Outdoor Report w/e 11 May 2014

Monday 5th May 2014 – Mixed Friendly – (Home)
Victoria were pushed to the limit to narrowly win a Mixed Friendly against a touring team from Mountain Ash. The tourists were on the last stop of their tour of the South West and were strongly supported by club members making a very pleasant bowling afternoon. The overall margin of victory was just 4 shots with Victoria’s top rink of Gill Poolman, Lee Stocker, Sue Cooper and skip John Newman.
Victoria 137 – 133 Mountain Ash
G. Poolman, L. Stocker, S. Cooper, J. Newman 23-8;
S. Milliner, S. Buckler, G. Richards, M. Stocker 11-25;
D. Beard, F. Waters, A. Guest, C. Chudley 21-21;
T. Ellis, W. Nicholls, R. Bailey, M. Taylor 18-18;
C. Stevens, M. Willetts, N. Stocker, R. Rockett 29-14;
P. Wyatt, C. Willetts, M. Milliner, M. Cooper 27-16;
R. Squires, L. Richards, T. Gilbert, G. Rain 8-31.

Tuesday 6th May 2014 – National Two Rink – (Away)
Victoria continue with their victory march in the National Double Rink Competition travelling away to meet Bloomfield and winning both rinks comfortably and the match by 18 shots.
Victoria “A” 52 – 34 Bloomfield
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, T. Bray, M. Stocker 27-21;
N. Stocker, P. Leadbeater, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper 25-13.

Wednesday 7th May 2014 – Weston & District Over 60’s Triples League Div 1 – (Home)
The Saxons lost on only 1 rink to beat Clevedon Prom by an emphatic 37 shots picking up 17 points in the process. A 22 shot win by the rink of Club Vice Captain Harrison Whyte, Mike Fletcher and skip Mike Taylor was the highlight of the day.
Victoria Saxons 118 (17pts) – 81 (3pts) Clevedon Prom
D. Williams, G. Stocker, M. Stocker 19-18;
M. Willetts, D. Sealey, B. Stock 20-14;
R. Fenwick, J. Newman, D. Hurst 22-10;
T. Gatehouse, M. Campbell, K. Holland 12-16;
R. Rockett, A. Barnes, K. Harvey 13-13;
H. Whyte, M. Fletcher, M. Taylor 32-10

Wednesday 7th May 2014 – Weston & District Over 60’s Triples League Div 2 – (Away)
In the Vikings win over Ashcombe Knights Victoria lost on 4 rinks but the 2 winning rinks skipped by John Mingo-West and Graham Richards recorded a total shot surplus of 33 to gain the win and 12 points.
Victoria Vikings 118 (12pts) – 99 (8pts) Ashcombe Knights
R. Hollier, A. Shattock, D. Jones 18-19;
R. Jacobs, A. Waygood, G. Frost 13-20;
A. Webb, J. Griffiths, G. Hodge 14-18;
B. Johnson, T. Gilbert, J. Smart 15-17;
J. Codrington, W. Nicholls, J. Mingo-West 31-11;
G. Jones, M. Milliner, G. Richards 27-14.

Thursday 8th May 2014 – Men’s Friendly – (Home)
In a 4 rink friendly against Somerset Masonic a strong Victoria team secured a big win with the rink of Richard Austin, John Smart, Mike Fletcher and skip Derek Jones achieving a 27 shot win.
Victoria 96 – 54 Somerset Masonic
D. Beard, M. Willetts, N. Sell, K. Harvey 12-19;
R. Austin, J. Smart, M. Fletcher, D. Jones 37-10;
W. Nicholls, A. Waygood, J. Newman, M. Stocker 23-13;
J. Mingo-West, M. Milliner, A. Barnes, M. Campbell 24-12.

Sunday 11th May 2014 – Mixed Friendly – (Away)
Victoria travelled to GB Britton to play a Mixed Friendly and the Friendly squad suffered their first defeat of the season. Victoria lost on all 4 rinks picking up just the 2 triple rink wins skipped by Colin Gazzard and Sue Cooper.
Victoria 99 – 122 GB Britton
W. Nicholls, F. Waters, S. Cooper 19-17;
R. Cleeves, M. Chudley, N. Stocker, M. Taylor 15-26;
P. Wyatt, R. Squires, J. Newman, M. Stocker 14-19;
T. Gatehouse, A. Guest, S. Newman, M. Cooper 16-25;
C. Stevens, R. Bailey, A. Guest, D. Hurst 11-29;
S. Buckler, C. Chudley, C. Gazzard 24-6.

League reports for Saturday 10th May will be posted soon.