Presidents Day 2014

Saturday 12th April 2014 – President’s Team v Captain’s Team

Victoria started their outdoor season with the Traditional Presidents Day Match. The game consisted of a 7 rink match of a Presidents Team against a Captains Team involving 57 bowling members keen to return to the outdoors. (The Captain’s rink played with 5 players). The Presidents team won on 3 rinks with their top scoring rink skipped by Mike Taylor supported by John Codrington, Dave Roberts and Phil Fisher but the Captains team won 4 rinks and the game by 22 shots with the top scoring rink of Richard Hollier, Les Kelly, John Howell and skip Graham Rain winning by 25 shots to seal victory for the Captain Cliff Chudley. Following the game a superb 3 course meal prepared by the Ladies was enjoyed by members, partners and guests. Beric Saward Club President gave an after dinner speech and praised the many members who had worked hard preparing the club for the new season and who will maintain the club and grounds during the summer.
President’s Team —————————————————— 128 – 150 —— Captain’s Team
J. Codrington, D. Roberts, P. Fisher, M. Taylor ——————- 28 – 15 ——– H. Whyte, J. Smart, N. Sell, G. Frost
J. Griffiths, A. Waygood, G. Stocker, G. Hodge ——————– 12 – 27 ——– B. Johnson, J. Turton, R. Fenwick, D. Sealey
P. Wyatt, B. Saward, A. Barnes, D. Williams ———————— 21 – 10 ——– N. Stocker, S. Buckler, C. Chudley, D. Fairhurst, M. Manning
L. Stocker, W. Nicholls, T. Gatehouse, R. Rockett —————– 04 – 29 ——– R. Hollier, L. Kelly, J. Howell, G. Rain
K. Leahy, M. Milliner, A. Corbett, M. Stocker ———————– 19 – 22 ——– D. Beard, P. Newport, J. Newman, M. Cooper
T. Gilbert, R. Austin, G. Richards, P. Leadbeater —————— 20 – 26 ——– I. Linham, R. Jacobs, J. Kerr, A. Bray
S. Thynne, A. Webb, M. Fletcher, D. Jones ————————– 24 – 21 ——– G. Jones, T. Broughton, A. Shattock, K. Holland