Men and Mixed Match Reports 2021

Thursday 22nd April – Clarence Blues v Vikings

On a warm and sunny afternoon Clarence proved to strong and won all four Rinks. Reduced to 4 triples due to Covid restrictions. It was a pleasure to be able to play a match for the first time since 2019.

  1. Roberts, J. Smart, G. Rain                  17-22
  2. Pratt, L. Kelly, G. Frost                       14-21
  3. Hollier, M. Campbell, B. Johnson     17-19
  4. Bromet, B. Seward, G. Hodge          14-21 62-83   0-12

Sunday 25th April Battle of Sexes

On a sunny but windy afternoon the men overcame a strong resistance from the ladies winning on the 4 rink

Ladies                                                            Men

M.Kelly                                                          C.Cleeves

M.Slavin                                                        J.Swift

R.Cleaves               12                                  D.Fairhurst            19


N.Whyte                                                       D.Hubbard

C.Stevens                                                     R.Rockett

S.Newman             13                                  H.Gibbs                  29


D.Gibbs                                                        M.Campbell

B.Williams                                                   L.Kelly

A.Holland              16                                  J.Newman              17


G.Poolman                                                  Carmin

H.Frye                                                          R.Bromet

F.Waters                4                                   K.Holland               28

Total                    45                                                                   93

Sunday 2nd May – FUN DAY

Much Fun was had on a very sunny afternoon.

Fiona Waters and Keegan Fairhurst being the only bowlers to score ten on the target rink.

But the top scorers for the Men was Hugh Gibbs 66 and for the Ladies Hannah Frye 79.

It was announced  that Darcey Callister and Gemma Emsley-Gray have been selected to play for Somerset Juniors.


On a sunny, windy chilly afternoon the Saxons shared the rinks with the visitors but came out on top with the match score.

  1. Carpenter, B. Pocock, P. Owen          20-12
  2. Robbins, J. Newman, A. Jackson        07-19
  3. Coumis, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper      27-08
  4. Milliner, D. Williams, C. Heal              14-20     68-59   (8-4)

Wednesday 5th May – Avon & Somerset Polic3

Due to inclement weather the game was played over 14 ends

  1. D.Gibbs, N. Whyte, D. Fairhurst               21-08
  2. B.Williams, R. Rockett, H. Gibbs               17-08
  3. G.Poolman, D. Hubbard, M. Hillman       18-09
  4. H.Whyte, G. Richards, C. Stevens             11-14    67-39

Sunday 9th May – St Andrews (mixed)

  1. Payne, H. Frye, D. Fairhurst
  2. Payne, F. Waters, P. Sloman
  3. Cleeves, R. Cleeves, A. Jackson
  4. Jan Jackson, M. Campbell, K. Wilson