Men/Mixed match reports 2017

Saturday 15th April – President – v – Captain

President Captain
D. Roberts A. Waygood
R. Rockett J. Newman
M. Stocker 25 D. Hurst 21

M. Payne R. Hollier
R. Bromet E. Sage
A. Shattock J. Smart
A. Yates 21 K. Holland 15

J. Codrington T. Gilbert
S. Stocker H. Whyte
G. Rain B. Pocock
S. Evans 13 C. Gazzard 20

D. Hubbard D. Parker
P. Lunn G. Hodge
D. Wheatley D. Sealey
M. Cooper 20 W. Harrison 19

J. Turton L. Kelly
J. Kerr G. Richards
P. Coumis T. Gatehouse
L. Stocker 12 C. Heal 19

Alan Hollier D. Carpenter
D, Williams M. Milliner
P. Fisher 20 D. Jones 14

G. Robbins W. Nicholls
P. Wyatt H. Gibbs
A. Bray 23 G. Frost 18

Total 134 126

Wednesday 19th April – Vikings – v – Clarence Golds

A. Waygood, R. Hollier, D. Jones 18-16
A. Hollier, W. Nicholls, G. Frost 13-21
L. Kelly, J. Langridge, J. Smart 18-13
N. Robbins, J. Turton, G. Hodge 16-08
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage 11-14
R. Jacobs, D. Parker, D. Williams 12-18 88-90 (6-14)

Saturday 22nd April – Weston Bath
L. Kelly. G. Hodge, J. Smart, D. Jones 12-25
S.Stocker. A. Waygood, D. Hurst, C. Gazzard 10-24
N. Robbins, P. Wyatt, K. Harvey, P. Fisher 18-20
D. Beard, H. Whyte, D. Fairhurst, M. Cooper 18-20
R. Bromet, S. Evans, J. Newman, M. Stocker 18-19
B. Pocock, G. Richards, L. Stocker, C. Heal 28-24 105-132

Sunday 23rd April – Battle of the Sexes
Gentleman Ladies
H. Whyte N. Whyte
Carmine C. Harraway
G. Hodge C. Sage
S. Davies S. Newman 27-06

J. Fenn M. Slavin
M. Payne B. Williams
G. Richards A. Holland
M. Cooper M. Chudley 18-12

D. Carpenter V. Worthington
J. Langridge H. Chesters
E. Sage S. Pocock
L. Stocker K. Wilson 21-13

R. Bromet F. Payne
B. Nicholls H. Frye
M. Milliner C. Stevens
J. Newman M. Hillman 19-12

L. Kelly R. Bailey
D. Roberts A. Culpeck
B. Pocock R. Cleeves
D. Hurst S. Cooper 23-08 109-51

Wednesday 26th April – Penarth
B. Pocock, T. Gatehouse, A. Shattock, D. Jones 19-17
L. Kelly, D. Williams, D. Wheatley, M. Cooper 20-19
D. Parker, R. Bromet, A. Bray, M, Stocker 24-13
D. Beard, E. Sage, P. Wyatt, P. Leadbeater 17-12
G. Robbins, W. Nicholls, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard 12-32
Carmine, R. Rockett, J. Newman, J. Smart 24-11 116-194

Thursday 27th April – Vikings – v – Portishead
Alec Waygood, R. Hollier, D. Jones 21-10
Alan Hollier, W. Nicholls, G. Frost 15-17
D. Hubbard, J. Langridge, J. Smart 17-10
N. Robbins, J. Turton, G. Hodge 06-26
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage 14-15
R. Jacobs, D. Parker, D. Williams 09-18 82-96 (4-16)

Thursday 27th April – Saxons – v – Winscombe
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper 26-18
R. Bromet, A. Bray, M. Stocker 22-08
B. Pocock, D. Hurst, A. Yates 12-12
H. Whyte, G. Richards, K. Holland 18-24
Carmine, D. Wheatley, C. Heal 16-18
M. Campbell, S. Evans, J. Newman 16-19 110-99 (13-7)

Saturday 29th April – Burnham-on-Sea
N. Robbins, G. Richards,P. Wyatt, W. Harrison 19-22
A. Waygood H. Whyte, D. Jones, M. Cooper 28-12
G. Rain, M. Milliner, H. Gibbs, C. Heal 21-12
L. Kelly, T. Gatehouse, J. Newman, C. Gazzard 21-21
R. Bromet, D. Carpenter, A. Yates, M. Stocker 27-09
D. Beard, J. Langridge, K. Holland, P. Fisher 17-15 133-89

Tuesday 2nd May – Saxons – v – Clarence Blues

R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper 25-09
R. Bromet, A. Bray, M. Stocker 15-18
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates 12-19
M. Milliner, D. Williams, C. Heal 18-16
H. Whyte, G. Richards, K. Holland 11-18
P. Lunn, J. Newman, K. Harvey 21-20 102-100 (14-6)

Wednesday 3rd May – Avon & Somerset Police

N. Whyte, B. Cardwell, R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst 18-18
S. Milliner, B. Williams, H. Whyte, R. Rockett 17-19
G. Poolman, L. Kelly, J. Smart, S. Cooper 25-14
D. Hubbard, M. Kelly, M. Milliner, E. Sage 21-28 81-79

Thursday 4th May – Saxons – Yatton

R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper 29-15
R. Bromet, A. Bray, M. Stocker 18-10
B.Pocock, S. Evans, A. Yates 21-15
M. Milliner, D. Hurst, C. Heal 18-15
H. Whyte, D. Williams, K. Holland 15-14
P. Lunn, J. Newman, K. Harvey 15-20 116-89 (18-2)

Thursday 4th May – Vikings – v – Nailsea

Alec Waygood, R. Hollier, D. Jones 21-13
Carmine, D. Parker, G. Frost 23-19
L. Kelly, J. Langbridge, J. Smart 17-16
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage 10-22
N. Robbins, J. Turton, G. Hodge 11-22
R. Jacobs, W. Nicholls, B. Johnson 12-28 94-120 (6-14)

Saturday 6th May – Over 70s – v – Under 70s
The annual match was played in a friendly competitive spirit with the
Unders just edging home. This was assisted by the addition of 3 or 4 players
Who qualified for the Overs.
No match details are available. 

Tuesday 9th May – Banwell 4D

Singles – C. Gazzard                                                                21-10
Pairs – S. Davies, M. Cooper                                                  25-16
Triples – P. Wyatt, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                          16-15
Fours – D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, M. Stocker, C. Heal           25-13
Wednesday 10th May – Saxons – v – St. Andrews

R. Bromet, A. Bray, M. Stocker                                                 22-11
J. Langridge, D.Sealey, A. Yates                                                21-07
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                          17-13
M. Milliner, D.Williams, C. Heal                                                05-22
H. Whyte, P. Lunn, J. Newman                                                 17-12
Carmine, D. Hurst, K. Harvey                                                   23-07 105-72 (18-2)

Thursday 11th May – Bridgwater

P. Coumis, E. Sage, A. Bray, P. Leadbeater                             23-13
D. Beard, R. Rockett, J. Smart, K. Harvey                                12-21
L. Kelly, P. Wyatt, A. Shattock, D. Jones                                   18-10
B. Johnson, M. Campbell, D. Fairhurst, J. Newman               21-17
H. Whyte, J. Langridge, B. Pocock, D. Hurst                           20-18 94-69

Friday 12th May – Vikings – v – Ashcombe Knights

Carmine, J. Turton, G. Frost                                                    08-29
L. Kelly, J. Langridge, J. Smart                                                 20-18
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                        13-20
D. Hubbard, A. Waygood, D. Jones                                       20-13
R. Jacobs, W. Nicholls, B. Johnson                                         00-10
N. Robbins, G. Jones, T. Gilbert                                             09-25 70-115 (4-16)

Saturday 13th May – “A” – v – Purnell “A”
R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, C. Heal                       20-16
P. Wyatt, J, Newman, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                     13-23
D. Beard, A. Yates, S. Davies, M. Cooper                             15-23 48-62 (2-10)

Saturday 13th May – “B” – v – Winscombe “A”
H. Whyte, M. Campbell, A. Bray, M. Stocker                      20-19
S. Stocker,B. Pocock, A. Shattock, , P. Fisher                     16-24
Carmine, P. Coumis, H. Gibbs, K. Harvey                           17-21 53-64 (2-10)

Saturday 13th May – “C” – v – Bristol “B”
D. Carpenter, M. Milliner, D. Williams, D. Jones               13-38
N. Robbins, J. Langridge, S. Evans, J. Smart                       15-31
L. Kelly, T. Gatehouse, D. Sealey, , G. Frost                        13-23 41-92 (0-12)

Sunday 14th May – GB Britton (mixed)

L. Kelly, W. Nicholls, K. Wilson, M. Cooper                       15-25
Carmine, R. Bailey, S. Newman, C. Gazzard                    18-16
V. Worthington, H. Chesters, B. Pocock, D. Hurst          16-16
M. Slavin, S. Pocock, R. Bromet, J. Newman                    17-21
M. Kelly, T. Gatehouse, C. Stevens, D. Fairhurst             27-14 93-92

Thursday 18th May – Somerset Masonic
R. Bromet, E. Sage, A. Shattock, D. Jones                        15-27
Carmine, A. Waygood, R. Rockett, K.Harvey                   21-13
M. Milliner, W. Nicholls, J. Smart, D. Fairhurst               36-06
P. Coumis, G. Richards, M. Campbell, D. Hurst             30-12 102-58

Friday 19th May – Vikings – v – Clevedon Prom
R. Jacobs, A. Waygood, D. Jones                                      17-10
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                  16-16
Carmine, D. Williams, G. Frost                                         13-19
Alan Hollier, W. Nicholls, B Johnson                               10-16
N. Robbins, J. Turton, G. Rain                                          18-13
J. Codrington, G. Jones, T. Gilbert                                   22-14 96-88 (15-5)

Saturday 20th May – “A” – Bath “A” (SCL)

R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, C. Heal               19-27
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, L. Stocker, W. Harrison             15-22
D. Beard, A. Yates, S. Davies, M. Cooper                     22-16 56-65 (2-10)

Saturday 20th May – “B” – v – St. Andrews

T. Bray, M. Manning, M. Campbell, M. Stocker         21-22
P. Lunn, P. Coumis, H. Gibbs, K. Harvey                    36-09
S. Stocker, B. Pocock, K. Holland, P. Fisher               18-18 75-49 (9-3)

Saturday 20th May – “C” – v – Portishead

D. Carpenter, M. Milliner, D. Williams, D. Jones      22-18
Carmine, D. Sealey, A.Shattock, G, Frost                  16-21
N. Robbins, G. Richards, R. Rockett, J. Smart           12-20 50-59 (2-10)

Saturday 20th May – “D” – v – Clevedon Prom “C”

M. Payne, J. Turton, D. Wheatley                              16.50-19
A. Hollier, R. Jacobs, W. Nicolls                                  15.75-17
D. Hubbard, D. Roberts, A. Waygood, J. Kerr               28-10 60.25-46 (8-4)

Sunday 21st May – Worcester Community
H. Frye, R. Cleeves, M. Hillman                15 – 12  (after 5 ends we were 10 – 0)
D. Carpenter, R. Bailey, C. Stevens         32 – 5    (23 – 0 after 8)
F. Waters, M. Milliner, D. Hurst               24 – 6
Carmine, K. Wilson, M. Chudley              14 – 13
F. Payne, M. Payne, W. Nicholls               24 – 11   Needs a special mention, Bill Nicholls in  his 1st
H. Chesters, R. Bromet, M. Campbell     18 – 15“  5 – 12 down after 9 ends.   Good comeback.
                                                                   127 – 62
Sunday 21st May – Willmott Park (National Double Rink)
P Wyatt, D Fairhurst, J Newman, W Harrison         17 – 21
T Bray, R Bromet, C Gazzard, M Cooper                 33 – 10     50-31


Wednesday 24th May – Saxons – v – Ashcombe Crusaders

R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                        16-18
R. Bromet, T. Bray, M. Stocker                                               22-10
B. Pocock, D.Sealey, A. Yates                                                 20-15
H. Whyte, D. Williams, C. Heal                                               17-19
P. Lunn, D. Wheatley, J. Newman                                         16-13
M. Campbell, D. Hurst. K. Harvey                                         23-14 114-89 (16-4)

Thursday 25th May – Vikings – v – Clarence Golds
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                      28-07
Carmine, D. Roberts, D. Jones                                             16-09
D. Hubbard, J. Langridge, J. Smart                                      29-11
J. Codrington, J. Turton, T. Gilbert                                      09-20
A. Hollier, B. Nicholls, B. Johnson                                      20-15
N. Robbins, R. Jacobs, G. Frost                                           09-28 111-90 (16-4)

Friday 26th May – Saxons – v – Clevedon Prom (O60s KO Cup)
B. Pocock, D. Sealey. A. Yates                                          28-11
M. Campbell, K. Harvey, D.Hurst                                    20-14
P. Lunn, J. Newman, K. Holland                                      15-16
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                       08-19
R. Bromet, T. Bray, M. Stocker                                        14-16
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                 24-11 109-87

Saturday 27th May – “C” – v – Willmott Park
D. Carpenter, M. Milliner, D. Williams, D. Jones           12-22
Carmine, S. Evans, A. Shattock, G. Frost                        13-26
N. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, J. Langridge, J. Smart         20-28 45-74 (0-12)

Saturday 27th May – “A” – v – Watchet “A”

R. Bromet, D. Fairhust, M. Stocker, C. Gazzard             15-23
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison            28-18
S. Stocker, D. Beard, S. Davies, M. Cooper                    15-20 58-61 (2-10)

Sunday 28th May – Barnwood
W. Nicholls, J. Dix, D. Williams, R. Rockett                     12-20
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, D. Beard, M. Stocker             12-23
A. Bray. M. Taylor, R. Bird, J. Newman                           15-26
Carmine, J. Jones, P. Wyatt, B. Pocock                           11-22
R. Bromet, C. Chudley, K. Harvey, W. Harrison            22-17 72-108

 Monday 29th May – Horsell Tourists
S. Milliner, P. Coumis, C. Stevens, M. Cooper             20-15
C. Sage, H. Whyte, R, Rockett, S. Cooper                     16-10
G. Poolman, J. Fenn, K. Wilson, E. Sage                       15-12
N. Whyte, M. Milliner, B. Mangan, D. Hurst                13-15
R. Bailey, S. Sokol, M. Campbell, D. Jones                   19-13 83-64

Tuesday 30th May – Vikings – v – Wedmore
Carmine, R. Hollier D. Jones                                         15-12
G. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                              09-23
A. Waygood, G. Frost, G. Richards                              09-20
N. Robbins, J. Langridge, J. Smart                               08-20
W. Nicholls, J. Turton, T. Gilbert                                 10-24
A. Hollier, M. Manning, G. Hodge                              11-18 62-117 (2-18)

Wednesday 31st May – Bristol Arrow
R. Bromet, W. Nicholls, E. Sage, J. Newman            23-16
Carmine, G. Hodge, J. Smart, C. Heal                       15-15
D. Roberts, G. Richards, B. Pocock, D. Hurst          16-16
P. Coumis, M. Milliner, D. Fairhurst, D. Jones        15-15 70-62

Saturday 3rd June “B” – v – Yatton
B. Pocock, J. Newman, P. Fisher, K. Holland          24-20
A, Bray, H. Whyte, A. Yates. P. Leadbeater            29-08
P. Coumis, R. Bromet, K. Harvey, D. Hurst            21-13 74-41 (12-0)

Sunday 4th June – Willmott Park (Top Club)
Two wood single – C. Gazzard                                            15-12
Four wood singles – M. Stocker                                         22-11
Four wood Pairs – R. Bromet, M. Cooper                        17-22
Triples – P. Wyatt, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                      15-21
Fours – D. Beard, N. Campbell, Newman, C. Heal         17-15      3-2

Sunday 4th June – Droitwich Vines Park
Carmine, M. Milliner, C. Sage, S. Cooper                          23-16
D. Carpenter, W. Nicholls, K. Wilson, E.Sage                   09-22
B. Williams, H. Chester, C. Stevens, D. Hurst                  22-23
S. Milliner, H. Frye, M. Chudley, K. Holland                     18-11
M. Kelly, R. Bailey, C. Chudley,                                          01-38
L. Kelly, M. Taylor, A. Holland, S. Newman                     13-25 86-135

Tuesday 6th June – Saxons – v – Yatton
D. Williams, J. Newman, K. Holland                                19-10
R. Bromet, T. Bray, M. Stocker                                        27-07
M. Campbell, K. Harvey, D. Hurst                                   25-11
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, D. Wheatley                             14-17
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                         16-14
H. Whyte, M. Manning, C. Heal                                      21-11 122-70 (18-2)

Thursday 8th June – Clarence
Carmine, S. Evans, P. Fisher, M. Stocker                            18-17
P. Coumis, M. Milliner, D. Fairhurst, P. Leadbeater         22-15
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, G. Richards, C. Heal                           10-15
S. Stocker, T. Gatehouse, R. Rockett, D. Hurst                 17-16
P. Wyatt, H. Whyte, L. Stocker, K. Holland                        12-16 79-79

Friday 9th June – Berkshire Masonic
G, Poolman, M. Milliner, M. Campbell, E. Sage               11-17
M. Milliner, D>Beard,S. Newman. R. Rockett                  19-17
D. Rimmer, C. Chudley, R. Bromet, J. Newman               21-12
B. Williams, R. Cleeves, D. Jones, M. Hillman                   19-21
H. Frye, S. Sokol, B. Johnson, D. Hurst                              22-16
W. Nicholls, Carmine, C. Sage, D. Fairhurst                     31-21 123-104

Saturday 10th June – “D” – v – Mark Moor
M. Payne, D. Hubbard, J. Turton, J. Kerr                           18-13
A. Hollier, W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse, J. Langridge          28-12
N. Robbins, J. Fenn, B. Saward, D. Wheatley                   09-28 55-54 (10-2)

Sunday 11th June – Worcester
Carmine, F. Payne, F. Waters, S. Cooper                         19-21
J. Fenn, S. Pocock, R. Rockett, K. Holland                        20-14
B. Williams, E. Harraway, M. Milliner, S. Davies             14-19
D. Carpenter, S. Milliner, B. Pocock, D. Hurst                16-22
D. Rimmer, M. Slavin, P. Wyatt, P. Fisher                       26-18
D. Hubbard, M. Payne, A. Holland, J. Smart                  22-19 117-113

Monday 12th June – Saxons – v – BoS (over 60s KO Cup)
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                               17-23
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                     17-22
M. Campbell, K. Harvey, D. Hurst                                 21-11
M. Milliner, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                     17-22
R. Bromet, A. Bray, M. Stocker                                     16-09
D. Williams, J. Newman, K. Holland                             17-14 105-101

Tuesday 13th June – Vikings – v – Templars
Carmine, R. Hollier, D. Jones                                        15-17
G. Richards T. Gatehouse, B. Johnson                        20-13
A. Hollier, J. Turton, G. Hodge                                      09-16
W. Nicholls, M. Manning, B. Saward                           19-15
N. Robbins, G. Frost, J. Smart                                       16-19
J. Codrington, G. Jones, T. Gilbert                                 07-29 86-109 (4-16)

Wednesday 14th June – Saxons – v – Crusaders
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                   23-16
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                     20-14
A. Bray, R. Bromet, M. Stocker                                   19-21
M. Campbell, K. Harvey, D. Hurst                              21-11
D. Williams, J. Newman, K. Holland                           09-24
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                           23-09 115-95 (16-4)

Thursday 15th June – Clevedon Prom (NSBA KO Cup)
S. Stocker, D. Hurst, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                    25-23
R. Bromet, A. Bray, M. Stocker, C. Heal                            13-24
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison              24-12
H. Whyte, D. Williams, D. Fairhurst, P. Leadbeater        26-13
P. Coumis, J. Newman, P. Fisher, S. Davies                     30-19 118-

Friday 16th June – Clevedon Prom (Double Rink)
A. Bray, R. Bromet, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                    17-20
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, M. Stocker, C. Heal                    14-27 31-47

Saturday 17th June A” – v – Taunton “A”
P. Coumis, R. Bromet, D. Fairhust, C. Gazzard              15-25
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, M. Campbell, W. Harrison           25-18
S. Stocker, D. Beard, M. Stocker, M. Cooper                  17-21 57-64 (2-10)

Saturday 17th June “B” – v – Congresbury “A”
H. Whyte, D. Sealey, M. Manning, P. Fisher                    22-21
A. Bray, D. Williams, H. Gibbs, A. Yates                           17-22
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, A. Shattock, K. Holland            10-22 49-65 (2-10)

Saturday 17th June “C” – v – Wrington
D. Roberts, M. Milliner, J. Langridge, D. Jones               15-19
D. Hubbard, C. Chudley. G. Frost, G. Hodge                  13-24
Carmine, N. Robbins, S. Evans G. Richards                    19-21 47-64 (0-12)
Tuesday 20th June – Vikings – v – Crusaders (O60s KO Cup)
* D. Jones came on as a subsitute
D. Hubbard, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                  10-00 (rink conceded by Crusaders)
J. Codrington*, T. Gatehouse,  T. Gilbert                      05-18
N. Robbins, J. Langridge, J. Smart                                  16-16
J. Turton, M. Manning, B. Johnson                                10-17
A. Hollier, G. Frost, G. Hodge                                         04-27
Carmine, W. Nicholls, G. Richards                                11-23 56-101

Sunday 25th June – Yatton (Top Club)
2W Singles – C. Gazzard                                                  16-07
4W Singles – L. Stocker                                                   21-18
Pairs – S. Stocker, M. Cooper                                        27-13
Triples – P. Wyatt, S. Davies, W. Harrison                   17-11
4s – J. Newman, K. Holland, D. Fairhurst, C. Heal      32-06      5-0

Sunday 25th June – Gilfach Gogh
G. Richards, M. Manning, B. Pocock, D. Hurst           25-12
D. Carpenter, Carmine, M. Campbell, P. Fisher        24-15
M. Milliner, B. Nicholls, S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst        28-12
J. Fenn, G. Hodge, H. Gibbs, J. Smart                          13-28      90-67

Tuesday 27th June – St. Andrews (T/C)
R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, P. Fisher, C. Heal                 18-15
P. Coumis, J. Newman, S. Davies, P. Leadbeater      23-14
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison       20-22
S. Stocker, A. Yates, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper              16-18 77-69

Saturday 1st July “A” – v – RBL “A”
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison        23-16
P. Coumis, P. Leadbeater, S. Davies, C. Heal            28-16
S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper       32-14 83-43 (12-0)

Saturday 1st July “B” – v – BoS “A”
D. Beard, A. Bray, K. Harvey, A. Yates                         17-23
R. Bromet, J. Newman, H. Gibbs, D. Hurst                 18-23
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, P. Fisher, K. Holland            19-24 54-70 (0-12))

Saturday 1st July “C” – v – Ashcombe “A”
N. Robbins, P. Lunn, M. Manning, G. Hodge             14-32
Carmine, G. Frost, D. Sealey, G. Richards                  06-29
D. Carpenter, M. Milliner, D. Williams, A. Shattock  15-27 35-88 (0-12))

Saturday 1st July “D” – v – Ashcombe “C”
D. Hubbard, E. Sage, J. Turton, J. Kerr                        27-13
A. Hollier, G. Rain, T. Gatehouse, J. Langridge         16-24
A. Waygood, J. Fenn, B, Saward, S. Evans                 20-20 63-57 (9-3)

Tuesday 4th July – Winscombe (T/C)
S. Stocker, A. Yates, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper              23 – 12
R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, P. Fisher, C. Heal                21 – 10
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison       21 – 10
P. Coumis, J. Newman, S. Davies, P. Leadbeater      21 – 11 86-43

Wednesday 5th July – Ashcombe (NS KO Cup)
S. Stocker, H. Gibbs, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper            18-21
B. Pocock, M. Manning, M. Campbell, C. Heal         38-06
P. Wyatt, R. Bromet, L. Stocker, W. Harrison           37-18
Carmine, H. Whyte, R. Rockett, D. Fairhurst,           27-20
P. Coumis, J. Newman, P. Fisher, S. Davies              21-13 141-78

Friday 7th July – Vikings – v – Templars
N. Robbins, G. Frost, J. Smart                                     20-16
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                               22-13
Carmine, C. Chudley, H. Gibbs                                  23-11
G. Robbins, A. Waygood, B. Johnson                        11-13
J. Codrington, W. Nicholls, G. Hodge,                       19-13
D. Hubbard, J. Turton, J. Langridge                           18-11 113-77 (18-2)

Friday 7th July – BoS (NSBA 4D)
Singles – C. Gazzard                                                       21-15
Pairs – S. Davies, M. Cooper                                          27-11
Triples – P. Wyatt, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                  08-26
4s – S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst, M. Campbell, C. Heal    33-10    3-1

Saturday 8th July – “B” – v – RBL “B”
D. Beard, H. Whyte, J. Newman, A. Yates                   23-21
R. Bromet, P. Lunn, H. Gibbs, D. Hurst                      27-14
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, K. Holland, P. Fisher           11-21 61-56 (10-2)

Saturday 8th July – “C” – v – Ashcombe “B”
Carmine, G. Frost, J. Langridge, J. Smart                   24-17
D. Carpenter, M. Milliner, D. Williams, A. Shattock 22-19
T. Gatehouse, E. Sage, M. Manning, G. Hodge        11-28 57-64 (4-8)

Saturday 8th July – “D” – Yatton “B”
Did not play due to shortage of names

Sunday 9th July – Clevedon (Top Club)
2w singles – C. Gazzard                                              16-08
4w singles – R. Bromet                                               21-12
Pairs – Carmine, A. Yates                                           20-22
Triples – R. Rockett, M. Campbell, P. Fisher            25-26
4s – P. Coumis, M. Manning, J. Newman, C. Heal   21-30 2-3

Sunday 9th July – Worcester County Ground
W. Nicholls, D. Rimmer, A. Culpack, D. Williams     21-11
M. Slavin, E. Harraway, E. Sage, A. Jackson              23-15
B. Williams, Carmine, R. Bromet, C. Stevens           26-09
R. Bailey, H. Chesters, E. Newport, M. Manning     20-14
S. Milliner, D. Hubbard, C. Sage, R. Rockett             30-08
Jan Jackson, G. Poolman, M. Milliner, J. Newman   36-05 154-60

Wednesday 12th July – Saxons – v – BoS
M. Campbell, K. Harvey, D. Hurst                             27-09
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley. C. Heal                                 26-09
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Stocker                          14-13
P. Lunn, J. Newman, K. Holland                                19-17
R. Rockett, J. Langridge, M. Cooper                         33-08
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                   24-13 143-69 (20-0)

Thursday 13th July – Vikings – v – Ashcombe Knights
J. Turton, B. Saward, B. Johnson                              18-14
J. Codrington, G. Hodge, G. Richards                      23-12
D. Hubbard, M. Campbell, C. Chudley                    11-18
W. Nicholls, D.Roberts, J. Langridge                        15-12
N. Robbins, G. Frost, J. Smart                                   18-17
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                              11-19 96-90 (16-4)

Saturday 15th July – Cheltenham
M. Slavin, D. Hubbard, J. Langridge, C. Heal          21-14
Carmine, R. Bromet, G. Hodge                                21-14
B. Williams, A. Hollier, W. Nicholls                          18-22
L. Kelly, S. Pocock, T. Gatehouse, M. Manning      17-21
D. Rimmer, E. Harraway, C. Stevens, G. Richards 09-24
C. Sage, A. Culpack, C. Chudley, K. Harvey            23-12
M. Kelly, M. Noone, E. Sage, B. Pocock                  21-17 130-124

Tuesday 18th July – Vikings – v – Mark Moor
Alex Waygood, J. Turton, B. Johnson                       23-18
J. Codrington, W. Nicholls, G. Hodge                       19-11
G. Robbins, M. Manning, J. Langridge                     13-19
A. Hollier, G. Richards, E. Sage                                 26-12
L. Kelly. C. Chudley, D. Jones                                    15-15
N. Robbins, G. Frost, B. Saward                               08-27 104-102 (15-5)

Wednesday 19th July – Bristol Arrow
L. Kelly, M. Milliner, M. Campbell, J. Newman      17-21
W. Nicholls, E. Sage, G. Richards, J. Smart             16-20
R. Bromet, C. Chudley, B. Pocock, D. Jones          19-15
A. Waygood, C. Heal, A. Shattock, D. Fairhurst    25-21 77-77

Thursday 20th July – Saxons – v – Winscombe
M. Milliner, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                      13-24
G. Robbins, D. Wheatley. C. Heal                          11-21
R. Bromet. D. Williams, M. Stocker                       14-23
B. Pocock, D.Sealey, A. Yates                                 14-16
S. Evans, J. Newman, K. Holland                            09-11
M. Campbell, M. Manning, K. Harvey                   21-08 82-103 (2-18)
Saturday 22nd July – “A” – v – Banwell “A”
R. Bromet, M. Campbell, P. Leadbeater, W. Harrison       20-15
P. Wyatt, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                    24-14
P. Coumis, H. Gibbs, J. Newman, C. Heal                            13-21 57-50 (10-2)

Saturday 22nd July – “B” – v – Chew Stoke “A”
P. Lunn, M. Manning, A. Shattock, A. Yates                        17-21
H. Whyte, D. Williams, S. Davies, M. Stocker                      29-21
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, K. Holland, P. Fisher                    29-23 75-65 (10-2)

Saturday 22nd July – “C” – v – Congresbury “B”
D. Carpenter, C. Chudley, M. Milliner, D. Jones                 18-29
Carmine, G. Frost, S. Evans, E. Sage                                    20-23
N. Robbins, L. Kelly, G. Hodge, J. Kerr                                 26-14 64-66 (2-10)

Sunday 23rd July – Worcester Brotherhood
Game not played due to weather conditions

Tuesday 25th July – Saxons – v – BoS
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                    17-10
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Stocker                                    24-17
B. Pocock, S. Evans, A. Yates                                               14-18
M. Milliner, J. Newman, K. Holland                                    13-25
H. Whyte, J. Langridge, C. Heal                                           12-13
P. Lunn, D. Jones, K. Harvey                                                14-17 94-100 (4-10)

Tuesday 25th July – Bridgwater (Turnbull Cup)
P. Coumis, J. Newman, S. Davies, P. Leadbeater            28-15
R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, P. Fisher, C. Heal                       27-10
S. Stocker, H. Gibbs, A. Yates, M. Cooper                        30-12
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, M. Stocker                19-16 104-53

Wednesday 26th July – Vikings – v – Mark Moor
Carmine, A. Waygood, D. Jones                                       07-16
G. Robbins, W. Nicholls, M. Manning                             10-25
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, B. Saward                                22-12
L. Kelly, J. Turton, J. Langridge                                         11-14
J. Codrington, G. Hodge, G. Richards                             26-12
N. Robbins, G. Frost, J. Smart                                          15-21 91-100 (4-16)

Thursday 27th July – Banwell
W. Nicholls, G. Hodge, R. Bromet, P. Fisher                  15-10
A. Hollier, D. Hubbard, T. Gatehouse, P. Leadbeater  19-09
L. Kelly, E. Sage, G. Richards, A. Shattock                      06-17
N. Robbins, M. Milliner, D. Jones, B. Pocock                 20-06 60-42

Due to adverse weather conditions the game was curtailed at 15 ends

Friday 28th July – Saxons – v – Wedmore (O60s KO Cup)
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Stocker                           12-24
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                    26-08
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                 27-07
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                           24-04
M. Campbell,S. Evans, K. Harvey                              13-14
M. Milliner, J. Newman, K. Holland                          12-14     114-71

Saturday 29th July – “A” – v – Clevedon “A”
S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper     12-25
P. Wyatt, L. Stocker, P. Leadbeater, W. Harrison   18-24
H. Whyte, M. Campbell, J. Newman, C. Heal          10-16 50-65 (0-12)

Saturday 29th July – “B” – v – West Backwell
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, K. Holland, P. Fisher        16-28
N. Robbins, J. Langridge, G. Richards, M. Stocker 14-32
R. Bromet, P. Lunn, A. Shattock, A. Yates               32-08 62-68 (2-10)

Saturday 29th July – “C” – v – Clarence “B”
D. Carpenter, J. Turton, J.Kerr, D, Jones            14-26
Carmine, M. Milliner, G, Hodge, M. Manning  20-19
Alan Hollier, G. Frost, E. Sage, D. Williams       20-19 54-64 (4-8)

Sunday 30th July – G B Britton
L. Kelly, E. Harraway, R. Bromet, K. Wilson        43-06
M. Kelly, D. Hubbard, F. Waters, B. Pocock       20-10
H. Frye, S. Pocock, R. Bailey, T. Gatehouse        07-42
B. Williams, S. Milliner, A. Culpack, J. Newman 21-10
Carmine, W. Nicholls, M. Milliner, B. Mangan   14-18
M. Slavin, D. Rimmer, J. Fenn, E. Sage                 11-28 116-114

Sunday 30th July – Clevedon (4D)
Singles – C. Gazzard                                                   21-10
Pairs – M. Milliner, P. Leadbeater                             23-23
Triples – P. Wyatt, L. Stocker, W. Harrison              18-11
Fours – S. Stocker, L. Kelly, D. Fairhurst, C. Heal    14-13 3.5-0.5

Tuesday 1st August – North Petherton (Turnbull Cup)
P. Coumis, J. Newman, M. Stocker, P. Leadbeater        16-20
S. Stocker, H. Gibbs, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                  29-15
R. Bromet, D. Fairhurst, P. Fisher, C. Heal                      18-22
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison             18-16 81-73

Thursday 3rd August – Vikings – v – Portishead
Carmine, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                        08-21
N. Robbins, G. Frost, J. Smart                                         24-10
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                   15-20
D. Roberts, M. Manning, B. Johnson                            17-16
L. Kelly, J. Turton, J. Langridge                                       06-29
J. Codrington, G. Hodge, G. Richards                           24-10 94-106 (6-14)

Saturday 5th August – “A” – v – Ilminster
S. Stocker, J. Newman, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                  15-19
P. Wyatt, H. GibbsL. Stocker, P. Leadbeater,                     24-14
P. Coumis, M. Campbell, S. Davies, C. Heal                       11-24 50-57 (2-10)

Saturday 5th August – “B” – v – Clevedon “B”
Game awarded to VBC as Clevedon could not raise team
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, K. Holland, P. Fisher                    00-00
P. Lunn, H. Whyte, H. Gibbs, M. Stocker                             00-00
N. Robbins, R. Bromet, D. Jones, A. Yates                          00-00

Saturday 5th August – “C” – v – Nailsea “B”
D. Carpenter, L. Kelly, G. Hodge, J. Smart                                      21-24
D. Hubbard, A. Hollier, G. Frost, G. Richards                                14-17
Carmine, M. Milliner, M. Manning, J. Langridge                           18-18 53-59 (1-11)

Tuesday 8th August – Saxons – v – Clarence Blues
L. Kelly, R. Rockett, A. Shattock                                                      12-29
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                                      28-11
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                                         31-06
R. Bromet, J. Newman, K. Holland                                                 14-24
M. Manning, D. Williams, M. Stocker                                            14-24
P. Lunn, M. Campbell, K. Harvey                                                   11-14 111-116 (4-16)

Wednesday 9th August – Banwell
N. Robbins, W. Nicholls, R. Bromet, P. Fisher                                         43-03
L. Kelly, E. Sage, G. Richards, A. Shattock                                                27-17
G. Robbins, C. Chudley, H. Whyte, , R. Rockett                                       15-19
D. Hubbard, D. Roberts, M. Manning, K. Holland                                  21-19 106-58

Thursday 10th August – Minehead
P. Wyatt, E. Sage, L. Stocker, P. Leadbeater                                         23-22
R. Bromet, A. Waygood, J. Newman, C. Heal                                       13-20
M. Milliner, M. Manning, G. Frost, M. Stocker                                     18-20
Carmine, G. Hodge, A. Shattock, D. Jones                                           19-16
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, J. Smart, K. Harvey                                               31-12
W. Nicholls, D. Williams, R. Rockett, K. Holland                                 31-12 135-102
Saturday 12th August – “A” – v – Bristol
S. Stocker, C, Gazzard, A. Yates, C. Heal                                             07-34
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                                18-16
P. Coumis, K. Harvey, M. Stocker, S. Davis                                        16-20 41-70 (2-10)

Sunday 13th August – Ilminster (Turnbull Cup)
S. Stocker, P.Fisher, A. Yates, C. Heal                                                 08-23
P. Coumis, B. Pocock, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                                  19-18
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                               19-16
R. Bromet, H. Whyte, M. Stocker, S. Davis                                        15-23 61-80

Monday 14th August – Clarence (NSKO Cup)
P. Coumis, P. Fisher, J. Newman, S. Davis                                        31-10
R. Bromet, M. Campbell, K. Harvey, C. Heal                                    17-28
P. Wyatt, B. Pocock, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                                   16-17
Carmine, H, Gibbs, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                                      16-22
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, R. Rockett, A. Yates                                    17-17 97-94

Tuesday 15th August – President – v – Somerset President
Carmine, B. Saward, R. Rockett, D. Jones                                        18-21
W. Nicholls, H. Whyte, D. Williams, J. Newman                              15-24
M. Milliner, G. Richards, B. Pocock, K. Holland                              15-29
T. Gilbert, E. Sage, S. Evans, C. Heal                                                 21-17
D. Roberts, C. Chudley, M. Manning, M. Cooper                           13-30
A. Shattock, T. Gatehouse, G. Frost, K. Harvey                              11-21 93-142

Wednesday 16th August – North Petherton
M. Milliner, W. Nicholls, J. Newman, P. Leadbeater                      18-11
A. Hollier, E. Sage, A. Shattock, K. Holland                                     25-15
Carmine, C. Chudley, J. Smart, D. Jones                                         20-18
L. Kelly, R. Rocket, K. Harvey                                                            25-16 88-60

Hot shot on 20th end on rink skipped by D. Jones

Friday 18th August – Saxons – v – Clevedon
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                                      14-16
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                                         19-14
M. Milliner, D. Williams, M. Stocker                                              16-09
P. Lunn, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                                 19-17
R. Bromet, R. Rockett, J. Newman                                                16-22
ANO, ANO, ANO                                                                              00-10 84-88 (6-14)

Friday 18th August – Vikings – v – Nailsea
D. Hubbard, J. Turton, T. Gilbert                                                 15-21
W. Nicholls, A. Waygood, M. Manning                                       13-16
N. Robbins, G. Frost, H. Gibbs                                                    19-14
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                                26-19
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                                      12-28
J. Codrington, Carmine, G. Hodge                                             21-14 106-112 (6-14)

Saturday 19th August – “A” – v – Bloomfield “A”
P. Coumis, R. Bromet, A. Yates, C. Heal                                  18-08
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, L. Stocker, P. Leadbeater                    15-19
S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst, M. Stocker, S. Davis                         16-23 49-50 (2-10)

Saturday 19th August – “B” –v – Clarence “A”
P. Lunn, H. Whyte, H. Gibbs, D. Jones                                    17-23
Carmine, S. Evans, B. Pocock, D. Williams                            16-33
D. Carpenter, D. Wheatley, K. Holland, P. Fisher                 17-18 50-74 (0-12)

Saturday 19th August – “C” – v – Wedmore “B”
J. Fenn, D. Hubbard, W. Nicholls, G. Hodge                         10-41
A. Hollier, M. Payne, M. Manning, J. Langridge                   13-20
T. Gatehouse, L. Kelly, G. Frost, J. Kerr                                 17-13 40-74 (2-10)

Monday 21st August – Saxons – v – Crusaders (O60s KO Cup)
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                              21-08
B. Pocock, D.Sealey, A. Yates                                                 13-16
R. Rockett, S. Evans, M. Cooper                                             17-12
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Stocker                                       21-17
P. Lunn, M. Campbell, K. Harvey                                           17-08
M. Milliner, J. Newman, K. Holland                                       24-12     113-73

Tuesday 22nd August – Penarth
Carmine, R. Rocket, J. Newman, C. Heal                             27-18
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, J. Langridge, M. Cooper                     26-11
N. Robbins, G. Richards, B. Johnson, D. Williams             19-12
A. Waygood, E.Sage, M. Campbell, P. Leadbeater           14-19
J. Turton, T. Gatehouse, A. Shattock, D. Jones                  23-22
G. Robbins, W. Nicholls, M. Milliner, J. Smart                   15-16 124-98

Wednesday 23rd August – Saxons – v – RBL
Carmine, D. Williams, M. Stocker                                      19-11
M. Milliner, H. Gibbs, K. Holland                                       16-13
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                            23-10
P. Lunn, M. Campbell, K. Harvey                                      15-14
R. Rockett, S. Evans, A. Shattock                                      10-25
N. robbins, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                      12-26 95-99 (8-12)

Sunday 27th August – 4D and KO Cup
4D – Clevedon Prom
Singles – C. Gazzard                                                              11-21
Pairs – S. Davies and M. Cooper                                          12-21
Triples – P. Wyatt, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                         14-14
Fours – S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst, P. Leadbeater, C. Heal   20-11 2.5-1.5

KO Cup – Congresbury
P. Coumis, P. Fisher, J. Newman, S. Davies                       24-20
R. Bromet, M. Campbell, K. Harvey, P.Leadbeater          30-09
P. Wyatt, D. Fairhurst, L. Stocker, W. Harrison                 28-14
S. Stocker, H. Gibbs, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                    20-22
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, R. Rockett, A. Yates                     10-28 112-93

Tuesday 29th August – Saxons – v – St. Andrews
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                  12-28
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Stocker                                  22-14
B. Pocock, D. Sealey. A. Yates                                           24-22
M. Campbell, P. Lunn, H. Gibbs                                       13-20
H. Whyte, D. Wheatley, C. Heal                                       22-16
M. Milliner, S. Evans, J. Newman                                    12-20 105-120 (6-14)

• 6 points deducted for Gibbs playing skip

Wednesday 30th August – Vikings – v – Clevedon Prom
Carmine, B. Johnson, D. Jones                                        07-12
N. Robbins, G. Frost, J. Smart                                         11-15
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                    07-11
G. Robbins, G. Hodge, G. Richards                                10-14
D. Hubbard, J. Turton, T. Gilbert                                    08-10
W. Nicholls, J. Langridge, M. Manning                           08-23 51-85 (0-20)

Only 12 ends played due to heavy rain

Thursday 31st August – Minehead
R. Bromet, T. Gatehouse, J. Newman, C. Heal               29-06
A. Waygood, E. Sage, M. Campbell, G. Richards           28-22
A. Hollier, M. Milliner, Manning, M. Stocker                  24-12
Carmine, G. Hodge. A. Shattock, D. Jones                     18-10
L. Kelly, C. Chudley, B. Pocock, J. Smart                         21-22
W. Nicholls, D. Roberts, D. Williams, R. Rockett           16-18 134-90

Saturday 2nd September – “A” – v – Clevedon Prom “A”
P. Wyatt, M. Campbell, L. Stocker, W. Harrison           20-23
P. Coumis, J. Newman, S. Davis, C. Heal                       22-12
S. Stocker, D. Fairhurst, C. Gazzard, M Cooper            23-14 65-49 (10-2)

Saturday 2nd September – “B” – v – Clevedon Prom “B”
P. Lunn, H. Whyte, A. Shattock, M. Stocker                   15-21
B. Pocock, D. Wheatley, H. Gibbs, P. Fisher                   16-23
Carmine, D. Williams, D. Sealey, A. Yates                       12-27 43-71 (0-12)

Saturday 2nd September – “C” – v – Banwell “B”
N. Robbins, T. Gatehouse, M. Manning, D. Jones         33-05
D. Carpenter, L. Kelly, G. Frost, E. Sage                          18-15
A. Hollier, J. Fenn, G. Richards, J. Smart                          10.5-22 61.5-42 (10-2)
J. Fenn left the game after the 7th end due to leg injury

Monday 4th September – Vikings – v – Wedmore
G. Jones, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                        04-29
A. Hollier, T. Gatehouse, E. Sage                                   18-15
D. Hubbard, D. Roberts, T. Gilbert                               19-15
J. Codrington, G. Frost, B. Johnson                               18-15
L. Kelly, G. Richards, M. Manning                                17-16
A. Waygood, G. Hodge, J. Langridge                           12-15 88-105 (8-12)

Wednesday 6th September – Notts Tourists
R. Bromet, M. Manning, M. Campbell, M. Stocker     13-28
A. Hollier, C. Chudley, B. Johnson, C. Heal                   14-21
M. Milliner, E. Sage, G. Richards, M. Cooper               25-12
T. GilbertA. Waygood, D. Williams, J. Newman           13-26
L. Kelly, D. Roberts, A. Shattock, D. Jones                    16-25
W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse R. Rockett, D. Fairhust      19-17 100-129

Thursday 7th September – Saxons – v – RBL
(Rearranged from 24th August)
P. Lunn, H. Whyte, C. Heal                                               12-14
R. Rockett, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                                 39-02
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                                         24-18
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Campbell                            19-20
M. Milliner, M. Manning, J. Newman                             27-07
6th rink                                                                               00-10 121-71 (14-6)

VBC only played with 5 rinks and thus conceded 2 point and 10 shots

Thursday 7th September – Banwell (mixed)
L. Kelly, D. Gibbs, S. Sokol, E. Sage                            16-22
G. Poolman, H. Frye J. Langridge, K. Wilson            20-14
C. Sage, W. Nicholls, E. Newport, H. Gibbs              13-17
M. Kelly, R. Bailey, G. Richards, C. Stevens              12-22 61-75

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September – Club Finals

Men                                                                        Ladies
Winner L Stocker            21                                 M. Hillman 21
Runner-up W. Harrison 10                                 B. Williams 15

Singles Handicap
Winner S. Stocker        21                                   S. Cooper   18
Runnner-up S. Davies 19                                   B. Williams 15

2Wood singles
Winner C. Gazzard         21                                 S. Harrison 16
Runner-up D. Fairhurst 12                                 F. Waters    11

2Wood pairs
Winner Carmine/L. Stocker          24                 K.Wilson/R. Cleaves 20
Runner-up A. Hollier/W/ Harrison 8                 B. Williams/C. Sage  18

4Wood pairs
Winner C. Walker/M. Manning          30            K. Wilson/F. Waters      20
Runner-up M. Campbell/M. Stocker 16            B. Williams/M. Hillman 19

Mixed pairs
Winner S. Harrison/W. Harrison 28
Runner-up D. Carpenter/C. Stevens 12

Triples  (ladies)
Winner M. Slavin/H. Frye/C. Willetts                  18
Runner-up H. Chesters/ K. Wilson/B. Mangan 16

Open fours
Winner – S. Stocker/B.Mangan/R. Bromet/L. Stocker       18
Runner-up H. Chesters/B. Johnson/P. Fisher/J. Newman 17

Non Winners
Winner P. Fisher         21                                        K. Wilson     21
Runner-up S. Stocker 19                                       G. Poolman 10

Winner L. Kelly                 21
Runner up M. Campbell 16

Monday 11th September – Saxons – v – Winscombe (O60s KO Cup Final)
H. Whyte, R. Rockett, C. Heal                              16-15
R. Bromet, D. Williams, M. Stocker                    12-24
B. Pocock, D. Sealey, A. Yates                             14-20
D. Hubbard, A. Shattock, M. Cooper                 21-12
L. Kelly, M. Campbell, W. Harrison                    18-16
M. Milliner, S. Evans, J. Newman                       11-18 92-105

Wednesday 13th September – Saxons – v – Vikings

R. Bromet                                    G. Jones
Arnie                                            G. Frost
M. Stocker         12                     T. Gilbert        14

D. Hubbard                                D. Roberts
M. Milliner                                  A. Waygood
J. Newman        13                      J. Smart          13

Carmine                                     A. Hollier
Tommy                                       T. Gatehouse
M. Campbell   18                      E. Sage            12

R. Rockett                                  L. Kelly
A. Shattock                               W. Nicholls
M. Cooper      24                       J. Langridge   11

R. Hollier                                   J. Codrington
J. Turton                                   G. Hodge
D. Williams   18 (85)               D. Jones           11 (61)

Thursday 14th September – Cheltenham
M. Kelly, G. Hodge, R. Cleaves, D. Jones                      16-17
L. Kelly, D. Rimmer, M. Chudley, H. Gibbs                  23-10
C. Sage, W. Nicholls, H. Whyte, J. Newman                 23-19
A. Hollier, D. Gibbs, C. Stevens, M. Campbell             17-17
B. Williams, C. Chudley, R. Bromet, K. Wilson            24-17
Carmine, E. Harraway, E. Sage, M. Hillman                12-27
D. Hubbard, N. Whyte, J. Langridge, S. Newman       22-18 137-125

Saturday 16th September – Pembrokeshire County Tourists
Carmine, J. Langridge, G. Richards, C. Heal                         16-21
N. Robbins, M. Milliner, H. Gibbs, M. Cooper                      19-16
L. Kelly, D. Roberts, B. Pocock, D. Jones                               22-21
A. Hollier, R. Hollier, M. Campbell, J. Smart                         15-20
W. Nicholls, D. Williams, M. Manning, J. Newman              12-21
A. Waygood, T. Gatehouse, R. Bromet, P. Fisher                13-20 97-119

Wednesday 20th September – Winscombe
W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse, M. Campbell,                              15-13
M. Milliner, G. Hodge, P. Leadbeater                                    22-08
A. Hollier, R. Bromet, J. Newman                                           13-22
L. Kelly, J. Langridge, E. Sage                                                  06-30
A. Waygood, D. Roberts, P. Wyatt                                         19-12
N. Robbins, G. Frost, R. Rockett                                            19-15 94-100

Winscombe reduced the match to triples

Saturday 23rd September – Captain – v – President

Captain                                       President
D. Roberts                                  J. Codrington
A. Shattock                                 J. Turton
B. Johnson                                 B. Saward
D. Jones                21                 P. Fisher                 15

H. Whyte                                   T. Gilbert
D. Carpenter                            B. Pocock
D. Williams                              M. Manning
H. Gibbs              13                 C. Heal                    21

R. Hollier                                  L. Kelly
T. Gatehouse                         M. Milliner
G. Hodge                                G. Frost
M. Cooper         23                 P. Leadbeater        19

M. Payne                               Carmine
D. Beard                                J. Langridge
D. Sealey                             M. Campbell
A. Yates            22                 J. Newman              20

Alan Hollier                         W. Nicholls
Alex Waygood                     D. Hubbard
J. Kerr                                   G. Richards
E. Sage            20                 P. Wyatt                   27

Total               99                                                 102