Ladies match reports 2018


Congresbury.                                          98
Victoria (white).                                      84
Victoria (blue).                                        82
Isle of Wedmore.                                   76
Nailsea.                                                   63
Fosseway.                                               62
Wrington.                                               54
Keynsham.                                             41


Tuesday 4th Sept – Whites v Fosseway (ML)

N. Whyte, G. Poolman, M. Hillman                                               17-14
H. Chesters, A. Culpeck, C. Sage.                                                  13-14
S. Crapnell, R. Bailey, C. Stevens                                                 . 14-14    44-42 (7pts)

Thursday 30th August – Blues v Congresbury (ML)

B. Williams, S. Milliner, S. Cooper.                                               22-10
M. Kelly, C. Willetts, M. Chudley.                                                  12-26
L. Richards, R. Cleeves, A. Holland.                                              08-17    42-53 (2pts)

Wednesday 29th August – Blues v Keynsham (ML)

M. Kelly, S. Milliner, K. Wilson.                                                       18-10
. Richards, C. Willetts, A. Holland.                                                 10-25
F. Payne, B. Williams, R. Cleeves.                                                   11-16    39-51 (2pts)

Wednesday 22nd August – St Andrews

F. Payne, N. Whyte, R. Cleeves.                                                            13-16
V. Worthington, H. Chesters, K. Wilson.                                             14-15
M. Kelly, H. Frye, S. Milliner.                                                                 23-08    50-39

Monday 20th August  v West Backwell (WDL)

D. Gibbs, S. Newman, S. Cooper.                                                        19-16
S. Milliner, C. Stevens, M. Hillman.                                                     12-19
B. Williams, S. Sokol, M. Chudley.                                                       14-16          45-51   (2pts)



Tuesday 14th August – Page Park (friendly)

V. Worthington, M. Kelly, S. Newman.                                                     11-20
F. Payne, S. Crapnell, S. Sokol                                                                   10-14
E. Harraway, H. Chesters, S. Milliner                                                       12-23     33-57


Thursday 16th August v Clarence (WDL)

C. Sage, S. Newman, A. Holland.                                                                13-19
S. Milliner, S. Harrison, C. Stevens.                                                            17-16
G. Poolman, M. Chudley, S. Cooper.                                                         16-13     46-48   (4pts)

Monday 13th August – Blues v Wrington (ML)

M. Kelly, S. Milliner, M. Chudley.                                                                   13-18
C. Willetts, K. Wilson, A. Holland.                                                                  12-25
B. Williams, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper.                                                                28-08      53-51  (6pts)

Monday 6th August – Winscombe (friendly)

D. Gibbs, H. Chesters, S. Sokol, S. Cooper.                                                                      18-13
F. Payne, G. Poolman, C. Stevens, M. Chudley.                                                               12-19
N. Whyte, S. Crapnell, R. Cleeves, K. Wilson.                                                                    07-27 37-59


Wednesday 8th August – Wedmore ( WDL)
M. Kelly, S. Harrison, S. Cooper.                                                          17-23
B. Williams, S. Sokol, C. Stevens.                                                         12-14
N. Whyte, H. Frye, K. Wilson.                                                                20-16     49-53     (2 pts)


Saturday 4th August  v Burnham  (WDL)

C. Willetts, F. Waters, S. Cooper.                                                  23-25
B. Williams, S. Sokol, K. Wilson.                                                   20-12
H. Frye, C. Stevens, M. Chudley.                                                  15-14     58-51   (8pts)

Tuesday 31st July – Portishead (WDL)

M. Kelly, B. Williams, S. Cooper.                                                   16-12
R. Cleeves, S. Newman, M. Hillman.                                            17-17
H. Frye, S. Sokol, M. Chudley.                                                       15-18   48-47  (7pts)


Thursday 19th April – Whites – v – Keynsham (ML)

N. Whyte, S. Sokol, C. Stevens                                                                14-11
M. Slavin, S. Milliner, M. Hillman                                                            18-22
H. Chesters, C. Sage, S. Newman                                                           11-16 (42-49)

Tuesday 24th April – Paige Park (Friendly)

H. Fry, S. Sokol, K. Wilson                                                                        14-04
C. Sage, C. Stevens, S. Newman                                                             15-07
G. Poolman, S. Milliner, A. Holland                                                        10-13 (39-24)

Monday 30th April – Ashcombe (Friendly)

B. Williams, R. Bailey, S. Sokkol, S. Newman                                       07-26
S. Milliner, F. Payne, M. Chudley, S. Cooper                                        24-17
M. Kelly, S. Crapnell, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                                        21-09 52-52

Tuesday 1st May – Bristol Arrow (Friendly)

R. Bailey, M. Slaving, C. Sage, S. Newman                                             18-10
G. Poolman, S. Pocock, H. Frye, K. Wilson                                             16-18
M. Kelly, S. Crapnell, S. Milliner, C. Stevens                                           21-11 (55-39)

Wednesday 2nd May – Clevedon Prom (Top Club)

Singles – M. Hillman                                                                                 14-22
Pairs – H. Frye, K. Wilson                                                                          22-15
Triples – B. Williams, M. Chudley, S. Newman                                     16-17
Fours – C. Sage, C. Stevens, S. Harrison, A. Holland                            18-11 (2-2) (70-65)

Friday 4th May – Clevedon Prom (Friendly)

D. Rimmer, K. Wilson, M. Chudley                                                         17-07
E. Harraway, C. Sage, S. Cooper                                                             13-13
D. Gibbs, H. Frye, C. Stevens                                                                  21-10       51-30

Tuesday 8th May – Blues – v – Fosseway (ML)

M. Kelly, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                                                               09-32
F. Payne, K. Wilson, S. Cooper                                                                20-12
B. Williams, C. Willetts, M. Chudley                                                       18-26       47-70 (2points)

Wednesday 9th – Blues – v – Wedmore (ML)

C. Willetts, S. Milliner, S. Cooper                                                           14-16
B. Williams, H. Frye, A. Holland                                                             25-15
M. Kelly, R. Cleeves, K. Wilson                                                               19-11     58-42 (8points)

Thursday 10th May – Whites – v – Keynsham (ML)

N. Whyte, E. Harraway, M. Hillman                                                      11-23
R. Bailey, S. Sokol, S. Newman                                                              21-12
G. Poolman, C. Sage, C. Stevens                                                           17-11    55-46 (8points)

Friday 11th May – Wessex (WDTL)

S. Milliner, C. Stevens, S. Cooper                                                         19-19
H. Chesters, M. Chudley, M. Hillman                                                  16-13
H. Frye, K. Wilson, S. Newman                                                             18-09     53-41 (9points)

Saturday 12th May – Clarence (Southey Trophy)

Singles – S. Cooper                                                                                 21-17
Pairs – H. Frye, K. Wilson                                                                       15-13
Triples – B. Williams, M. Chudley, S. Newman                                   13-12
Fours – S. Milliner, S. Sokol, C. Stevens, A. Holland                          23-16     (4-0)


Tuesday 15th May – Mark Moor (Friendly)

S. Crapnell, R. Cleeves, A. Holland.                                 14-12
C. Willetts, S. Pocock, C. Stevens.                                   14-19
E. Harraway, G. Poolman, S. Sokol.                               15-16     43-47

Wednesday 16th May Blues – Keynsham (ML)

M. Kelly, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper.                                     23-10
C. Willetts, H. Frye, A. Holland.                                     32-07
S. Milliner, B. Williams, K. Wilson.                                18-14     73-31 (10 points)

Thursday 17th May – Whites –  Congresbury (ML)

E. Harraway, C. Sage, M. Hillman.                                15-08
M. Slavin, G. Poolman,C. Stevens.                               17-15
S. Crapnell, S. Pocock, S. Sokol.                                   10-21     42-44   (4 points

Saturday 19th May – Winscombe (Southey Trophey)

We had a closely fought game against Winscombe today. Sue Cooper made a slow start but made up for it winning 21/16. Hannah and Kay played steadily and finished a draw 16/16. The triples with Sue Newman also made a slow start and got the score back to lead on the 15th end but then lost the last 3ends to lose 16/17. The fours gained the lead after the 8th end and managed to hold on to this winning 19/18. Overall the points then were 2.5 to Victoria, 1.5 to Winscombe. The 5th round is next Saturday at 10am and will be against Congresbury.

Wednesday 23rd May – Congresbury (WDTL)

G. Poolman, R. Cleeves, C. Stevens.                     14-15
H. Chesters, H. Frye, K. Wilson.                             15-09
B. Williams, C. Sage, S. Newman.                          23-13 52-37 (8pts)

A warm sunny evening.
Chris Stevens went down by 5 shots on the second end and were 1/8 down before finding their way again and then 7/13 down and then won 6 ends to lead by 1 shot on the penultimate end, and after all that lost 2 shots on the last end! But must not grumble as it was a good overall win, perhaps a good omen for Saturday in the Southey cup when we play them again.

Thursday 24th May – Portishead (WDTL)

S. Milliner, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper                             16-16
R. Bailey, S. Sokol, M. Hillman                                  20-14
H. Chesters, C. Stevens, S. Newman                       19-17 55-47 (9pts)

Friday 25th May – Portishead RBL (Top Club)

We played Portishead RBL Ladies in round 2 of the National Top Club. Congratulations are in order for two reasons. We are through to the next round and this is the first time we have ever beaten Portishead RBL.

Singles: S. Cooper                                                                     21-19
Pairs: H. Frye and K. Wilson                                                    13-16
Triples: B. Williams, S. Sokol, S. Newman                             14-22
Fours: C. Sage, R. Cleeves, C. Stevens, M. Hillman.             27-10    2-2    (75-67)

Saturday 26th May – Congresbury (Southey Trophy)

Singles – S. Cooper                                                                   21-03
Pairs – H. Frye, K. Wilson                                                         15-13
Triples – B. Williams, S. Sokol, S. Newman                           11-21
Fours – F. Waters, C. Stevens, S. Harrison, M. Hillman      25-06 (3-1)

Tuesday 29th May – Wedmore (WDTL)

B. Williams, C. Stevens, M. Hillman                                      11-24
H. Frye, S. Sokol, A. Holland                                                  17-16
S. Pocock, K. Wilson, S. Cooper                                            23-13 51-53 (4pts)

Wednesday 30th May – Ashcombe Ladies (friendly)

N. Whyte, E. Harraway, S. Newman, A. Holland.                  10-17
M. Kelly, V. Worthington, S. Milliner, S. Cooper.                   15-15
D. Gibbs, S. Crapnell, C. Stevens, M. Hillman.                       22-10 47-42

Thursday 31st May – Whites -v- Blues

R. Bailey, C. Sage, M. Hillman – v – C. Willetts, H. Frye, S. Cooper                              13-13
S. Pocock, C. Stevens, S. Harrison – v – B. Williams, R. Cleeves, K. Wilson.               09-17
M. Slavin, S. Sokol, S. Newman – v – M. Kelly, S. Milliner, A. Holland.                        19-12 41-42

Wednesday 6th June – Clarence (WDTL)

S. Milliner, C. Sage, S. Newman.                                                                               17-11
M. Kelly, R. Cleeves, A. Holland.                                                                               18-15
B. Williams, S. Sokol, C. Stevens.                                                                              09-12   44-38   (8pts)

Thursday 7th June Blues v Fosseway (ML)  

M. Kelly, L. Richards, S. Cooper.                                                                                 15-11
D. Gibbs, S. Milliner, R. Cleeves.                                                                                 13-14
F. Payne, B. Williams, C. Willetts.                                                                               19-19 47-44 (7pts)

Saturday 9th June – Watchet (Top Club)

Singles – S. Cooper                                                                                                       21-16
Pairs – H. Frye, K. Wilson                                                                                             23-14
Triples – B. Williams, C. Sage, S. Newman.                                                               12-19
Fours – C. Willetts, S. Milliner, C. Stevens, M. Hillman.                                           21-20 3-1 (77-69)

Sunday 10th June – St Andrews: (Southey Trophy)

Singles – S. Cooper.                                                                            19-21
Pairs – H. Frye, K. Wilson.                                                                  17-21
Triples – F. Waters, C. Sage, S. Newman.                                       20-10
Fours – C. Willetts, S. Harrison, C. Stevens, M. Hillman.              18-19    1-3

We lost on 3 disciplines in a very close game.

Monday 11th June – West Backwell (WDTL)

S. Milliner, C. Stevens, S. Newman.                                              15-14
B. Williams, R. Cleeves, K. Wilson.                                                15-17
C. Sage, H. Frye, S. Cooper.                                                           19-11 49-42 (8pts)

Tuesday 12th June – Whites – v – Fosseway (ML)

G. Poolman, S. Sokol, M. Hillman.                                               18-08
E. Harraway, C. Sage, C. Stevens.                                                22-15
A. Culpeck, N. Whyte, S. Newman.                                             14-15     54-38  (8pts)

Wednesday 13th June – Whites – v – Wedmore

G. Poolman, S. Sokol, S. Harrison.                                            14-20
N. Whyte, S. Pocock, C. Stevens.                                               22-14
H. Chesters, C. Sage, S. Newman.                                            26-15 62-49 (8 points)

Wednesday 20th June – Whites v Nailsea (ML)

M. Slavin, C. Sage, S. Harrison.                                               15-13
G. Poolman, N. Whyte, S. Newman.                                      24-15
R. Bailey, S. Sokol, C. Stevens.                                                10-14     49-42  (8 points)

Thursday 21st June – Winscombe (Friendly)

D. Rimmer, A. Culpeck, S. Sokol, S. Cooper.                        29-20
D. Gibbs, L. Richards, B. Williams, C. Stevens.                    17-21
E. Harraway, H. Chesters, S. Pocock, S. Harrison               14-15     60-56

Saturday 23rd June – BoS (WDTL)

M. Kelly, S. Pocock, S. Sokol.                                                18-13
B. Williams, S. Milliner, C. Stevens.                                     21-13
H. Frye, C. Sage, S. Newman.                                               28-13       67-39   (10pts)

Tuesday 26th June v Portishead RBL (friendly)

D. Gibbs, E. Harraway, S. Pocock, C. Stevens                  14-16
M. Slavin, R. Bailey, S. Milliner, K. Wilson.                        29-04
F. Payne, S. Crapnell, R. Cleeves, S. Sokol.                       09-10       52-30

A very friendly game that was reduced to 15 ends on a very warm day.
An ice cream was very welcome after 7 ends had been played.

Thursday 28th June -Victoria Blues v Congresbury: (ML)

D. Gibbs, C. Willetts, K. Wilson.                                      07-15
M. Kelly, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper.                                     19-13
B. Williams, S. Milliner, M. Chudley.                             19-09 45-37 (8points)

Thursday 28th June – Victora Whites v Nailsea: (ML)

A. Culpeck, R. Bailey, S. Pocock.                                  07-20
S. Crapnell, C. Sage, S. Harrison,                                20-07
E. Harraway, S. Sokol, C. Stevens.                              07-28 34-55 (2points)

Saturday 30th June – Victoria v Bath LBC (Away) – BE Ladies Top Club

S. Cooper                                                                       21-14
H. Frye and K. Wilson                                                  15-09
F. Waters, C. Sage, S. Newman                                   23-11
B. Williams, C. Stevens, S. Harrison, M. Hillman      23-19              4 – 0
This magnificent win now puts the ladies into the last 16 of the Country. Their next game will be held at Gillingham BC against Poole LBC.  
Monday 2nd July – Victoria Blues v Victoria Whites (Home) – Mendip League
F. Payne, M. Chudley, S. Cooper  v   R. Bailey, S. Sokol, M. Hillman                23-07
M. Kelly, R. Cleeves, A. Holland    v  H. Chesters, S. Pocock, C. Stevens         11-15
C. Willetts, H. Frye, K. Wilson        v  G. Poolman, A. Culpeck, S. Newm         14-09   48 – 31 (8 – 2)
Friday 6th July – Victoria LBC v Burnham LBC (Away) – Fear Cup
B. Williams, F. Waters, S. Harrison, A. Holland.           28-19
C. Sage, C. Stevens, S. Newman, S. Cooper.                32-08
H. Frye, K. Wilson, M. Chudley, M. Hillman.                 24-23     84 – 50

Tuesday 10th July – Wessex (WDTL)

G. Poolman, S. Sokol, M. Chudley.                                 12-09
M. Kelly, S. Milliner, C. Stevens.                                      17-08
H. Chesters, R. Cleeves, A. Holland.                               16-16 45-33 (9-1)
Friday 13th July – Wessex (Fear Cup)


H. Frye, K. Wilson, S. Harrison, A. Holland.                 19-13
C. Sage, C. Stevens, S. Newman, S. Cooper.               16-22
B. Williams, S. Sokol, M. Chudley, M. Hillman            34-16   69-51

Monday 16th July – Blues – v – Wrington (ML)

D. Rimmer, C. Willetts, A. Holland.                             11-09
M. Kelly, S. Milliner, M. Chudley.                                20-05
H. Frye, R. Cleeves, K. Wilson.                                     08-11 39-25 (8pts)

Wednesday 18th July – Whites – v – Wrington (ML)

Wrington unable to raise a team

Friday 20th July – Congresbury (Fear Cup)

C. Sage, S. Milliner, S. Newman, S. Cooper                        20-19
H. Frye/C. Willetts, K./ Wilson, S. Harrison, A. Holland    18-19
B. Williams, S. Sokol, M. Chudley, M. Hillman                   20-21 58-59

Monday 23rd July – Whites v Congresbury (ML)

R. Bailey, C. Sage, M. Hillman.                                             16-18
H. Chesters, S. Sokol, S. Newman.                                      17-18
S. Crapnell, G. Poolman, C. Stevens.                                  23-12   56-48 (6pts)

Monday 23rd July – Blues v Nailsea (ML)

H. Frye A. Holland, M. Chudley.                                          23-13
B. Williams, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper.                                     19-07
C. Willetts, S. Milliner, K. Wilson.                                         08-22 50-42 (8pts)

Thursday 26th July – Congresbury (WDL)

B. Williams, C. Stevens, M. Hillman                                   11-24
H. Frye, M. Chudley, K. Wilson.                                          18-11
M. Kelly, S. Milliner, A. Holland.                                         25-05     54-40   (8pts)

Monday 30th July  Whites v Wrington (ML)

S. Crapnell, S. Sokol, M. Hillman.                                      23-17
N. Whyte, C. Sage, S. Newman.                                        17-11
H. Chesters, A. Culpeck, C. Stevens.                                19-15      59-43   (10 pts)