Match Reports & Results w/e 11th August 2013

Victoria held their annual  Two Wood Triples day at Victoria on Sunday and this year it was sponsored by a member, Bill Nicholls. After last years’ event Bill asked if he, together with his daughter Lorraine, could sponsor the day. Regretfully Lorraine died earlier this year and so the day was held in memory of Lorraine.

Eight teams of three players completed 40 ends of two wood triples over a period of 4 hours. This was more of an endurance event than a game of bowls. At the end of the day of some impressive bowling the winners, who were undefeated in their four games were Peter Wyatt, John Newman and Bryan Stock with 8 points. In second place with 6 points were Graham Richards, Terry Gatehouse and Roger Rockett. Third place went to Nathan Stocker, Nick Sell and Mike Cooper with 6 points but an inferior shot difference.

After the game the players were provided with a very nice meal prepared by the ladies and the Captain, Mick Manning, when helping Bill present the trophies thanked  him for his generosity in sponsoring the day and Bill remarked that Lorraine would have loved it.

Victoria started the week slowly  losing in a friendly at Clarence, In his losing speech, Vice Captain Cliff Chudley warned Clarence that the league match on Saturday would probably be hard on Clarence. Eric Sage skipped Victoria’s best winning rink to a 10 shot win  in company with MikeWilletts, A Guest and Graham Richards. The annual trip to Minehead was enjoyed by all as Victoria came away with a win by 30 shots winning on 4 rinks with Eric Sage again on best winning rink with Richard Austin, Cliff Chudley and George Frost.


Victoria 78 – 91 Clarence – Away
P. Wyatt, C. Chudley, G. Hodge, D. jones 18 – 19
L. Kelly, M. Milliner, G. Rain, G. Frost 17 – 15
P. Leadbeater, J. Mingo-West, M. Stocker, K. Holland 12 – 19
W. Nicholls, R. Rockett, A. Barnes, D. Hurst 9 – 26
M. Willetts, A. Guest, G. Richards, E. Sage 22 – 12

Victoria 121 – 91 Minehead – Away
L. Kelly, N. Stocker, K. Holland, P. Leadbeater 26 – 18
R. Austin, C. Chudley, E. Sage, G. Frost 26 – 11
T. Gilbert, J. Smart, G. Hodge, D. Jones 15 – 21
W. Nicholls, B. Johnson, J. Newman, M. Stocker 8 – 25
J. Codrington, A. Shattock, T. Gatehouse, M. Manning 24 – 16
J. Griffiths, P. Wyatt, R. Rockett, M. Taylor 22 – 10

In the Weston & District Over 60’s League the Saxons came away from Isle of Wedmore, battered but victorious with 14 points thanks mainly to the triples skipped by Mike Stocker and Ken Harvey who, between them, amassed a winning margin of 33 shots.

The Vikings stumbled to a defeat against Ashcombe Knights in a crucial match. Leading by 9 shots after five ends, the Vikings contrived to drop 18 shots in three consecutive ends and were always playing catch up from then on. Vikings won just 2 rinks and 4 points with Eric Sage again top performing skipping his rink of Terry Gilbert and Alan Shattock to a fine win.

Weston & District Over 60s Triples League

Victoria Saxons 104 (14) – 100 (6) Isle of Wedmore – Away
T. Gatehouse, J. Newman, K. Holland 16 – 13
H. Whyte, D. Sealey, M. Taylor 16 – 23
J. Smart, M. Manning, D. Hurst 6 – 27
P. Lunn, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 27 – 10
R. Rockett, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 24 – 8
M. Fletcher, K. Curtis, B. Stock 15 – 19

Victoria Vikings 93 (4) – 105 (16) Ashcombe Knights
B. Johnson, J. Mingo-West, C. York 16 – 19
A. Waygood, P. Newport, G. Frost 7 – 16
S. Thynne, G. Thorne, D. jones 14 – 21
I. Linham, T. Farmer, J. Downing 24 – 20
T. Gilbert, A. Shattock, E. Sage 19 – 14
R. Hollier, J. Griffiths, G. Hodge 13 – 15


In the Somerset County League weekend fixtures Victoria experienced a bizzare situation having to concede a match by the “D” team due to “shortage” of players. The “B” team did not have a game, but the county rules forbade movement of any players from that team down to the “D” team and so 20 players could not have a game.

However on the bright side both the “A” and “C” teams enjoyed the best of weather at home  to return emphatic wins over their opposition. Victoria “A” gained revenge for the earlier defeat against Clarence in a friendly game with an 11 shot victory and 11 points with Nathan Stockerleading his rink of Paul Leadbeater Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper to a healthy win.  This is the third consecutive win for the “A”s as they fight to retain their Premier League status. The “C” team went one better picking up all 12 points in their win against  Winscombe “C”   Eric Sage is on a high at present as he has not been on a losing rink for many a game and his last two woods ensured that his rink of John Codrington, Mike Willets and Vice Captain Cliff Chudley  won on the last end. The rink of Graham Richards, Mike Milliner and Terry Gatehouse  skipped by George Frost, were absolutely rampant as they swept aside their opponents by 17 shots.

Somerset County League

Victoria “A” 64 (11) – 53 (1) Clarence “A”
H. Gibbs, D. Fairhurst, K. Harvey, W. Harrison 17 – 17
N. Stocker, P. Leadbeater, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper 25 – 15
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, A. Bray, M. Stocker 22 – 21

Victoria “C” 71 (12) – 49 (0) Winscombe “C”
J. Codrington, M. Willetts, E. Sage, C. Chudley 19 – 18
R. Hollier, W. Nicholls, A. Barnes, D. Jones 24 – 20
G. Richards, M. Milliner, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost 28 – 11