Sokol, S Newman.    19-11     42-57     (2-8)
Thursday 8th June – Blue – v – Fosseway (MTL)
G Poolman, B Williams, S Cooper.              18-18
Val Worthington,  H Frye,  M Chudley.       08-17
M Kelly, R Cleeves, A Holland.                     13-16     39-51     (1-9)

Monday 12th June – West Backwell (WDTL)
S MIlliner, H Frye, S Newman.         27-12
G Poolman, R Cleeves, S Cooper.    15-17
M Kelly, B Williams, A Holland.        16-14      58-43    (8-2) 
Tuesday 13th June – Fosseway (MTL)
M Slavin, C Willetts, M Hillman.   25-16
R Bailey, S Sokol, C Stevens.         14-14
N Whyte, K Wilson, S Newman.    21-23     60-53     (7-3)

Wednesday 14th June – Whites – v –  Wedmore (MLT)
R Bailey, S Harrison, M Hillman.  14-20
M Slavin, K Wilson, S Pocock.        16-15
N Whyte, S Sokol, C Stevens.         22-18     52-53     (4-6)

Thursday 15th June – Well Hall LBC Tourists
B Williams,  H Frye, R Cleeves         21-06
R Bailey, A Holland, S Newman.     24-13  45-19

Teams.                    ( V Worthington, G Poolman, S Harrison,  20)
(E Harroway, Ellen Newport, M Chudley,  11. )
Scores.                    A win for V Worthington,G Poolman,S Harrison.
What a lovely afternoon with the ladies from Well Hall.  They were so pleased to visit us again and set out to have fun which is exactly what we all had. Lots of laughter around the green, sun was out.  Just wonderful.
 Thursday 22nd June – Winscombe (Friendly)
R Bailey, E Harroway, B Mangan.                     22-13
M Slavin, V Worthington, B Williams.               13-18
D Rimmer, S Milliner, C Stevens.                      25-08     60-39

Tuesday 27th June – Portishead RBL (Friendly)
N Whyte, H Frye, B Mangan, S Pocock.              33-08
R Bailey, S Milliner, R Cleeves, S Sokol.              11-21
G Poolman, B Williams, A Holland, C Stevens.  18-18     62-47

Wednesday 28th July – Whites – v – Wedmore (MTL)
C Willetts, S Sokol, M Hillman.                            13-11
C Sage, S Pocock, S Newman.                             20-12
N Whyte, K Wilson, C Stevens.                            17-19     50-42    (8-2)

Thursday 29th June – Whites – v – Nailsea (MTL)

H Chesters, C Sage, S Newman.                                          22-09
M Slavin, C Stevens, M Hillman.                                          22-17
R Bailey, S Sokol, C Stevens.                                                12-24     56-50     (8-2)

Thursday 29th June – Blues – v – Congresbury (MTL)

G Poolman, E Newport, S Cooper.                                    18-22
S Milliner, B Mangan, M Chudley                                      10-16
B Williams, R Cleeves, A Holland.                                      18-14     46-52     (2-8)

Friday 30th June – Yatton (friendly)
C Sage, C Willetts, C Stevens, S Cooper.                           15-13
H Frye, V Worthington, S Pocock, S Newman.                 14-16
S Milliner, E HArroway, B Mangan, R Cleeves.                20-17     49-46

Monday 3rd July.   Blues – v – Whites (MTL)
VIctoria Blues.                                   Victoria Whites
F Payne.                                              H Chesters
B Mangan.         18.                            C Willetts.                17
R Cleeves.                                           M Hillman

B Williams.                                          N Whyte
E Newport.        20.                            S Sokol.                   19
M Chudley.                                         C Stevens

G Poolman.                                        K Wilson
H Frye.               20.                           S Pocock.                15
S Cooper.                                           S Newman

Scores.         A win for Victoria Blues.     58-51
Points.           10 for Victoria Blues

Thursday July 6th Blues – v –  Nailsea (MTL)
M Kelly, R Cleeves, S Cooper.                   15-08
S Milliner, E Newport, M Chudley.           13-25
B Williams, H Frye, B Mangan.                 20-16    48-49   (4-6)


Monday 10th July = Blues – v – Wedmore (MTL)

M Kelly, R Cleeves, A Holland.              23-12
G Poolman, E Newport, M Chudley.   10-19
S Milliner, H Frye, S Cooper.                20-09     53-40    (8-2)
Tuesday 11th June – Wessex (WDTL)

M Kelly, S Sokol, A Holland.            07-17
N Whyte, B Mangan, M Hillman.   15-12
S Milliner, R Cleeves, M Chudley.  08-18     30-47  (2-8)
Thursday 13th July – St. Andrews (Friendly)

M Slavin, K Wilson, M Hillman.          07-20
H Chesters, C Willetts, S Harrison.   16-11
B Williams, S Milliner, S Newman.    20-13     43-44
Friday 14th July – Wedmore (Fear Cup)

H Frye, C Stevens, S Harrison, S Cooper.                           19-13
B Williams, C Sage, S Newman, M Hillman.                       23-16
S Sokol our reserve was asked to play due to illness
K Wilson, R Cleeves, M Chudley, A Holland.                      35-13     77-42

Monday17th July 2017 – Blues – v – Wrington (MTL)
B Williams, M Hillman, R Cleeves.    25-10
H Frye, B Mangan, M Chudley.          26-05
S Milliner, E Newport, A Holland.      15-11     66-26     (10-0)

Wednesday 19th July 2017 – Whites – v – Wrington (MTL)
C Sage, K Wilson, C Stevens.        17-20
M Slavin,  S Pocock, S Harrison,    14-16
H Chesters, S Sokol, M Hillman.    26-06     56-42     (6-4)

Monday 24th July – Blues – v – Nailsea (MTL)
L Richards, E Newport, S Cooper.    28-08
M Kelly, R Cleeves, M Chudley.          17-13
H Frye, B Mangan, A Holland.            31-08     76-29    (10-0)

Monday 24th July – Whites – v – Congresbury (MTL)
V Worthington, S Sokol, C Stevens.   11-29
H Chesters, N Whyte, K Wilson.          11-20
M Slavin, R Bailey, S Pocock                 07-33     29-82     (0-10)
Clarence – Fear Cup

Friday 21st July.             Tuesday 25th July
B Williams.                     B Williams
C Sage.                            S Sokol.                   25-19
S Newman.                     S Newman
M Hillman.                      M Hillman

H Frye.                             H Frye
C Stevens.                        B Mangan.              22-12
S Harrison.                      C Stevens
S Cooper.                         S Cooper

K Wilson                           K Wilson
R Cleeves.                        R Cleeves.               16-20
M Chudley.                      M Chudley
A Holland.                         A Holland
Played in two halves due to rain rendering the green unsafe.

Thursday 27th July – Congresbury (WDTL)
B Williams, S Newman, S Cooper.       18-14
F Waters, K Wilson, M Chudley.           14-17
H Frye, S Harrison, A Holland.              26-14      58-45     (8-2)

Friday 28th July – St Andrews (Fear Cup)
H Frye, s Sokol, C Stevens, S Cooper.                 27-14
B Williams, K Wilson, R Cleeves, S Newman.    20-18
M Kelly, B Mangan, M Chudley, A Holland.        08-26  55-58 

A lovely afternoon in good company. Well done Victoria Ladies just pipped literally at the last end.  A special well done to Margaret Kelly who played in her first cup match and I understand had a very good match.

Monday 31st July – Wessex (Southy Cup) 

Singles. S Cooper.                                                       21-16

Pairs.   H Frye,Newman.                                            22-14
Triples. K Wilson, R Cleeves, A Holland.                  13-12
Rinks.  B Williams, C Sage, C Stevens, M Chudley. 21-15     77-57

Next round will be Burnham LBC

Tuesday August 1st – Portishead (WDTL)

G Poolman, S Sokol, S Cooper.   13-15
H Frye, C Stevens, M Chudley.    08-27
S Milliner, K Wilson, A Holland.   18-14     39-56     (2-8)

Saturday August 5th – BoS (WDTL)

M Kelly, H Frye, S Cooper.               28-07
B Williams, F Waters, R Cleeves.     21-10
H Chesters, R Bailey, C Stevens.     20-09     69-26     (10-0)

Monday 7th August – Winscombe

N Whyte, E Newport, C Sage, R Cleeves.       26-10
R Bailey, G Poolman, S Sokol, C Stevens.      25-16
M Kellly, S Milliner, S Pocock, M Hillman.      10-21     61-47

Wednesday 9th August – Wedmore (WDTL)

R Bailey, R Cleeves, M Hillman.   16-17
M Kelly, B Williams, A Holland.    10-14
C Sage, C Stevens, M Chudley.     09-18     35-49     (0-10)

Friday 10th August – BoS (Southey Cup)

Singles.       Margaret HIllman.                                                                 16-21
Pairs.          H Frye. S Newman.                                                                26-17
Triples.       K Wilson, R Cleeves, A Holland.                                           25-11
Rinks.         B Williams, C Stevens, C Sage, M Chudley.                        18-19    2-2     (85-68)

Didn’t we do well ladies. Next is St. Andrews away match.   WE CAN DO IT!!!!

Monday 14th August – Blues – v – Wrington (MTL)

L Richard’s, R Cleeves, A Holland.                           15-21
B Williams, S Milliner, S Cooper.                             35-04
G Poolman, B Mangan, M Chudley.                       27-11     77-36   (8-2)

Thursday 17th August St Andrews (Southey Cup)

Singles.    M Hillman.                                                              13-21
Pairs.        H Frye, S Cooper.                                                   15-15

Triples.   K Wilson, R Cleeves, A Holland                              14-15
Fours     B Williams, S Newman, S Harrison, M Chudley.  20-11

Points.          2.5    –     1.5
Very close match down to the last end and Victoria lost by 0.5 of a point. Next time girls!!

Tuesday 29th August – Clarence (WDTL)

S Milliner, S Newman, S Cooper.        15-12
B Williams, S Pocock, M Hillman.       14-17
N Whyte, R Cleeves, M Chudley.        22-24    51-53   (2-8)

This match was rescheduled due to the Southey Cup game

Thursday 31st August – Blues – v – Congresbury (MTL)

S Milliner, H Frye, S Cooper.                25-16
L Richard’s, B Williams, R Cleeves.     14-23
G Poolman, E Newport, M Chudley.   15-16     54-55     (2-8)

Tuesday 5th September – Whites – v –  Fosseway (MTL)

C Sage, S Pocock, S Newman.             21-16
N Whyte, S Sokol, M Hillman.             13-16
M Slavin, C Willetts, C Stevens.           13-25     47-57     (2-8)

Monday 11th September – Whites – v – Nailsea (MTL)

R Bailey, S Pocock, C Stevens.          10-19
H Chesters, S Sokol, M Hillman.       21-12
N Whyte, C Sage, K Wilson.               21-12     52-43    (8-2)

The last ladies match of the season

Tuesday 19th September – BoS (friendly)

B Williams, R Cleeves, K Wilson.        34-06

M Kelly, S Pocock, C Stevens.             16-17
S Milliner, S Sokol, M Hillman.           26-11.       76-34