Social Events

100 CLUB DRAW has now reached just over 100 members who now look forward to winning prizes worth £100 per month. This venture covers the 12 months from September 2020 to August 2021 and half of the money collected will be paid out in prize money and half will be added to club funds. 



Launch of new Club Refurbishment Tote.

Please support this new Fund raising venture which will help the club on a regular basis.

Just pick any number from 1-40 and place the envelope with the money into the box provided. £1 covers one envelope with 10 numbers. The draw will take place every 2 weeks. Full rules are on the club notice board in the passageway.

All members and their guests are welcome to attend these Club functions.


FORTHCOMING EVENTS (watch notice board for further details near the dates

QUIZ/BINGO –  (An explanation of how Quiz/Bingo works is given below).

The quiz starts the evening off and is different to all other quizzes you may have encountered!
A number is called out and a question is asked when you have answered five questions that fall within a 5 box grid you shout ”Oi” and if all five answers are correct you receive a ‘Plastic’ plate!!!! This is then repeated three more times.
The evening finishes with a book of 6 bingo tickets and a chance to win some cash.