Match Reports & Results w/e 8th September 2013

Victoria Saxons suffered a setback in the Over 60’s league as they travelled across town to Clarence Park and lost by 6 shots to Clarence Blues picking up 6 points with 3 winning rinks skipped by Mike Stocker, Brian Stock and Ken Harvey.  Still, with just 18 points needed with two matches to play, they are still in with a chance of winning the league. The Mixed Friendly team travelled to Clevedon Prom and recorded a healthy win by 31 shots winning 4 of the 5 rinks. Mike Taylor again proved a master of the green skipping his rink of Richard Jacobs, Chris Sage and Vice Captain Cliff Chudley to an excellent 18 shot win. Victoria hosted the Spreadeagle Tourists, made up of retired Barclays bank personnel recruited from 11 counties. Spreadeagle tourists are unbeaten in all their touring games and in a close game Victoria nearly ruined that achievement but with Victoria needing 3 shots on the last end of the final rink to win Malcolm Campbell skipping could only get 2 shots which resulted in an overall draw. Victoria was the first port of call for the tourist who will go on to play another 5 clubs in the locality.

Victoria Saxons 98 (6) – 104 (14) Clarence Blues – Away
P. Lunn, A. Uccellini, M. Stocker 18 – 13
T. Gatehouse, J. Newman, K. Holland 13 – 22
M. Manning, A. Bray, M. Taylor 12 – 18
H. Whyte, K. Curtis, B. Stock 16 – 14
R. Rockett, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 20 – 14
M. Campbell, D. Sealey, D. Hurst 19 – 23


Victoria 105 – 74 Clevedon Prom (Mixed) – Away
C. Stevens, R. Sleep, J. Griffiths, R. Rockett 18 – 13
W. Nicholls, G. Poolman, S. Newman, E. Sage 18 – 23
R. Jacobs, C. Sage, C. Chudley, M. Taylor 27 – 9
L. Kelly, A. Waygood, E. Newport, D. Jones 17 – 14
B. Johnson, S. Sokol, M. Milliner, J. Newman 25 – 15

Victoria 72 – 72 Spread Eagle tourists
B. Johnson, J. Mingo-West, A. Barnes, N. Sell 19 – 15
P. Wyatt, M. Milliner, C. Chudley, J. Newman 17 – 24
L. Kelly, S. Thynne, N. Stocker, M. Stocker 16 – 15
W. Nicholls, D. Roberts, J. Griffiths, M. Campbell 20 – 18