Match Reports & Results w/e 1st September 2013

Victoria finished their Somerset County League matches in style with the “A” “B” and “D” teams winning their final games. The “A” team travelled to North Petherton and won by 14 shots and if only they had picked up a few points in their first 4 games they may have been close to achieving promotion. As it was from a situation of near relegation they finished the season in fourth position.  The “B” team finished their season undefeated with a win at Burnham “B” winning on 2 of the 3 rinks and despite conceding 8 shots over the last 3 ends achieved the victory by 3 shots with Mike Taylor skipping his rink of Nick Sell, Phil Fisher and Ken Curtis to a match winning 15 shot advantage. The “D” team after a succession of defeats beat Winscombe “C” to record their fourth win of the season. In a close game Winscombe gained the upper hand in the middle part of the match and were leading by 8 shots but over the last 4 ends Victoria went ahead and despite the last rink dropping 3 shots on the last end still won by the narrow margin of 2 shots with the rink of Ernie Longworth, Tony Webb, John Kerr and Dave Avery winning by a healthy 9 shots and with the 10 points gained moved them off the bottom of the table to finish tenth. The “C” team were the only casualty in the Somerset League who with an outside chance of promotion fell at the last hurdle when they were out bowled by a strong Portishead team.

County League

Victoria “A” 65 (12) – 51 (0) North Petherton “A” – Away
H. Gibbs, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper 20 – 15
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, A. Bray, M. Stocker 29 – 22
D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, K. Harvey, W. Harrison 16 – 14

Victoria “B” 63 (10) – 60 (2) Burnham “B” – Away
H. Whyte, A. Uccellini, M. Manning, B. Stock 15 – 28
N. Sell, P. Fisher, K. Curtis, M. Taylor 28 – 13
M. Campbell, M. Fletcher, J. Howell, D. Hurst 20 – 19

Victoria “C” 34 (0) – 64 (12) Portishead – Away
R. Jacobs, W. Nicholls, A. Barnes, D. Jones 11 – 18
T. Gilbert, J. Codrington, S. Evans, D. Sealey 14 – 21
R. Hollier, M. Milliner, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost 9 – 25

Victoria “D” 60 (10) – 58 (2) Winscombe “C”
L. Stocker, L. Kelly, A. Waygood, R. Sleep 11 – 26
K. Leahy, J. Turton, R. Sparkes, J. Griffiths 25 – 17
E. Longworth, A. Webb, J. Kerr, D. Avery 24 – 15

In the Weston & District Over 60’s League Victoria Saxons beat Isle of Wedmore despite dropping 12 shots over the last 5 ends hanging on to win by 5 shots and collecting 14 points as they try to close the gap between themselves and Ashcombe Crusaders in the race for the title. Top rink for the Saxons was lead by John Smart with Tony Bray and skipped by Club Captain Mike Manning

Weston & District Over 60s Triples League

Victoria 101 (14) – 96 (6) Isle of Wedmore
P. Lunn, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 20 – 16
M. Campbell, D. Sealey, D. Hurst 16 – 13
G. Rain, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 13 – 19
H. Whyte, K. Curtis, B. Stock 15 – 19
J. Smart, A. Bray, M. Manning 26 – 10
T. Gatehouse, j. Newman, K. Holland 11 – 19

Victoria hosted Somerset Executive and were well beaten winning just 1 rink skipped by Mike Stocker and supported by Mike Milliner, Tony Uccellini and John Newman. In the other Friendly of the week against Minehead Victoria only lost 1 of the 6 rinks with a top performance again by Mike Stocker who skipped his rink of Bill Nicholls, Brian Johnson and John Newman to a fine 10 shot victory.

Victoria 86 – 131 Somerset Executive
M. Milliner, A. Uccellini, J. Newman, M. Stocker 22 – 10
M. Willetts, T. Gatehouse, D. Avery, M. Taylor 14 – 21
T. Gilbert, G. Jones, B. Saward, S. Evans 8 – 37
H. Whyte, P. Newport, K. Holland, D. Jones 18 – 18
A. Shattock, E. Sage, G. Frost, K. Harvey 15 – 20
W. Nicholls, J. Mingo-West, C. Chudley, M. Manning 11 – 25

Victoria 121 – 89 Minehead
W. Nicholls, B. Johnson, J. Newman, M. Stocker 23 – 13
J. Codrington, A. Shattock, K. Harvey, M. Manning 18 – 18
L. Kelly, A. Waygood, K. Holland, P. Leadbeater 19 – 23
M. Milliner, C. Chudley, E. Sage, G.Frost 17 – 16
T. Gilbert, J. Smart, G. Hodge, D. Jones 25 – 19
J. Griffiths, P. Wyatt, R. Rockett, M. Taylor 19 – 14

Victoria’s Club Competition Finals will be staged over the weekend of 14/15 September with the finalists now known and interestingly highlighting the strength of the members there could be new names on all 5 Singles boards. However there are some previous winners competing, Colin Gazzard in the Championship, Mike Cooper looking for a successive double in the 2 Wood Singles and Paul Leadbeater aiming for a hat trick in the Handicap. There is a full programme of Gents and Ladies Finals on the Saturday and Sunday and visitors are welcome to attend.