Report on Ladies matches 2016

Tuesday September 13th – Middlesex County Tourists
K Wilson. H Frye. C Stevens. S Newman.                                      13-15
H Chesters. C Willetts. E Newport. M Hillman.                             23-21
B Williams. R Bailey. S Sokol. R CLeeves.                                      12-24
N Whyte. C Chudley. C Sage. M Chudley.                                    28-04     76-64

Wednesday September 7th – v – Portishead RBL (friendly)

H Cesters.  H Frye. R CLeeves. M Chudley.                             16-08
B Williams. C Willetts. B Mangan. S Cooper.                          27-10
N Whyte. R Bailey. C Stevens. S Newman.                             13-17
C Sage. S Pocock. S Sokol. E Newport.                                  15-14     71-49

Thursday 1st September – Congresbury (Mendip League)
C Sage. C Stevens. M Chudley.                                    16-14
G Poolman. E Newport. M Hillman.                             25-12
S Milliner. S. Pocock, R CLeeves.                                 09-23     50-49     (8-2)

Friday 19th August – St. Andrews (Southey Cup)

Singles. M Hillman                                                         21-19
Pairs. S Harrison, M. Chudley                                         21-28
Triples. K Wilson. B Mangan. S Cooper                         11-19
Rinks. H Frye. S Sokol. R CLeeves. S Newman               11-28     1-3

Thursday 18th August – Clarence (WDTL)

A good win against our local rivals, This included a “hot shot” attained on the last end by the triple skipped by captain Margaret Hillman

Lead. N Whyte. B Mangan. A Holland.                                12-25
Lead. C Stevens. R CLeeves. M Chudley.                             17-14
Lead. S Milliner. S Harrison. M Hillman.                              40-08     69-47     (8-2)

Monday 15th August – Wrington (Mendip League)

Lead. H Frye. K Wilson. S Cooper.                                        19-15
Lead. B Williams. M Hillman. M Chudley.                             20-21
Lead. C Sage. E Newport. S Newman.                                  25-06     64-42     (8-2)

Wednesday 10th August – Wedmore (WDTL)
Lead. H Frye. S Sokol. A Holland.                                         15-11
Lead. B Williams. K Wilson. R CLeeves.                                19-13
Lead. G Poolman. C Willetts. M Hillman.                             18-12     52-36    (10-0)

Saturday. 6th August – Burnham-on-Sea (WDTL)
H Frye. F Waters. S Pocock.                                                  26-13
B Williams. C Stevens. S Cooper.                                          09-18
R Bailey. S Sokol. R CLeeves.                                                15-13     50-44     (8-2)
Win for Victoria.  50-44. 8 point

Friday August 5th – North Petherton    (Fear Plate)
Lead. N Whyte. K Wilson. S Pocock. S Cooper.             13-22
Lead. H Frye. C Willetts.  C Stevens. R CLeeves.           16-21
Lead. B Williams. S Milliner. S Sokol. A Holland.          18-15     47-58

Tuesday 2nd August – Portishead (WDTL)
Lead. K Wilson. R CLeeves. S Cooper.                                   15-20
Lead. N Whyte. E Newport. S Newman.                                08-27
Lead. B Williams. C Stevens. A Holland.                                18-18     41-65     (1-9)
Loss for Victoria 41-65. I point

Saturday 30th July – Bridgwater (Southey Cup)

Singles. S Cooper.                                                                 21-06
Pairs. F Waters. M Chudley.                                                  24-17
Triples. K Williams. B Mangan. A Holland.                            31-10
Rinks. H Frye. C Stevens. R CLeeves. S Newman.                  18-18  (Win 3.5-0.5)

Thursday 28th July – v-  Congresbury (WDTL)

Lead. S Milliner. S Sokol. A Holland.                        11-22
Lead. H Frye. C Sage. R CLeeves.                             10-15
Lead. B Williams. C Stevens. S Harrison.                  19-20     40-57     (0-10)

Monday 25th July – Nailsea LBC (Mendip League)
Lead. K Williams. F Waters. M Chudley.                  14-21
Lead. S Sokol. R CLeeves. A Holland.                      15-19
Lead. N Whyte. E Newport. S Newman.                 19-10     48-50     (2-8)

Monday July 18th – Wrington (Mendip League)
Lead. S Milliner. A Holland. M Chudley.                  19-11
Lead. G Poolman. S Newman. M Hillman.               08-22
Lead. B Williams. E Newport. R CLeeves.                 15-11     42-44

Wednesday 13th July. Southey Cup

Singles.   S Cooper.                                                   21-09
Doubles. F Waters. M. Chudley                                 18-17
Triples.   K Wilson. R CLeeves. A Holland.                 18-15
Rinks.   H Frye. E Newport. S Newman. M Hillman.  11-16     68-57

Tuesday July 12th. Wessex (WDTL)

Lead. S Sokol. R CLeeves. M Chudley.           13-15
Lead. C Stevens. A Holland. M Hillman.        16-14
Lead. F Waters. B Mangan. S Cooper.           24-16     53-45

Monday 11th July.  Wedmore (Mendip League)

Lead. K Wilson. S Newman. M Hillman.       12-14
Lead. H Frye. F Waters. M Chudley.             24-10
Lead. N Whyte. C Stevens. A Holland.         12-18     48-42

Friday 8th July. City of Wells LBC (Fear Cup)

Lead. H Frye. C Stevens. A Holland. M Chudley.      29-16
Lead. K Wilson. F Waters. R Cleeves. S Cooper.       14-17
Lead. C Sage. B Mangan. S Newman. M Hillman.    10-30     53-63

Thursday July 7th – Nailsea (Mendip League)

Lead. H Frye. S Sokol. S Cooper.                              30-09
Lead. S Milliner. C Stevens. M Hillman.                    17-14
Lead. C Sage. E Newport. S Newman.                      26-07     73-30

Monday July 4th Winscombe (Friendly)

Lead. S Milliner. B Williams. A Holland. M Chudley.  21-18
Lead. S Sokol. C Willetts. S Cooper. R Cleeves.          26-10
Lead. S Pocock. B Mangan. M Hillman. E Newport.   17-21     64-49

Friday 1st July Yatton (Friendly)

Lead N Whyte. C Willetts. S Pocock. M Hillman.      16.13
Lead. B Williams. M Slavin. B Mangan. S Cooper.    16-19
Lead. H Chesters. H Frye. C Stevens. S Newman.     14-12     46-44

Thursday June 30th – Congresbury LBC (Mendip triples league)
G Poolman. A Holland. S Cooper.                                     16-21
H Frye. E Newport. M Hillman.                                          12-17
K Wilson. S Harrison. M Chudley.                                     16-14     44-52

Thursday 23rd June – Winscombe – Friendly
N Whyte. R Bailey. B Mangan. M Chudley.                16-11
S Milliner. M Slavin. C Sage. E Newport.                    14-20
B Williams. H Chesters. S Newman. S Harrison.       13-13    43-44
 Saturday 18th June – Bath (Allcock Trophy)

H. Frye, S. Cooper, C. Gazzard, M. Cooper                        00-00

S. Newman, M. Hillman, A. Yates, W. Harrison                 00-00     29-42

Thursday 16th June – London Tourists
N Whyte. C Sage. A Holland. Skip M Chudley.                        27-16
H Chesters. S Milliner. S Newman. Skip M Hillman.                31-09    58-25

Monday 13th June – v- Backwell (WTDL)

C Stevens. E Newport. M Hillman.             20-16
H Frye. A Holland. M Chudley.                  09-17
R Cleeves. S Sokol. S Cooper.                    26-17    55-50     (8 points)

Saturday 11th June – Clevedon (National Ladies Top Club)

Singles.  S Cooper.                                                         21-11
Pairs. S Newman M Chudley.                                         14-24
Triples. K Wilson. F Waters. S Harrison.                         15-20
Rinks. S Milliner. H Frye. C Stevens. M Hillman.             15-17     65-72    (1-3)


Thursday 9th June – Fosseway (Mendip League)

S Milliner. R Cleeves. S Cooper.          16-17
N Whyte. S Newman. M Hillman.       13-26
G Poolman. C Sage. M Chudley.         14-26  43-69

Wednesday 8th June – Clarence (WDTL)
Lead.   H Frye. S Sokol.  A Holland.           12-13
Lead R Bailey. R Cleeves. S Newman.        10-19
Lead  S Milliner. S Pocock. E Newport.      14-18    36-50   (0 points)
Lovely day very friendly company.  

Monday 6th June West Backwell (WDTL)

Lead. G Poolman. E Newport. A Holland.            24-11
Lead C Stevens. S Pocock. M Hillman.                 22-12
Lead. C Sage. R Cleeves. M Chudley.                     4-36     50-59     (4 points)

Sunday 5th June – Mark Moor – Southey Trophy

A good win away at Mark Moor

Singles:-  S Cooper                                                             21-3

Pairs :- S Newman & M Chudley                                      23-11

Triples:- K Wilson, S Harrison & A Holland                    18-10

Fours:- H Frye, C Sage, E Newport & M Hillman           17-16     79-40     (4-0)

Wednesday 1st June – Weston Bath (Top Club)

A very good win played in a good spirit such that there is a possibility of arranging an away friendly.

Singles – S. Cooper                                                                   21-08

Pairs – S. Newman & M. Chudley                                           22-13

Triples – K. Wilson, S. Harrison & A. Holland                        29-08

Fours – H. Frye, R. Cleeves, E. Newport & M. Hillman         29-09     101-38 (4-0)

Tuesday 31st May – Wedmore (WDTL)

Lead. C Stevens. A Holland. S Cooper.   19-6
Lead. S Milliner. B Mangan. M Hillman. 13-15
Lead. K Wilson. S Newman. M Chudley. 25-12    57-33     (8 points)


Saturday 28th May – Wessex (WDTL)

F. Waters, S. Newman, S. Cooper                                           27-07

H. Frye, E. Newport, M. Chudley                                             21-18

K. Wilson, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                                             19-13     67-38     (10 points)

Friday 27th May – Ashcombe (Friendly)

G. Poolman, R. Bailey, S. Sokol, M. Hillman                          12-24

N. Whyte, C. Sage, B. Mangan, S. Newman                           16-20

H. Chesters, S. Pocock, C. Stevens, S. Harrison                    16-22     44-66


Thursday 26th May – Portishead (WDTL)

K. Wilson, S. Harrison, M. Chudley                                         20-17

C. Sage, B. Mangan, S. Cooper                                                13-14

R. Cleeves, A. Holland, M. Hillman                                          24-07     57-38     (8 points)

Tuesday 24th May Mark Moor – Friendly

R. Bailey, B. Mangan, A. Holland                                            22-05

S. Milliner, S. Pocock, S. Newman                                          23-15

N. Whyte, S. Sokol, E. Newport                                               10-21     55-41

Monday 23rd May – Burnham-on-Sea (Weston & District Triples League)

K. Wilson, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper                                              19-17

S. Milliner, S. Newman, M. Hillman                                         07-20

H. Frye, M. Chudley, A. Holland                                               09-17     35-54   (2 points)

Thursday 19th May – Congresbury (Weston & District Triples League)

S. Milliner, S. Pocock, M. Hillman                                            12-11

K. Wilson, E. Newport, S. Cooper                                            20-08

H. Frye, R. Cleeves, S. Harrison                                               09-14     41-33     (8 points)

Wednesday 18th May – Clevedon Prom (friendly)

N. Whyte, H. Frye, B. Mangan, S. Pocock                               21-04

H. Chesters, C. Stevens, S. Harrison, E. Newport                  13-11

B. Williams, S. Sokol, S. Newman, M. Hillman                       09-11     43-26

Wednesday 11th May – Isle of Wedmore Ladies (Mendip League)

K. Wilson, S. Harrison, S. Cooper                                            21-19

G. Poolman, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                                        15-14

R. Bailey, C. Sage, M. Hillman                                                  11-24     47-57     (4-6)

Tuesday 10th May – Fosseway Ladies Bowling Club (Mendip League)

C. Stevens, R. Cleeves, M. Hillman                                         13-19

S. Milliner, E. Newport, S. Cooper                                          13-17

H. Frye, A. Holland, S. Newman                                              23-13     49-49     (4-6)

Thursday 28th April – Ashcombe (friendly)

H. Frye, G. Poolman, C. Stevens, M. Hillman                        14-10

N. Whyte, C. Sage, A. Holland, S. Newman                           21-12

B. Williams, S. Sokol, R. Cleeves, S. Cooper                          14-20     49-42 (16 ends played)


Thursday 21st April – v – Congresbury (Friendly)

B. Williams, B, Mangan, C. Sage, M. Hillman                        27-9

S. Milliner, S. Pocock, S. Harrison, E. Newport                     12-12

H. Frye, G. Poolman, R. Cleeves, A. Holland                         14-17     53-38