Outdoor Report w/e 31 May 14


Victoria Bowling Club – Press Report and Results                      
The bi-annual visit of Barnwood from Gloucester turned out to be a very good day for the visitors. Victoria’s only success was the win by the rink of Mike Willetts, Terry Gatehouse, Mike Fletcher and Mike Taylor by 1 shot. However this is always a competitive fixture and everyone had an enjoyable time despite the result. Next year we go to Barnwood ………!
Victoria 85 – 128 Barnwood – Friendly
L. Stocker, M. Milliner, D. Williams, M. Cooper                22-23;
W. Nicholls, K. Holland, M. Campbell, M. Stocker            10-21;
S. Buckler, G. Richards, G. Rain, D. Hurst                          09-28;
J. Griffiths, C. Chudley, J. Newman, M. Manning               16-21;
P. Wyatt, G. Hodge, N. Sell, W. Harrison                            11-19;
M. Willetts, T. Gatehouse, M. Fletcher, M. Taylor              17-16.
The Victoria “A” National Double Rink visited Portishead RBL on Saturday morning and were outclassed in a very one side game.
National Double rink.
Victoria “A” 13 – 50 Portishead RBL
P. Wyatt, J. Newman, A. Bray, M. Stocker                          06 – 29
N. Stocker, P. Leadbeater, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper              07 – 21
The next day Victoria hosted Yatton in the National Top Club competition and won on all 5 rinks. The next round will be against Clevedon or Isle of Wedmore.
National Top Club
Victoria 5 – 0 Yatton
2 Wood singles:           C. Gazzard                                                              16 – 13
4 Wood singles:           A. Bray                                                                    21 – 16
Pairs:                            J. Newman, M. Cooper                                           26 – 13
Triples:                        N. Stocker, P. Leadbeater, M. Stocker                    18 – 12
Fours:                          D. Beard, D. Fairhurst, K. Harvey, W. Harrison     20 – 10
The Over 60’s Triples teams were both in action with the Saxons at home to St Andrews Spartans and winning on 5 of the 6 rinks, the third consecutive game where the Saxons picked up 18 points whilst the Vikings visited Mark Moor and came away with a win thanks to wins on three rinks and narrow losses on the other three rinks.
Weston & District Over 60s Triples League
Saxons 124 (18) – 95 (2) St. Andrews Spartans
M. Milliner, D. Sealey, B. Stock                                                                 27-14;
H. Whyte, A. Bray, M. Taylor                                                                     22-14;
D. Williams, G. Stocker, M. Stocker                                                           18-20;
R. Rockett, A. Barnes, K. Harvey                                                                20-16;
R. Fenwick, J. Newman, M. Manning                                                         18-17;
T. Gatehouse, M. Campbell, K. Holland                                                     19-14.
Vikings  102 (14) – 85 (6) Mark Moor – Away
T. Gilbert, P. Newport, J. Smart                                                                  25-18;
R. Hollier, C. Chudley, D. Jones                                                                 17-13;
A. Webb, M. Willetts, A. Shattock                                                             12-15;
W. Nicholls, J. Griffiths, G. Richards                                                         20-08;
R. Jacobs, J. Turton, G. Frost                                                                      12-14;
J. Codrington, J. Mingo-West, G. Hodge                                                    16-17.
On Saturday only two of the four league teams were in action with the B team narrowly losing at home to Portishead RBL B by 3 shots. Meanwhile the D team visited Burnham B and lost on all three rinks by very narrow margins.
Victoria “B” 53 (4) – 56 (8) Portishead RBL “B”.
D.  Beard, L. Stocker, M. Campbell, B. Stock                                            16-15;
R. Fenwick, H. Gibbs, J. Howell, D. Hurst                                                 19-24;
H. Whyte, P. Fisher, M. Manning, M. Taylor                                             18-17.
Victoria “D” 57 (0) – 64 (12) Burnham “B”  – Away
A. Webb, W. Nicholls, J. Mingo-West, J. Smart                                        18-21;
J. Turton, S. Buckler, J. Griffiths, G. Richards                                           20-22;
R. Hollier, G. Frost, M. Milliner, P. Newport                                             19-21.
Victoria Ladies – Press Report and Results
In the Weston & District Triples League the ladies won two and lost one during the week. They started with a win against the Isle of Wedmore at home by the narrowest of margins. In an evening match at Congresbury another close game resulted in a four shot loss although the game was stopped at 15 ends due to the weather. I know that the ladies were pacing themselves for an 18 end match! The ladies finished the week with a big win against Wessex at Clarence.
Victoria 42 (7) – 41 (3) Wedmore – Home
D. Owen, S. Newman, A. Holland                               16-16;
C. Sage, R. Bailey, M. Chudley                                   11-12;
C. Stevens, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper                               15-13.
Victoria 39 (2) – 43 (8) Congresbury – Away
C. Stevens, S. Newman, S. Cooper                              16-11;
T. Ellis, C. Willetts, M. Hillman                                  12-19;
C. Sage, E. Newport, A. Holland                                 11-13.
Victoria 66 (8) – 32 (2) Wessex – Away
R. Cleeves, E. Newport, S. Cooper                              33-08;
C. Sage, S. Newman, M. Chudley                               18-08;
D. Owen, R. Bailey, A. Holland                                  15-16