Match Reports & Results w/e 26th May 2013

It was sweet revenge for Victoria B.C. when they won their first round of the Turnbull Cup against Winscombe who had knocked Victoria out of the cup last year and had defeated Victoria 5 times in their last 6 encounters. Victoria’s highest winning rink was  Pete Lunn, Hugh Gibbs, Ken Harvey and skip Mike Stocker.

In the National Double Rink competition Victoria “B” team had an excellent win at Fosseway with Mike Cooper’s rink of Ray Fenwick, Phil Fisher and Colin Gazzard  recording a fine 15 shot victory with the other rink of Brian Johnson, Club Captain Mike Manning , Derek Hurst and skip Mike Stocker keeping it tight to ensure overall victory.

In the Weston & District Over 60s League both the Saxons and Vikings teams enjoyed their day of bowling with two fine wins. The Saxons went to the home of last season’s champions Ashcombe Crusaders and won on five of the six rinks, top rink was Malcolm Campbell, Ken Curtis and skip Derek Hurst.

The Vikings are also having a good start to their season and completed the double over Clarence Golds and are top of their division at present. Vikings won on four of the six rinks with the rink of Gwynne Jones, John Mingoe-West and skip Eric Sage claiming an emphatic 26 shot victory.

In the County League the “A” team who have started the season slowly returned from Nailsea without a point having lost on all 3 rinks. The “B” team entertained Wedmore “B” and won on all 3 rinks with Derek Hurst continuing his fine form by skipping his rink of Darren Beard, Mike Fletcher and Ken Curtis to an 18 shot victory. The “C” team proved too strong for the “D” TEAM  playing their first derby of the season winning on 2 rinks and the match overall by 11 shots. Both teams retired to the clubhouse after the game to enjoy the social aspect of the game of bowls on a sunny Bank Holiday Saturday.

The Mixed Friendly team travelled to play City of Wells and in a 4 rink match won just the one rink skipped by Mike Taylor . An away friendly at Clevedon also saw Victoria lose the match but they did win 2 of the 4 rinks skipped by Derek Hurst and Mike Taylor.The Bank Holiday Sunday saw an eager and excited coach load of bowlers and guests travel to Barnwood Gloucester for an annual friendly match which is always renowned for the splendid hospitality of the hosts. The match resulted in a narrow 4 shot victory for Victoria with the rink of Bill Nicholls, Pete Newport, Graham Hodge and Colin Gazzard leading the way with a 15 shot winning margin.

Turnbull Cup

Victoria 80 – 59 Winscombe
J. Newman, A. Uccellini, A. Bray, W. Harrison 17 – 12
D. Fairhurst, D. Williams, P. Leadbeater, C. Gazzard 19 – 15
M. Campbell, N. Sell, B. Stock, M. Cooper 15 – 22
P. Lunn, H. Gibbs, K. Harvey, M. Stocker 29 – 10

National Double rink

Victoria “B” 47 – 38 Fosseway – Away

The “B” team played in better conditions and had a good win away at Fosseway with Mike Cooper’s rink leading the way, but it is a team game as Mike Stocker’s rink kept it tight.

B. Johnson, M. Manning, D. Hurst, M. Stocker 18 – 24
R. Fenwick, P. Fisher, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper 29 – 14

Weston & District Over 60s League

Victoria Vikings 120 (16) – 82 (4) Clarence Golds
S. Thynne, G. Thorne, D. Jones 24 – 16
G. Jones, J. Mingo-West, E. Sage 33 – 7
B. Johnson, R. Sparkes, A. Shattock 15 – 11
L. Kelly, R. Austin, D. Avery 16 – 20
J. Codrington, P. Newport, C. York 24 – 13
R. Jacobs, C. Chudley, G. Frost 8 – 15

Victoria Saxons 120 (18) – 94 (2) Ashcombe Crusaders
M. Campbell, K. Curtis, D. Hurst 30 – 5
R. Rockett, M. Fletcher, S. Evans 12 – 22
R. Fenwick, A. Bray, M. Taylor 22 – 15
J. Newman, M. Manning, B. Stock 19 – 17
H. Whyte, A. Barnes, D. Williams 21 – 20
P. Lunn, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 16 – 15

County League

Victoria “A” 42 (0) – 65 (12) Nailsea – Away
J. Newman, A. Uccellini, B. Stock, M. Cooper 15 – 19
M. Campbell, D. Williams, C. Gazzard, W. Harrison 13 – 22
P. Lunn, H. Gibbs, K. Harvey, M. Stocker 14 – 24

Victoria “B” 72 (12) – 43 (0) Wedmore “B”
P. Wyatt, R. Fenwick, N. Sell, M. Manning 24 – 14
H. Whyte, P. Fisher, A. Bray, M. Taylor 18 – 17
D. Beard, M. Fletcher, K. Curtis, D. Hurst 30 – 12

Victoria “C” 60 (10) – 49 (2) Victoria “D”

“C” Team:

R. Austin, E. Sage, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost 20 – 16
J. Codrington, G. Richards, D. Fairhurst, D. jones 18 – 22
N. Stocker, M. Milliner, A. Barnes, S. Evans 22 – 11

“D” Team:

T. Gilbert, A. Webb, R. Sparkes, J. Griffiths 22 – 18
R. Jacobs, R. Hollier, P. Newport, D. Avery 16 – 20
L. Kelly, K. Holland, B. Saward, J. Kerr 11 – 22


Victoria 67 – 79 City of Wells – Mixed (Away)
F. Waters, M. Milliner, R. Cleeves, C. Chudley 18 – 20
W. Nicholls, R. Bailey, P. Newport, E. Sage 12 – 24
N. Stocker, S. Milliner, E. Newport, B. Stock 16 – 23
T. Ellis, M. Angove, M. Chudley, M. Taylor 21 – 12

Victoria 71 – 84 Clevedon – (Away)
J. Griffiths, L. Kelly, M. Fletcher, D. Hurst 22 – 18
J. Mingo-West, W. Nicholls, J. Smart, N. Sell 14 – 29
P. Wyatt, E. Sage, R. Rockett, M. Manning 12 – 24
R. Austin, M. Milliner, G. Frost, M. Taylor 23 – 13

Victoria 97 – 93 Barnwood (Gloucester) – Away
P. Wyatt, J. Griffiths, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 24 – 19
D. Fairhurst, L. Kelly, T. Gatehouse, M. Taylor 12 – 27
M. Campbell, C. Chudley, M. Fletcher, M. Manning 12 – 17
W. Nicholls, P. Newport, G. hodge, C. Gazzard 29 – 14
N. Stocker, E. Sage, K. Curtis, J. Newman 20 – 16