Outdoor fixtures and results 2020

Victoria Bowling Club - Fixtures & Results - 2020
11AprSatPresident's DayOpening Day - MenH6R2.30
13AprMonLadies' Opening DayOpening Day - Ladies'H6R2.30
14AprTueClevedon PromOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
16AprThuClarence GoldsOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30cancelled
18AprSatWeston Bath(Men)H6R2.30
19AprSunMen / LadiesBattle of SexesH3/4R2.00
20AprMonKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.00
21AprTuePage Park LBC(Ladies)H3T2.00
21AprTueWinscombeOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
23AprThuMark MoorOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
24AprFriBridgwater LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
26AprSunFun Day(Mixed) - dress optionalH5R2.00
27AprMonAshcombe LBC(Ladies)A3R2.30
28AprTueClarence BluesOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
28AprTueBristol Arrow(Ladies)A3R2.00
29AprWedAvon & Som Police(Mixed)H4R2.30
30AprThuNailseaOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
30AprThuCity of WellsSouthey CupH12.00
1MayFriClevedon Prom LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
3MaySunU25 PairsSBA Juniors CompH6R10.00
5MayTuePortisheadOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
5MayTueFosseway LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.30
6MayWedWemore LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.30
7MayThuYattonOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
8MayFriWessex LBCWDLLA3T2.00
9MaySatIsle of Wedmore ASCL - Vic AH3R2.30
9MaySatPortishead RBL CSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
9MaySatIsle of Wedmore BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
11MayMonWinscombeOver/60's KO - VikingsH6T2.30
12MayTueMark Moor LBC(Ladies)H3T2.30
13MayWedKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
14MayThuCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.30
15MayFriAshcombe TemplarsOver 60's - VikingsH6T2.30
16MaySatPortishead RBL BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
16MaySatYeovil ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
16MaySatBurnham BSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
18MayMonWrington LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.30
20MayWedAshcombe TemplarsOver/60's KO - SaxonsH6T2.30
20MayWedPortishead LBCWDLLA3T2.30
21MayThuClarence GoldsOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
21MayThuCongresbury LBCWDLLH3T6.15
23MaySatWellington ASCL - Vic AH3T2.30
23MaySatClarence BSCL - Vic BA3T2.30
26MayTueWedmore LBCWDLLH3T2.30
26MayTueWedmoreOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
27MayWedAshcombe LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
27MayWedBristol Arrow(Men)A4R2.30
28MayThuVictoria LBC - WhitesMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
28MayThuBanwellOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
29MayFriCity of Wells(Mixed)A4R2.30
30MaySatBristol CSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
1JunMonWinscombeOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30Saxons
3JunWedClarence LBCWDLLA3T10.30
4JunThuFosseway LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
6JunSatU31'sSBA Ladies' PresidentH6R10.00
6JunSatSaxonsOver 60's - VikingsH5T2.30
7JunSunWorcester(Mixed)A6R2.00Coach from Club at 10am
8JunMonWest Backwell LBCWDLLA3T2.00
9JunTueFosseway LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
9JunTueAshcombe TemplarsOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
14JunSunIsle of WedmoreNSBA 4 DimensionsH4R2.30
15JunMonLadies' President's DaySBA Ladies' PresidentH6R10.00
16JunTueYatton LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
16JunTueAshcombe CrusadersOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
17JunWedSt AndrewsOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
17JunWedNailsea LBCMendip LeagueA3T2.00
18JunThuWinscombe LBC (Ladies)H3R2.30
20JunSatBurnham LBCWDLLH3T10.15
20JunSatBurnhamNSBA KO CupA5R2.30
21JunSunVic Mixed FoursVic Mixed FoursH4R10.00
21JunSunVic Mixed FoursVic Mixed FoursH4R4.00
23JunTuePortishead RBL LBC(Ladies)A3R6.00
24JunWedWedmore LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
24JunWedMark MoorOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
25JunThuCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
25JunThuNailsea LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.00
26JunFriBanwellOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
27JunSatYatton BSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
27JunSatBloomfield ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
27JunSatAshcombe BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
28JunSunGilfach Goch(Men)H5R2.00
29JunMonVic BluesMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
30JunTueSt AndrewsTURNBULL CUPA4R6.15
2JulThuNailsea LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.00
3JulFriWellington LBCFEAR CUPH3R2.30
3JulFriAshcombe TemplarsOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
4JulSatIsle of Wedmore CSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
4JulSatClevedon Prom ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
4JulSatMark MoorSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
5JulSunWorcester County Grd(Mixed)H6R2.30
6JulMonWedmore LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
8JulWedBurnhamOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
9JulThuAshcombe KnightsOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
11JulSatNailsea BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
11JulSatBristol BSCL - Vic AA3R2.30
13JulMonWrington LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.30
14JulTueWessex LBCWDLLH3T2.00
15JulWedBristol Arrow(Men)H5R2.30
16JulThuIsle of WedmoreOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
16JulThuCongresbury LBCWDLLA3T6.15
17JulFriBurnhamOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
18JulSatBath BSCL - Vic AH3R2.30
18JulSatCongresbury BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
18JulSatAshcombe CSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
20JulMonNailsea LBCMendip Lge - BluesH3T2.00
20JulMonCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
23JulThuYattonOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
24JulFriLadies Fixed JackLadies Fixed JackH6R10.00
25JulSatNorth Petherton ASCL - Vic AH3R2.30
25JulSatWringtonSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
25JulSatClevedon Prom BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
26JulSunGB Britton(Mixed)H6R2.30
27JulMonWrington LBCMendip Lge - WhitesH3T2.30
28JulTuePortishead LBCWDLLH3T2.30
30JulThuPortisheadOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
1AugSatBurnham LBCWDLLA3T10.15
1AugSatClevedon Prom CSCL - Vic CH3R2.30
1AugSatCity of WellsSCL - Vic AA3R2.30
1AugSatSt Andrews BSCL - Vic BA3R2.30
3AugMonWinscombe LBC (Ladies)A3R2.30
4AugTueClub triplesLadies Fixed Jack2.00
4AugTueClarence BluesOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
5AugWedWedmore LBCWDLLA3T2.30
6AugThuMinehead(Men)A6R2.30Coach fromClub 10 am
8AugSatKidlington Tourists(Mixed)H6R2.00
10AugMonKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.00
11AugTueSomerset ExecRT Moore Cup (Men)H6R2.00Team selected by President
11AugTuePage Park LBC(Ladies)A3T2.00
12AugWedLadiesTriples S/FH2R2.00
13AugThuPortishead RBLOver/60's - SaxonsA6T10.30
13AugThuClarence LBCWDLLH3T2.30
14AugFriNailseaOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
15AugSatBridgwater ASCL - Vic AH3R2.30
15AugSatAshcombe ASCL - Vic BH3R2.30
15AugSatChew Stoke BSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
16AugSunVines Park(Mixed)H6R2.00
17AugMonWest Backwell LBCWDLLH3T2.00
18AugTuePenarth(Men) (Coach -10am)A6R2.30Coach leaves club at 10am
19AugWedSt Andrews LBC(Ladies)A3T2.30
20AugThuPortishead RBLOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
20AugThuWrington LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.30
21AugFriAshcombe CrusadersOver/60's - VikingsH6T2.30
22AugSatWinscombe BSCL - Vic BH3R2.30
22AugSatCongresbury ASCL - Vic AA3R2.30
22AugSatPortishead BSCL - Vic CA3R2.30
23AugSunSt Andrews(Mixed)A5R2.00
25AugTueBurnham LBC(Ladies)H3R2.30
26AugWedCevedon PromOver/60's - SaxonsH6T2.30
26AugWedKeynsham LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.00
27AugThuCongresbury LBCMendip Lge - BluesA3T2.00
31AugMonHigh FivesVictoria High FivesH6R9.00No Monday Umbrella
1SepTueFosseway LBCMendip Lge - WhitesA3T2.00
1SepTueAshcombe KnightsOver/60's - VikingsA6T2.30
2SepWedSt AndrewsOver/60's - SaxonsA6T2.30
7SepMonLadies' PresidentSBA - Men's PresidentH6R1.30
9SepWedNotts Tourists(Men)H6R2.00
10SepThuLeicesrer City & Parks(Mixed)H6R2.30
14SepMonLadies v GentsDress to be decidedH6R2.30
15SepTueGloucester Park(Mixed)H6R2.00
16SepWedNorth Petherton LBC(Ladies)A3R2.00
18SepFriLadiesClosing Day - LadiesH6R2.30
19SepSatCaptains' DayClosing Day - MenH6R2.30
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